Colm & Kyle

C Support

Colm: Kyle, do you have a minute?
Kyle: What is it, Colm?
Colm: Well… It’s about Princess Eirika.
Kyle: Is something the matter with her?
Colm: It was a while ago, but when she went to bed, she was…
Kyle: What happened after she retired to her room? Colm, don’t toy with me. Just tell me!
Colm: The princess looked like she was having trouble falling asleep. She kept pacing.
Kyle: Having trouble falling asleep?
Colm: Yup.
Kyle: That’s not good. It’s very important for her to get enough rest during this tough march. This war has been very hard for Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika. I’m sure she’s probably spent a few nights worrying, but–
Colm: Hey! I just remembered that I have this secret remedy my mother used to make. It started off as a freckle cream, but it turns out that it works pretty well with insomnia, too.
Kyle: Really. That’s a good idea. I’m sure Prince Ephraim and Lady Eirika would love to have something like that.
Colm: OK, then. I’ll give it to her next time I see her. I’ll let you know how it goes.
Kyle: All right, Colm.

B Support

Colm: Kyle, big news!
Kyle: What is it this time, Colm?
Colm: It’s about Prince Ephraim.
Kyle: What? What happened?
Colm: He’s just like me!
Kyle: Just like you? In what sense?
Colm: He hates studying, too!
Kyle: And…? That doesn’t seem like news or anything.
Colm: It’s big news for me! And for you, too! The future of Renais is not looking good if he hates studying as much as I do.
Kyle: Don’t worry about it. He might not like studying much, but no one is as bad as you. Besides, if you’re bringing this up to denigrate him, you are in serious trouble.
Colm: Not at all! I’m just worried about Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika.
Kyle: I understand. But this news was really useless. In the future, please only bring me relevant information.

A Support

Colm: Kyle, I have some useful news!
Kyle: Finally. What is it?
Colm: Heh heh heh… Well, it’s a secret about you.
Kyle: A secret about me? What is it?
Colm: You have a girlfriend! Her name is Meriella! You send letters to her all the time, don’t you!
Kyle: Oh, that. I’ve been meaning to tell you about her.
Colm: I’m so glad to hear that, Kyle. Let me know if you need to talk to someone. Long-distance relationships can be hard. I can’t believe it! Stuffy old Kyle is in love!
Kyle: In love? Me? I think you’re confused. Meriella is not my girlfriend. She is one of my teammates.
Colm: Workplace romance, is it? Say no more. I understand.
Kyle: Just shut up and listen to me. Meriella is the alias we use for Renais knights on undercover missions.
Colm: Alias? Like a secret code?
Kyle: Precisely. We send mail addressed to Meriella, which only the Renais knights know. The contents are always the same: We let them know that Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika are safe. It’s all written in secret code. That’s the letter I was sending.
Colm: Even though we’re in the middle of a war, does it really have to be so complicated?
Kyle: Yes. Better to be safe than sorry.
Colm: I see. Well, would you like me to deliver that letter?
Kyle: No. Every single soldier is important in this war. We need you here.
Colm: Really? You value my service? Neat!
Kyle: Um… Yes. Although you do bring me some pointless tidbits, you have also been a big help.
Colm: Great! This is so encouraging! Until recently, I thought I’d never have any real connection with the knights. But it’s different now. Now, I consider everyone involved in this war, especially the knights like you, to be my friends. I will always fight for my friends!
Kyle: Thank you, Colm. Civilians and knights… Together, we’ll restore peace in Renais.