Prototype Information


This page contains information about the prototype/beta version of the game, made publicly available by B00daW. The game was officially released in October 2004 (in Japan), while this prototype version was created during May 2004. As such, it is largely unfinished (with many elements from Blazing Sword still intact) and also contain a number of changes from the retail version.

Download patch

This patch is for the North American version of the ROM. Instructions for patching can be found here.

Note: This patch is not for playing purposes. Also the prototype is in Japanese.


Debug Menus




  • Release Entry – Start the game from the opening demo
  • Free Continue – Restart the game from the currently suspended file
  • Manual Continue – Restart the game from a manually suspended file (seems to function similarly to Free Continue)
  • Initialise File – Prompts option to delete all save data
  • World Map – Starts the game from the World Map and skips all battles
  • Map select – Press left and right to select a map/chapter to load

Map Menu



  • Unit – Same as in the normal game
  • Status – Same as in the normal game
  • Options – Same as in the normal game
  • Retreat – Same as in the normal game
  • Suspend – Same as in the normal game
  • Charge – Allows you to define who to control (i.e be in charge of) the Red and Green armies. Options are Computer, Player and Nobody
  • Debug – Opens Map debug menu (see below)
  • Save – Lets you perform a Manual Suspend
  • End – Same as in the normal game

Map Debug Menu



  • Map – Press left and right to select a map/chapter to load
  • Debug Info – Toggles debug display
  • Weather – Press left and right to change the weather
  • Fog – Press left or right to toggle Fog of War off
  • Playthrough number – Press left and right to select the current playthrough number. Maximum value is 13.
  • Clear – Press the glowing “Understood” text to change the current file into an Epilogue file
  • Tactician data – Press L and R to toggle the tactician on or off. Press left and right to adjust the number of Tactician points
  • Good Night – Activates Sleep Mode. Hold L and R to exit.
  • M – Press left and right to select the music.

Quick Map Debug Menu


To access this menu, hold Select and press Start twice on an empty space.


  • Turn – Set the turn count
  • 2nd Army CP – Toggle the enemy CPU
  • 3rd Army CP – Toggle the neutral CPU

Character Debug Menu


To access this menu, hold Select and press Start twice on a character.


  • Max out the character
  • Set HP
  • Attack AI
  • Movement AI
  • Recovery – Unsure what this does
  • Condition

Additional Menus

Hold B, R and Right to toggle a black and white debug display.

Hold Select and press R on a character to display a debug version of the status screen.

Differences Between Prototype and Retail

A list of the major differences:

  • Lots of content from Blazing Sword, such as the title screen, possibly all the music, map tiles and etc.
  • Tons of placeholder graphics and data, such as character portraits, enemies and bosses on the map
  • Eirika’s battle animations are slightly different


  • Most of the character portraits are slightly different, while some characters have very different portraits (eg. Kyle and Forde – see below)
  • Amelia has Tana’s role; her class was planned to be a flying Trainee
  • Neimi’s name is Mary and Garcia’s name is Borbo
  • L’Arachel has a variation of Tana’s portrait, while Tethys has a variation of Neimi’s portrait
  • There was a Wyvern Rider called Nate planned
  • Ephraim’s name was planned to be Irzark (seen in the debug menus)
  • Some characters have different classes, eg. Innes (Monk), Forde (Ranger), Cormag (Mercenary), Tana (General), Joshua (Swordmaster)


  • Many of the World Map locations have different names
  • Some of the battle map layouts are slightly different (ignoring different map tiles)
  • In Chapter 6, after Eirika hands over her bracelet, the Grado soldiers kill the civilians in front of her eyes
  • At the end of Chapter 6, Saleh appears and kills the boss with a critical attack
  • Chapter 6’s battle map is the same as Chapter 11’s (Eirika’s route) in the retail version
  • In Chapter 7, there is alternating Fog of War (Seth warns you when it appears or disappears)
  • The boss of Chapter 8 is Jude Rubert, one of Grado’s Seven Generals, known as the Obsidian (Duessel’s title in the retail version)


  • Chapter 5x and Chapter 11 (Creeping Darkness and Phantom Ship) in both routes are absent
  • After Chapter 8, there are no more story events
  • Eirika promotes at the beginning of Chapter 17
  • The Final Chapter is comprised of just one map
  • The Tower of Valni has two extra stages- seen in Floor 2 and 3