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Heroes: More Desert-themed Heroes Arrive in “Of Lost Kingdoms”

Similar to last year, Special Heroes celebrating a desert festival will appear in the “Of Lost Kingdoms” summoning event from 17th January 2022 (UTC).

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The Heroes chosen to partake in the Hatari-inspired festival include Nailah (the Queen of Hatari from Radiant Dawn), Karla (from Blazing Blade), Xane (from Mystery of the Emblem) and Harmonized Azura and Leanne (from Fates and Radiant Dawn).

Additionally, Deen: Bladed Sandstorm will be a Tempest Trials reward. He briefly appears near the end of the trailer as a Colorless Dagger Cavalry.

Please continue for a breakdown of the Heroes from the trailer!

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“Fire Emblem Roundtable Vol. 2” Casual Livestream Scheduled for 6th February (Japan)

It seems the first Fire Emblem Roundtable was a success, because a second one has been scheduled for 6th February 2021, from 6 to 8 pm (Japan time).

“Fire Emblem Roundtable” is a casual live talk show, hosted by Chief Fehnix (voiced by Takehito Koyasu), where they invite various guests to chat about everything Fire Emblem.

Like the first roundtable, there will be no game-related news discussed. For FE Heroes, we just had a FEH Channel a few days ago. As for the rest of the series, I guess we can only keep waiting…

On this occasion, Fehnix has invited two guests. The first guest will be Akeno Watanabe, the Japanese voice actress for Miranda and Xane.

We’ll update this post once the second guest has been announced, along with the link to the livestream (it should be available at the Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel).

Update: Guest number 2 has been revealed as Kentaro Tone, who voices Reinhardt, Wrys and Bartre.

Update 2: The link to the livestream has been added.

Heroes: Even Dragons Celebrate the Fall in “Dragons Harvest”

We’re approaching the Halloween season, which means more spooky Special Heroes coming to Fire Emblem Heroes! This time, all the Heroes have one thing in common: dragons.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The Special Heroes introduced in “Dragons Harvest” (which runs from 8th October UTC) include Halloween versions of Robin (as Grima), Xane, Dheginsea and Harmonic Tiki and Ninian. Xane will also appear as a 4★ focus Hero.

There’s a saying around here that “Goldoa will not move”. Unless the order of the world has been threatened. Or when there are sweets at stake. Besides the Black Dragon King, this is Xane’s debut in Heroes–and it’s interesting to see how his mimicking ability has been translated.

Additionally, Ena: Autumn Tactician will be available in the “Ever Two Halves” Tempest Trials event that starts on 9th October (UTC). Other rewards from the Tempest Trials include the Brazen Def/Res 1 and Atk/Def Solo 1 Sacred Seals.

The bonus Heroes for this event are the four new Special Heroes, Ena herself, plus the regular versions of Young Tiki, Ninian and male Robin. You can attempt to summon the latter three from the Tempest Trials banner, which is available now.

Please continue reading to learn about the new Heroes!

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