• In this guide, A = Eirika’s route and B = Ephraim’s route.
  • Boss stats are rounded to the nearest whole number.
Ch Name Class Items
Prologue O’Neill Fighter Iron Axe
1 Breguet Knight Iron Lance
2 Bone Brigand Iron Axe
3 Bazba Brigand Steel Axe, Hand Axe
4 Monster Entombed Fetid Claw
5 Saar Knight Javelin
5x Zonta Mercenary Steel Blade
6 Novala Shaman Flux
7 Murray Cavalier Steel Sword, Javelin, Knight Crest*
8 Tirado General Silver Lance, Javelin
9A Binks Warrior Steel Axe, Steel Bow
10A Pablo Sage Divine, Guiding Ring*
11A Monster Wight Steel Sword
12A Monster Maelduin Halberd, Steel Bow*
13A Aias Great Knight Short Spear, Silver Blade, Swordslayer, Knight Crest*
13A Pablo Sage Elfire, Purge, Mend
14A Carlyle Swordmaster Wind Sword
9B Gheb Warrior Iron Axe, Killer Axe*
10B Beran Ranger Lancereaver, Killer Bow, Longbow
11B Monster Deathgoyle Short Spear*
Ch Name Class Items
12B Monster Cyclops Hand Axe, Swordslayer*
13B Selena Mage Knight Bolting, Elfire
14B Vigarde General Spear, Knight Crest*
15 Caellach Hero Tomahawk, Silver Axe, Hoplon Guard*
15 Valter Wyvern Knight Spear, Killer Lance, Fili Shield*
16 Orson Paladin Spear A, Silver Sword A, Rune Sword B, Silver Lance B
17 Lyon Necromancer Fenrir, Nosferatu*
18 Monster Gorgon Demon Surge, Stone
19 Riev Bishop Aura*
20 Riev Bishop Aura
20 Morva Manakete Wretched Air
Final Lyon Necromancer Naglfar
Final Fomortiis Demon King Demon Light, Ravager, Nightmare

* Droppable

A: Eirika’s route only
B: Ephraim’s route only