Artur & Tethys

C Support

Tethys: Child, come here a moment.
Artur: Child…? Are you talking to me?
Tethys: Yes, that’s right. Come here for a moment. I won’t bite.
Artur: How may I help you, my lady?
Tethys: Would you spin yourself around right there?
Artur: …What? Spin around? Like… Like this?
Tethys: Hm… Not bad. Not bad at all. You have a graceful form. And you’re quite beautiful. It’d be a waste to let you stay a simple clergyman.
Artur: Beautiful? Me? Do you really think so?
Tethys: Yes, you have a lovely face. Say… Would you like to dance with me? I think you have the potential. I could use a partner. When this war ends, I think it should be you.
Artur: I…don’t know about that. Dancing probably isn’t my thing.
Tethys: You never know until you try. Anyway, from what I can see, I think you’ve got what it takes. Trust me. There’s no future in this church business. Be a dancer.
Artur: I’m afraid I have to disagree. I feel this is my calling, you see. Er… If that’s all you wanted, would you excuse me?
Tethys: Oh, oh. Yes, fine. Only… What’s your name, child?
Artur: I’m A-Artur.
Tethys: I’m Tethys. I’m a dancer. Don’t forget.
Artur: Hm? T-Tethys?
Tethys: That’s right. I’ll see you later, child. Think about what I told you about becoming a dancer, won’t you?
Artur: I really don’t think it’s for me…

B Support

Tethys: Do you remember the dance steps I showed you the other day, child? No? I’ll show them to you again. Pay attention, as you’ll be going next.
Artur: Tethys, we’re in the middle of a battle. Can’t this wait until later?
Tethys: My, aren’t we confident! No, we can’t have that. We have to practice. I refuse to have a partner who’s too lazy to practice daily.
Artur: No, you’re not following me. I’m not your partner. I don’t want to– Would you please stop calling me “child” in front of everyone!
Tethys: What’s wrong with looking young? After all, you have such lovely skin. May I…touch your cheeks?
Artur: Oh… Ah, normally, people wait for an answer before they start…er… well, touching me. Um… Would you please stop?
Tethys: Amazing! It’s like velvet to the touch! You have such smooth skin!
Artur: Er… Excuse me… Ah… I really must protest… P-please… S-stop…
Tethys: Tell me… What’s your secret?
Artur: I… I don’t have any secrets! Oh… You meant my skin. Well, I just rub manon leaves on after I wash.
Tethys: Manon leaves? Those scratchy things? I always thought they would just leave a rash. Hm. Maybe I should try… I’ll see you later, child. I’ll be checking up on your progress, so be sure to practice those steps.
Artur: …Huh? But… But I don’t want to be a dancer… I… Sigh…

A Support

Tethys: Well, look who’s come to see me! I’m glad to see you showing some initiative. You must be practicing a lot, hm? Well, show me what you’ve got!
Artur: Please! I have a name! I am not a child! My name is Artur! And…I really must protest about becoming a dancer. I have no interest in learning how to dance, do you understand?
Tethys: I’m glad you’re here, because I have something I wanted to tell you.
Artur: Y-you do?
Tethys: I scrubbed my face with manon leaves, just like you said, but look… I got a rash, just like I thought I would. Look here, on my cheek.
Artur: Uh… Maybe you scrubbed too hard?
Tethys: Well, here… Take a look.
Artur: I’m not sure this is the right time. We’re in the middle of a battle.
Tethys: We’ll be fine. It’ll only take a second. We’ll be done in a flash.
Artur: Fine, fine… But let’s be quick.
Tethys: Come on, you’re not looking right. Get closer. Closer… More. Look right around here… See? It’s red, isn’t it?
Artur: …A little, but…it’s not that bad. Whoa!! I-if you turn your head so suddenly like that…your face is… It’s so close to my…
Tethys: Hm mm mm. You’re blushing. Are you all right, child?
Artur: I-I’m fine, but… Every time you’re around, my heart…
Tethys: Starts thumping?
Artur: Y-yes…
Tethys: To tell you the truth, you look just like my first love.
Artur: Is… Is that so?
Tethys: But he moved, and I never saw him again. Oh, it brings back such memories… He and I couldn’t have been much older than, say, ten.
Artur: …Are you telling me I look like a ten-year-old child?
Tethys: Yep. Those sparkling eyes are totally him.
Artur: … I see… I know someone who looks like you, too.
Tethys: Oh, really? Who would that be?
Artur: …My mother. She called me “child” when I was little, just like you do now. I used to like that then, but now that I’m older…
Tethys: …Oh… A bit of a mama’s boy, are you, Artur?
Artur: Excuse me? Mama’s boy?
Tethys: Tee-hee… Very well. I shall mother you. Call me “mom,” child.
Artur: … Er… I… I’m not sure about this. Besides, I used to call her “mother,” not “mom,” so…
Tethys: I’m only kidding. I just love teasing you. However, I am serious about you becoming a dancer. Your good looks and graceful movement tell me you have the talent… You would make a fine partner. Just think about it, will you?
Artur: Oh, I forgot–that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I don’t want to– …Er, excuse me. Tethys, would you wait up for me!?