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Portrait Name Class Description
Eirika Eirika Lord The princess of the Kingdom of Renais. She’s elegant and kind.
Seth Seth Paladin A young commander of Renais. He’s calm, composed, and skilled.
Franz Franz Cavalier An earnest and compassionate cavalier from Renais.
Gilliam Gilliam Knight An armoured knight from Frelia. He’s quiet yet dependable.
Vanessa Vanessa Pegasus Knight A sincere, honest, and honourable pegasus knight of Frelia.
Moulder Moulder Priest A mature priest of Frelia. He’s gentle and reassuring.
Ross Ross Journeyman A young villager. He longs to be a warrior, like his father.
Garcia Garcia Fighter A villager from Renais. He was once a feared military leader.
Neimi Neimi Archer A childhood friend of Colm who hails from Renais. She cries a lot.
Colm Colm Thief A childhood friend of Neimi who hails from Renais. He can be snide.