Amelia & Duessel

C Support

Amelia: Ah, General Duessel!
Duessel: Oh, it’s you, Amelia.
Amelia: Yes! Oh, but you’re not injured at all, are you, General Duessel? We’ve all been struggling so hard, and yet you don’t seem tired at all. You are an impressive man. It’s all I can do simply to stay alive out here, it feels like.
Duessel: ……
Amelia: What is it? General Duessel? Is something wrong?
Duessel: Oh, um, sorry. Your… From the first time I laid eyes upon you, your face… I was sure I’d seen it before…
Amelia: Huh? Is that so? You mean before now? Or before I even joined Grado’s army?
Duessel: Yes, that’s right, but I can’t recall… Getting to be my age has its price.
Amelia: Don’t be silly! I happen to think you’re still quite young, General Duessel!
Duessel: Well, now you’ve got my attention! What was it you wanted this old soldier for?
Amelia: It’s just that, even among the younger knights, there’s no match for you. And, uh…
Duessel: Ha ha! I’m not so old that you need to worry about propping up my ego, lass.
Amelia: Ah…uh… I’m sorry.
Duessel: No, no. There’s no need to apologize. I quite enjoy talking to you, in fact. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this army who feels that way, either. The fighting’s fierce, Amelia. You watch yourself! When you’re near me, I’ll make sure I keep a good eye out for you, too. I’ll be there in a flash if you need me. Go ahead and fight without worry.
Amelia: Ah, y-yes, sir! Thank you very much. Fighting alongside you, General Duessel, is a great honor. Well, I’ll be moving on now.
Duessel: Be seeing you! … But…I just can’t remember where…

B Support

Duessel: Amelia.
Amelia: General Duessel.
Duessel: It seems like you’ve grown quite comfortable with the spear.
Amelia: Yes, sir! I have, sir. Thank you.
Duessel: You did well to choose the spear as your weapon. It suits your height well. It also extends your reach and enables you to strike with force. More force, even, than a sword could bring to bear in a battle. All weapons have their own unique characteristics. You’re familiar with the idea that some weapons are strong against others?
Amelia: Isn’t that what they call… the weapon triangle?
Duessel: Yes, it is. And from the looks of things, your affinity for the spear is quite good. If you continue to practice, you should continue to improve and grow stronger.
Amelia: Really? Ah, that makes me happy.
Duessel: Mm. To begin with, the spear is quite a deep weapon… Yet the attacks comprise three surprisingly simple movements. Right step, left step, and thrust.
Amelia: Right step, left step, and thrust… I’m following you.
Duessel: Excellent. But listen, Amelia.
Amelia: Y-yes?
Duessel: Because they are so simple, they are easy to learn but tough to perfect. They are the strongest and most pure of techniques. When you practice them, practice perfecting each gesture. And remember, the spear is a subtle and powerful weapon.
Amelia: Yes, sir!
Duessel: Now it goes without saying that other weapons have their good points, too. Swords are easy-to-use, all-purpose weapons, and axes possess devastating strength. You should learn to use each weapon type. If you can master them all, you’ll be an unstoppable force. That is, of course, if you can overcome your own natural affinities. To begin with, you should work on mastering one weapon type. Then you can gradually change weapons until you can use them all. That’s what I have done, you understand. That’s called being multi-proficient. I’d like to tell you more about different weapons, but that lecture must wait.
Amelia: …Wow… General Duessel, you know so much about weapons, don’t you? I didn’t even realize how caught up I’d become. All right!
Duessel: What is it? Where are you rushing off to?
Amelia: I want to practice the things you’ve told me about. The basics–right, left, thrust. Right?
Duessel: Mm, that’s correct. But… I’m happy to see you so enthused, but do you have any reason to rush so?
Amelia: Um, well… There’s someone–one of the Knights of Renais–to whom I do not want to lose.
Duessel: Ah.
Amelia: It’s not that we’re going to fight, or that I want to defeat him or anything… It’s just that we’re kind of keeping track of the other’s progress, and… It’s just a thing we do.
Duessel: I see. I think that should prove to be a good source of motivation then. Get to it.
Amelia: Yes, sir! Oh…I think I’ll, um, go and practice over there… I’d be nervous in front of you, so I’m going to practice on my own. I’ll be back to show you later.
Duessel: All right. Understood.
Amelia: Great! See you later!
Duessel: Ha ha… Such energy. I feel energized just being around her. She’s just a girl now, but someday she’ll be a woman of grace and beauty. …Oh, that face…where have I… …… !! Wait…could it be? Yes! I remember now! That’s definitely it. Amelia! Amelia! Where could she–

A Support

Duessel: Amelia! There you are.
Amelia: Oh, General Duessel.
Duessel: I’ve been looking for you. And now I’ve found you.
Amelia: Um, wh-what’s happened? I’ve never seen you in such a rush.
Duessel: There’s something I’d like to ask– No, something I’d like to tell you.
Amelia: Er, all right. What is it?
Duessel: I remembered. I told you that I thought I’d seen your face before, didn’t I?
Amelia: Uh, yes.
Duessel: Well, I remembered.
Amelia: Oh, is that it? Please don’t keep me waiting, tell me.
Duessel: …… Amelia. What is your mother’s name?
Amelia: ! …… …My mother…
Duessel: ……
Amelia: My mother’s name is… Melina…
Duessel: And what happened to her?
Amelia: When I was just a child, she was stolen away by bandits. My father had already passed away, so I was totally…sniff…
Duessel: I’m sorry… ……
Amelia: I was left… all on my own… ……
Duessel: …… I was right… You can rest easy, Amelia. Your mother is alive and well.
Amelia: What!?
Duessel: It happened a few years back. I was leading a patrol near the Grado border. We unexpectedly rode up on a group of bandits, and a battle ensued. When we had taken care of the bandits, we rescued a lone female captive. We figured she had been taken from some village, but she was in shock. In fact, her distress was so great, she had forgotten much about herself. Her body was in such a weakened state that she could barely walk. We felt such pity for her that we took her to a peaceful village we knew of. There, we set up a home for her where she could recover and live quietly. Some years later, she was restored to her former vitality. Slowly, she began to recall the lost memories of her past. Only recently did she remember that she had once had a daughter. I took time off from my duties and visited the village where she had lived. But the villagers told me her daughter had left the village some time ago. With no clues as to the girl’s whereabouts, I’d almost given up hope of finding her. And then, in the strangest of places…
Amelia: I-it can’t be! Th-that woman… What is her name?
Duessel: Her name is Melina… Amelia, she’s your mother.
Amelia: What!? Are you… Are you sure?
Duessel: Yes, I am. I see Melina’s face reflected in your own. There’s no mistake. Isn’t it wonderful, Amelia?
Amelia: My…mother… Sniff… Thank you… Thank you…
Duessel: Mm…
Amelia: Sniff…aaa… Aaa…waaaaaaa!!
Duessel: …Amelia…
Amelia: Waa… Thank…you… Waaa… Thank…you… Sniff……
Duessel: I, uh, I’m so happy for you, Amelia… Sniff… Oh, no. Old age must have loosened these dry, old tear ducts… Sniff…sniff…