Amelia & Ewan

C Support

Ewan: Hey! What’s your name?
Amelia: Me? I’m Amelia.
Ewan: Ah. Amelia… My name’s Ewan. Hi!
Amelia: Hi, Ewan. It’s nice to meet you. So, are you fighting with us?
Ewan: Yep, I am. I’m a mage.
Amelia: Really? You look like you’re only about my age. That’s neat.
Ewan: Ha ha! Ah, I’m nothing special compared to my teacher. You want to see some magic?
Amelia: H-here? Now? But… isn’t that dangerous?
Ewan: Oh, don’t worry. Magic isn’t just for combat. For example… Voila! It can do stuff like this!
Amelia: Wow… They’re so pretty! All those little lights, spinning around together… Is this really magic?
Ewan: This? This is magic used to make girls happy.
Amelia: Hm? Ah! Oh, Ewan, stop teasing.
Ewan: Ha ha ha.
Amelia: Ha ha.
Ewan: You should show me how good you are with your lance sometime.
Amelia: Huh? Um, all right. But… I’m sure you’d be bored.
Ewan: That’s not true. And even if it were, it’s simply a matter of how you make it fun.
Amelia: How you…make it fun?
Ewan: Uh-huh. Like this war, for example. Well, Amelia, I’ll see you later!
Amelia: Hey! …… Ewan sure moves at his own pace… How you make it fun? Hmm… That seems like a good rule to live by, when you think about it.

B Support

Amelia: Ah… Whew. This looks like a good place to take a break.
Ewan: …! …… Boo!
Amelia: AHHHH!
Ewan: Ha ha ha! Amelia, it’s me.
Amelia: Ah! Ewan? Why did you do that? I thought you were one of the enemy!
Ewan: Ha ha ha. We talked about this, remember? How you make it fun? I just wanted to make our meeting here a little more fun.
Amelia: Well, it wasn’t fun for me at all.
Ewan: Ha ha ha. Oh, yeah, Amelia? Do you remember you promised to show me your lance work?
Amelia: Um…yeah. I remember. Well, all right. Here. Watch closely.
Ewan: Oh, I will.
Amelia: …… HA! …YAH!
Ewan: That’s good.
Amelia: AH! …WAH!
Ewan: Neat.
Amelia: …… …YAAAH!!
Ewan: That was great!
Amelia: Thanks.
Ewan: You’re good, Amelia. You’re as good as any of the other knights.
Amelia: Do you mean that? Whew… To be honest, I have been practicing even harder lately. But it was all worth it to hear you say that. Thanks.
Ewan: Really? No, thank you. I like your outfit, too.
Amelia: Huh? Oh, I get it. You’re teasing me again, aren’t you, Ewan? What was it, again? “Making things fun”?
Ewan: Ha ha ha. No, that’s not at all what I was doing.
Amelia: Hmm… I’m not sure I should believe you.
Ewan: Ha ha ha. Princess Eirika has a similar outfit. Is that a popular style?
Amelia: Um…I don’t know. But it’s easy to move in, so…
Ewan: I see. I think it’s cute. Especially that stain right there.
Amelia: Oh… Ewan, you’re such a twit!
Ewan: Ha ha ha.

A Support

Ewan: Amelia, have you traveled much?
Amelia: Travel? Hm, let’s see… I went from Silva to the capital on my own once. Now that I think about it, I’d never left Grado until now.
Ewan: Oh, really? My teacher–he’s the great sage Saleh from Caer Pelyn– took me out on a training journey for many months once.
Amelia: Where did you go?
Ewan: Lots of different places across Magvel. We went to Renais, Frelia, Rausten, and Jehanna. Oh, and we went to Grado, too.
Amelia: Wow, that sounds great.
Ewan: Yeah, it was a lot of fun! There were so many new things to see. Say, Amelia, I just had an idea…
Amelia: What is it?
Ewan: When this war is over and we’re all at peace, why don’t you and I take a trip together?
Amelia: Huh? Just the two of us?
Ewan: Sure, why not? Does the idea bother you?
Amelia: No, it’s just…
Ewan: There’s so much I want to show you, Amelia. How the dark green forests refract the morning sun into a million burning emeralds. The melancholy spectacle of the sun sinking slowly beyond an endless horizon. The wind gently coercing vast fields of wheat to dance, heroic mountain peaks… Oh, and the gorgeous flower beds that fill your vision with brilliant colors! There are so very many spectacular places in the world. I want to see all of them again…but this time I want to see them with you. When you see them, you’ll really understand how wonderful it is to be alive. The feeling will fill your heart and make you want to sing with joy!
Amelia: That’s so…eloquent, Ewan. …… But I understand what you’re trying to say, and yes. Let’s go! I want to see all of it and more!
Ewan: Great! Then it’s settled. You know what? This gives us something to look forward to while this war goes on. Just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster.
Amelia: Ha ha. You know, Ewan, being around you fills me with so much energy.
Ewan: And I’m happy when you’re around, too.
Amelia: I’m looking forward to our trip. It’s one more reason for us to work quickly to put an end to this war.
Ewan: Yeah, let’s do what we can, because we’re definitely taking that trip!