Epilogue (A)

(Rausten Court)

“It is time for me to be on my way, my friends. As the princess of Rausten, I still have many duties to perform. Oh, Princess Eirika… If it please you, I would be ever so delighted if you joined my tea club. I insist that you come. Oh, say you will, won’t you?”

(Jehanna Hall)

“I’ve much to do here in Jehanna. I’ll start with what can be done and keep going from there. First, I must talk to Mother. She should know that we’ve won, so that she can rest easily.”

(Renais Castle)

“We of Frelia will do what we can to aid in the restoration of Renais. If you have need of our assistance, you have but to ask. I seldom trust people who act from purely altruistic motives… But I’ll grant you that friendships are a worthy exception to my distrust.”

(The twins are in the throne room)

“We’ve finally made it home, haven’t we?”

“Aaah. You must be exhausted after the journey. Shall we rest, Eirika?”

“That would be nice… But first we must seal this away… This stone banished the Demon King. With such power… Do you suppose we could bring back Father and Lyon… That everyone who died in this dreadful war could be–“


“I know, I know. Such things would be– I cannot wish for such things. No matter how it hurts, or rather because it hurts, we must learn to accept sorrow. We must take it into our hearts and tame our grief…”

“Eirika… Tell me, Sister… If Lyon were here with us, what do you think he would want?”

“What he would want?”

“Yes. You see, I think I know. It was the reason for his studies. It’s why he wanted to know about the Sacred Stones–or rather the Fire Emblem. Let’s take Lyon’s dreams and fulfill them in his stead. We can do that, can’t we? Without relying on any mystic power?”

“You’re right, Brother, we can. Let us fulfill his dreams. As Lyon wanted, as we all want… So we may live in peace and joy.”

(Credits Roll)

(Flashback, Lyon, Eirika, and Ephraim are in the castle courtyard)

“Oh, are you… I’m… My name is Lyon. Uh-huh. That’s me… The son of the emperor. You’re Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika from Renais, aren’t you? I heard you were coming, and I’ve been waiting here all day. I’ve always wanted… I don’t have any friends my own age… So, Prince Ephraim… Princess Eirika… What do you say? From now on, let’s be friends…”

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