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Fates: Sakura Nendoroid Prototype from Summer WonFes 2017

First teased back in February, Good Smile Company has blessed us with a first look at the Fire Emblem Fates Sakura nendoroid during today’s Summer Wonder Festival 2017.

Currently, the Sakura nendoroid is a work in progress (which should be immediately obvious since it hasn’t been painted yet), but it’s still very cute all the same.

According to the official description, Sakura will come with accessories and face plates, similar to previous nendoroids. The Elise nendoroid came with a horse, so hopefully Sakura will get something even half as good.

Because it’s still early days, a release date and a price have not been announced yet. We imagine it’ll be 2018 before it releases, since figures of this complexity can take a while to manufacture.

Fates: New Figures Shown at Wonder Festival 2016 (Summer)

Today, the second Wonder Festival of 2016 took place in Chiba, Japan. In recent years, Fire Emblem has made minor appearances at this premiere event for figure-collecting fans and this time was no different.

Firstly, the rather popular female Corrin from FE Fates is getting not one, but two figures. This is great news for those disappointed that female Corrin never got an Amiibo (although of course the budget range is different).

wfs2016-corrin-figma wfs2016-corrin-nendo

On the left we have a figma version co-developed by Max Factory and Good Smile Company. While those that prefer their cutesy figures can enjoy the nendoroid version on the right. Both should have exciting movable parts.

Next, we have a picturesque update for the Elise nendoroid revealed as a prototype during the previous Wonder Festival.

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