Section 1: Early to Mid-Game

Q) When do the Tower/Ruins appear?

A) The Tower of Valni is available once you complete Chapter 8. The Lagdou Ruins is available once you complete Chapter 18.

Q) How do I get to higher floors of the Tower of Valni?

A) You must complete a number of story chapters before they can all be accessed. For every new chapter you complete after Chapter 8, a new floor of the Tower can be accessed. Therefore to to reach the highest floor, you must have passed around Chapter 14.

Q) Where are all the arenas?

A) In Chapter 5, Chapter 10 (Eirika) and Chapter 12 (Ephraim). On a related note, you cannot return to arenas from the world map.

Q) What class should I promote X into?

A) Whatever takes your fancy. Technically there are “better classes”, but the difference isn’t tremendous and you can still complete the game all the same.

Q) How do you promote Thieves?

A) By using an Ocean Seal (or a Master Seal). The Fell Contract has been removed from this game and now Thieves share the same promotion item as Pirates. Also, don’t confuse the Metis’s tome for a Fell Contract because, although they look similar, it has a completely different use.

Q) How comes my Thief/Rogue couldn’t steal an item?

A) There are two likely causes. First, your Thief/Rogue might have a full inventory. You cannot steal any items while your inventory is full. In this case the “Steal” command would be greyed out, but if the command doesn’t even appear you can guarantee it’s the second cause. That is, the enemy, which you are trying to steal from, is faster than your Thief/Rogue.

Q) When do you recruit Cormag in Eirika’s route?

A) In Chapter 13. He appears later on and not straight away. If you complete the chapter before he appears, then you’ve lost your only chance to recruit him.

Q) Where is the Member Card?

A) You can obtain it in Chapter 14 (both Eirika and Ephraim’s routes) where it’s held by Rennac, an enemy Rogue that can be recruited. L’Arachel can convince Rennac to join without a fee, whereas Eirika or Ephraim need to pay him 9,980G before he changes sides. Alternatively you can attempt to steal Rennac’s Member Card or kill him when his Member Card is still glowing green.

Note: If you missed out on the Member Card or somehow lost it, there is a 10% chance of obtaining a spare Member Card from the sole chest at the 10th floor of the Lagdou Ruins.

Q) Where do I find the Metis’s Tome and what does it do?

A) It can be found in Chapter 15, hidden in the sand. Its general location is by the bones to the north east of the map.

The Metis’s Tome acts like the Afa’s Drops in Blazing Sword; it boosts all growth rates by 5% to the character who uses it.

Q) Where is the Silver Card?

A) It can be found in Chapter 15, hidden in the sand. Its general location is on the cliff to the far north east of the map.

Q) Where are all the hidden items in the desert (Chapter 15)?

A) Here it is.

Q) Pierce froze my game… Is that supposed to happen?

A) I’m afraid it’s quite a well known glitch. This occurs when you Pierce with a ranged spear and double attack (without killing the enemy). A similar glitch occurs if you activate Pierce and critical at the same time (while double attacking and failing to kill the enemy). To avoid this situation it would be advisable to switch off the battle animation for your Wyvern Knights.

Q) Is there any way to restore Myrrh’s Dragonstone?

A) Legitimately, no. You cannot repair it with the Hammerne staff, nor can you obtain another Dragonstone. If you’re really desperate you can use the glitch dubbed the “Mine Glitch v2”, which is mentioned in the Hints and Secrets page.

Q) Is there a Triangle Attack in this game?

A) Yes. It can be performed by Vanessa, Tana and Syrene only.


To activate it, surround the enemy unit from all sides with the 3 girls (like in the above images). Whilst this formation is held, any 3 of the girls will perform the Triangle Attack when they attack. However, this is only true if the 3 girls are all Pegasus/Falcon Knights (like in the left image). If one of them is a Wyvern Knight (like in the right image), only the Wyvern Knight can perform the Triangle Attack. If two of them are Wyvern Knights, the Triangle Attack can not be used.

Q) What is the Juna Fruit and how can I get one?

A) When used, the Juna Fruit lowers a character’s level by about 1-5 points. Afterwards their stats are unchanged, so you can level them up a bit more. Note that only characters Level 9 or above can use it. Unfortunately, for English players, there is no legitimate way of obtaining one. (In Japan there was a download event, which enabled you to obtain the Juna Fruit, as well as the monster-slaying weapons.)

Q) Where do you get the Monster-slaying weapons?

A) Same as the Juna Fruit, there is no way to get them without cheating.

Q) Can you perform the Mine Glitch v2 without the use of a special tile?

A) Apparently it’s possible, but don’t expect it to be easy, as the chance of success is immensely small.

Q) Who is McCartney and how do you get him?

A) McCartney is a hoax character (made up by a member from GameFAQs and based on a member from the Beatles) and thus does not exist in the game.

Section 2: End-Game

Q) How do you get the secret characters?

A) You can only unlock the secret characters after you’ve completed the game and made a Creature Campaign file. To unlock them, you must complete specific requirements in the Tower of Valni or the Lagdou Ruins (see the Recruitment page for further details). Note that the game only starts checking for requirements after you’ve completed the game and completed requirements aren’t shared between different game files either.

Once you have satisfied the requirement to unlock a character, that character will appear once you enter the next battle. So don’t panic if they are not available straight away.

Q) Do the secret characters’ stats depend on whether you played in Hard mode (etc)?

A) No. The secret characters always come with the same stats regardless of which mode you played. On a similar note, they always come with pre-determined weapons/item as well, which may work in your advantage…

Q) Does Lyon come with Naglfar when unlocked?

A) Yes, and it still has infinite uses. Any character with a S Rank in Dark Magic can use it too.

Q) Where can you buy Nosferatu?

A) The armoury in Narube River (Chapter 17) stocks it. Note that you can only purchase it during the story, and not from the world map. If you’ve finished the game and are still looking for the tome, try the random chests in the 6th floor of the Tower of Valni.

Q) Where can I buy the stat boosting items?

A) You can only buy them during the Creature Campaign, from the Secret Shops of Grado Keep, Jehanna Hall and Rausten Court. Note that you can enter all three Secret Shops regardless of whether you visited them in the main story or not. However, bear in mind that you still need a Member Card to enter the Secret Shops. Also, Swiftsoles is the only stat-booster that cannot be bought.

Q) Can you make characters support in the Creature Campaign?

A) Yes. It will be too late to change the Epilogue pairings though.

Q) I heard that Eirika and Ephraim get married in the Japanese version. Is this true?

A) Not in the slightest.