Super Trainees

A “Super Trainee” is basically an enhanced version of a regular trainee class (Journeyman, Recruit or Pupil).

You can only obtain “Super Trainees” once you have completed both Eirika and Ephraim’s routes. When that criteria has been achieved, you will be able to use them from your next play-through and onwards. Below shows the path a character must take, to become a “Super Trainee”:

Trainee (1) S_Arrow Trainee (2) S_Arrow Trainee (3)

Trainee (1) denotes the regular trainee class, i.e Journeyman, Recruit or Pupil. This class is what all the trainee characters start as. They can reach a maximum Level of 10 and promote automatically once you enter the next battle (at that level).

Trainee (2) is what a Trainee (1) can promote into for their promotion option. It looks exactly like a normal Trainee, except it has +1 to movement. However unlike regular trainees, they can reach a maximum Level of 20 and can promote at Level 10 or above (just like all normal classes). Journeyman (2) requires a Hero Crest to promote, whilst Recruit (2) uses a Knight Crest and a Pupil (2) uses a Guiding Ring. Or if you have one to spare, you could just use a Master Seal.

Trainee (3) is the “Super Trainee” that you’ve been looking for. It is what a Trainee (2) can promote into for their promotion option. This new class functions exactly like a promoted class, having stat caps above 20 and a new ability. Journeyman (3) gets a +15% critical bonus, Recruit (3) also gets a +15% critical bonus and the Pupil (3) gets to use Light and Dark magic (in addition to Anima magic).

Example: Making Ross into a “Super Trainee”


First, level Ross up to a Level 10 Journeyman like you would normally do. Then enter a new battle. Here we can see Ross is ready to promote…


Next, we move onto the choice of classes to promote to. As you can see, there will is a third, new, option to promote to a Journeyman. Choose that one.


Okay Ross is now a Level 1 Journeyman, again. However, he’s still not a “Super Trainee”. Bear with this and level him up to Level 10~20. Once you’re done, check which promotion item he needs. In this case, it’s a Hero Crest, but a Master Seal would do just as fine, as shown. Now, use the item…


Let’s see what choices we get this time… Hero and… another Journeyman?! Well, what are you waiting for? Go down to Journeyman and click it…


Well, there you have it. Ross now a Level 1 “Super Trainee”! You are now free to continue leveling him up to Level 20 and see how bad good he turns out. The Super Journeyman class isn’t that good actually… You’d be better off with a Berserker… Anyway, a similar procedure can be used for Ewan and Amelia.