Artur & Joshua

C Support

Joshua: Hey, you there.
Artur: Yes?
Joshua: You a monk or something?
Artur: Yes. I came from Renais. My name is Artur.
Joshua: I’m Joshua. So, uh… You want to make me a bet?
Artur: A bet?
Joshua: Sure! Call it in the air: heads or tails?
Artur: …?
Joshua: What’s the matter? All you have to do is say heads or tails. So what’s your call?
Artur: I have no idea what this is about, but I’ll say heads for now.
Joshua: Right, so I get tails. Here, we’ll flip now. Annnnnnd… Right! Tails. I win.
Artur: You win. Um… What do you win?
Joshua: Well, now, you have to do whatever I tell you.
Artur: What? Why do you say that?
Joshua: You lost, right? Since you lost, you’ve got to do what I tell you. So when this battle’s over, I want you to train with me.
Artur: Train? What are you talking about? Look, I only said heads because you pressed me to! I don’t remember you saying anything about what we were betting on.
Joshua: You shouldn’t worry so much about the tiny details! You’ll waste your life, worrying so much! Now, about that training. I always have a tough time fighting against people who use magic. I think it’s got something to do with getting the timing right… I don’t really need to polish my technique too much. However, I’ve noticed that these battles just keep getting harder. So, I figured I should train with someone who can use a little magic!
Artur: I commend your attitude, but I really can’t help you… My evenings are pretty full as it is, so…
Joshua: Hey, now! A deal’s a deal. I’ll be waiting, so don’t be late!
Artur: Fine… But just for a little while!

B Support

Joshua: Hey, Artur. I wanted to thank you for training. I learned a lot from it. I hope you’re not too exhausted for today’s training session.
Artur: Well, actually… Could we not do this today?
Joshua: Hey, now. Show a little enthusiasm, why don’t you? An attitude like that ain’t gonna win you any battles!
Artur: You may be right, but I just can’t keep up with you. If you keep exhausting me in training, I’ll be no good when the real fighting begins. I’m trying not to let it show, but I’m really worn out today.
Joshua: Then let’s make a bet. If I win, you do what I tell you.
Artur: Joshua, I’m quite drained, and we still have much fighting to do. You should just rest tonight.
Joshua: Don’t worry about me, Artur. So, heads or tails?
Artur: Fine… Heads.
Joshua: Great! You’re heads, and I’m tails. Here we go! Incredible! Tails! I win again!
Artur: … Could I see that coin?
Joshua: What for? Are you suggesting that I would actually cheat?
Artur: …No. Sorry.
Joshua: So it’s a deal. I’ll be waiting for you tonight. Don’t forget!
Artur: Fine… ……
Joshua: …You’re hopeless. Don’t look so tired. It gets me all worried, and I can’t go back to the front being all worried. Listen, just take a day off. Get some rest, all right?
Artur: But I lost the bet.
Joshua: The deal was, if I win, you do what I tell you. And what I’m telling you to do is take it easy.
Artur: Joshua… I appreciate it. I’ve never done much fighting. I think I’m just worn out. It’s exhausting, having to keep your guard up all the time. But your kindness has rejuvenated my frazzled nerves a little.
Joshua: Well, we’re still fighting, so don’t let your guard down. Stick close to me today, and I’ll watch over you. But don’t skip tomorrow’s training!
Artur: I’ll be there.

A Support

Joshua: Hey, Artur! You’re looking pretty pleased with yourself today. Care to make a bet? If I win, we’ll hit the training again tonight.
Artur: No need for bets, Joshua. I’ll be happy to train with you.
Joshua: You’re volunteering? Are you feeling all right? Did you take a blow to the head?
Artur: No, no. I’m fine. I’m just offering to help you out. It’s easier than losing another bet to you.
Joshua: What do you mean? You’ve got even odds of winning.
Artur: You must be joking! Out of the past 21 coin flips, I’ve won two, and you’ve won 19! Those are impossible odds to beat, so there’s only one answer. You must have some divine betting power or something. If I can help you train, I will, but I don’t want to lose anymore.
Joshua: Hmph… But that’s no fun! All right, you don’t have to train with me if you don’t want to bet.
Artur: …Excuse me?
Joshua: I don’t have any divine power. You’ve won 11 out of 21 coin tosses so far. We’re about even. I was…cheating. Just a little, though.
Artur: You cheated? I felt so guilty when I accused you earlier. I guess I just trusted–
Joshua: Yep. That’s your problem. I know trust and faith are important to you monkly types. However, on the battlefield, you can never trust your foe. If we were gambling for your life, and not for training, you’d be dead 19 times over. Well, I mean, you can only die once, but you get my drift.
Artur: … I’m speechless…
Joshua: Ha ha ha. Good thing I’m a reasonably fair man, huh? No harm done, and you even learned a little something, didn’t you?
Artur: I suppose.
Joshua: So here’s the deal. I want you to keep being my partner. But this time, I’ll be teaching you a little bit about wagers.
Artur: What’s more important to you, Joshua? Gambling or training? I guess I don’t even have to ask you that, huh? But no more cheating!