Item Locations


In this guide, A = Eirika’s route and B = Ephraim’s route.

Random and buyable items are not listed. You can also check the Chapter Guide page for more detailed descriptions of some of the items’ locations.

Item Chapter From
Rapier Prologue Eirika
9A Village (south)
Shamshir 10A / 12B Marisa
Creature Campaign Ismaire
Wyrmslayer 15 Hidden in the sand
Brave Sword 19 Enemy Hero
Light Brand 19 End of chapter (if a certain number of NPCs survive)
Wind Sword Creature Campaign Ismaire
Runesword 19 Chest
Final Enemy Wight (reinforcement)
Creature Campaign Orson
Audhulma 14A / 15B End of chapter
Sieglinde 16 End of chapter
Reginleif 5x Ephraim
Spear 14A / 14B Chest
20 Enemy Wight
Creature Campaign Valter
Dragonspear 13B Enemy Cavalier
14A Chest
Brave Lance 19 Enemy General
Vidofnir 17 End of chapter
Siegmund 16 End of chapter
Brave Bow 19 Enemy Sniper
Nidhogg 17 End of chapter
Hatchet 2 Ross
Swordslayer 12B Enemy Cyclops
13A Warrior reinforcement (make him use Hand Axe)
20 Enemy Maelduin
Devil Axe 15 Enemy Berserker
Dragon Axe 15 Enemy Berserker (make him use Hand Axe)
Brave Axe 17 Enemy Hero
Tomahawk 16 Chest (west)
Creature Campaign Caellach
Garm 14B / 15A End of chapter
Bolting 19 Chest
Creature Campaign Selena
Fimbulvetr 17 Enemy Sage
Excalibur 14A / 15B End of chapter
Purge 16 Enemy Sage (reinforcement in 16B)
Creature Campaign Riev
Aura 19 Riev
Creature Campaign Riev
Ivaldi 19 End of chapter
Nosferatu 15 Knoll
17 Lyon
Luna 15 Enemy Shaman
Eclipse 15 Hiiden in the sand
Fenrir 17 Lyon (make him use Nosferatu)
19 Chest
Gleipnir 14B / 15A End of chapter
Naglfar Creature Campaign Lyon
Berserk 14A Enemy Priest (make him break his Mend staff)
15B Enemy Troubadour (make her break her Mend staff)
Sleep 14B Enemy Bishop (make him use Shine)
15A Enemy Troubadour (make her break her Mend staff)
Hammerne 14A / 14B Chest
Creature Campaign Lyon
Warp 15 Hidden in the sand
Silence 15 Hidden in the sand
Physic 16 Enemy Priest
Creature Campaign Lyon
Rescue 17 End of chapter (if Syrene and NPCs survived)
Fortify 19 Chest
Latona 19 End of chapter
Hoplon Guard 15 Caellach
Creature Campaign Caellach
Fili Shield 15 Valter
Creature Campaign Valter
Metis’ Tome 15 Hidden in the sand
Silver Card 15 Hidden in the sand
Member Card 14A / 14B Rennac
Black Gem Creature Campaign Enemy Gorgon (Lagdou Ruins 7)
Gold Gem Creature Campaign Enemy Dracozombie (Lagdou Ruins 10)
Angelic Robe 8 Chest (north east)
9A End of chapter (if all villages are intact)
14B Chest (north west)
Final Chest (south east)
Energy Ring 7 Enemy Mage (steal)
12A Ewan
13B Enemy Troubadour
14A Chest
Secret Book 5 Village (north west)
10B Enemy Fleet
11A Chest (east)
Speedwings 9A / B Amelia
13A Amelia
13B Enemy Mage (steal)
19 Chest
Goddess Icon 10A / 13B Tethys
19 Enemy Archer (steal)
Dragonshield 5 Village (south east)
9A Village (west)
12B Ewan
17 Enemy Berserker (steal)
Talisman 10A Pegasus Knight (reinforcement) (steal)
13B Village (east)
16 Chest
Body Ring 13A Bandit (reinforcement) (steal)
14B Enemy Archer (steal)
15 Hidden in the sand
Swiftsole 15 Hidden in the sand
Hero Crest 10A / 13B Gerik
10B Village (south west)
14A Enemy Myrmidon
16 A: Enemy Hero / B: Enemy Warrior
Knight Crest 7 Murray
10B End of chapter (if all NPC cavaliers survive)
13A Aias
14B Vigarde
16 Chest
Orion’s Bolt 6 End of chapter (if all civilians survive)
Elysian Whip 8 Chest (north west room, left chest)
10B / 13A Cormag
Guiding Ring 5 End of chapter (if all the villages were visited)
10A Pablo
12B Enemy Shaman
14A / 14B Chest
15 Enemy Shaman (steal)
17 Enemy Mage
Lunar Brace 16 End of chapter (if you don’t promote Eirika)
Solar Brace 16 End of chapter (if you don’t promote Ephraim)
Ocean Seal 9A Enemy Pirate
9B Chest (north side, right chest)
Master Seal 15 Village (south west)
Final Chest (south west)
Creature Campaign Ismaire
Creature Campaign Fado