Credits: ChinaFE, Ice Dragon


  • The priority of Skills is Sure Strike = Silencer > Great Shield > Pierce (eg. if Great Shield activates, Pierce cannot activate)
  • Silencer’s activation rate is halved for bosses, and is equal to 0 against the final boss.
Skill Activation Rate Effect Class
Great Shield (Enemy’s Level)% The enemy’s next attack does no damage to the user General
Sure Strike (User’s Level)% The user’s next attack has 100% accuracy Sniper
Silencer 50% chance when the user lands a critical hit The user’s next attack will kill the enemy in one hit Assassin
Pick The user can unlock doors and chests without the aid of keys Rogue
Pierce (User’s Level)% The user’s next attack ignores the enemy’s Defence stat Wyvern Knight
Slayer Always When facing monsters, the user’s weapon might is tripled Bishop
Summon The user can summon a single controllable Phantom onto the map Summoner