Colm & Marisa

C Support

Colm: Hey, you! Have you seen a scary-looking woman?
Marisa: …Scary-looking woman? Is she your sister?
Colm: NO. I don’t have any sisters. The woman I’m talking about was beautiful, but also very scary. Have you seen someone who fits that description?
Marisa: I don’t think so. Beautiful but very scary… What do you mean by that?
Colm: Well, I’m not exactly sure, either. I just heard from one of Gerik’s mercenaries that there is a woman sword fighter here. Apparently, she’s very talented and was hired for an unbelievable sum.
Marisa: A woman sword fighter??
Colm: Rumor is that if you speak to her without thinking, she’s likely to attack you out of nowhere!
Marisa: Is that so.
Colm: Maybe her face is scarred from fighting. Yeah, that’s probably it! She’s beautiful, but has a very sad past behind that scar. And that’s why she’s so scary!
Marisa: A scarred face? A sad past?
Colm: Or maybe it’s because her lover was killed, and she’s trying to avenge him. That seems equally plausible, doesn’t it? Anyway, if you see her around, would you tell her that I was looking for her? See ya.
Marisa: Well, I’m the only female sword fighter here. I guess he was looking for me. He is so clueless…

B Support

Colm: Oh, hi, Marisa! I’m sorry for what I said the other day. I figured out that you were the scary woman I was talking about. I’m Colm. Nice to meet you.
Marisa: OK. So, what did you want from me?
Colm: Oh, nothing special. I just wanted to meet the famous swordswoman. I was going to challenge you to a match, but I’ve seen you fight and know how good you are. You’d beat me senseless.
Marisa: I’ll accept a match with you anytime.
Colm: Well, I don’t know how else to say this. You’re scaring me.
Marisa: Scaring?
Colm: Yeah. It sounds funny, but you never look at the enemy… I mean…you don’t care about the enemy at all.
Marisa: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Speak English.
Colm: I mean… Even when the enemy is right in front of you, you aren’t even looking at him. You’re fighting something else.
Marisa: Something else?
Colm: I’m not that smart, and I don’t know much about swords. So I can’t say exactly who or what it is you are really fighting.
Marisa: I see.
Colm: Um… What I mean to say is good luck in all your battles. Um… That’s it. See you later!
Marisa: The enemy…I’m really fighting?

A Support

Marisa: Colm.
Colm: Hi, Marisa.
Marisa: I was thinking about what you were saying the other day.
Colm: You mean about you not fighting the enemy in front of you, but something else? Is that what you’re talking about?
Marisa: Yes.
Colm: What about it?
Marisa: Do you want to know? What I’m really fighting with?
Colm: Huh? Y-yeah…… If you want to tell me, sure.
Marisa: What I’m really fighting with is…
Colm: …
Marisa: My father.
Colm: Your father?!
Marisa: Well, to be more precise, his shadow.
Colm: Was he a swordsman also?
Marisa: He was one of the most famous swordsmen in Jehanna. He was also a mercenary.
Colm: I see why you’re so good.
Marisa: Ever since I was a child, my father taught me how to live as a mercenary.
Colm: Since you were a kid?
Marisa: The harsh conditions of Jehanna breed strength and ruthlessness. The only way to survive is by being a mercenary.
Colm: Oh.
Marisa: My father is my parent, my teacher, and above all, a mountain I must conquer.
Colm: A mountain?
Marisa: Once I conquer the mountain, I can accomplish anything I want.
Colm: That must be a…big mountain. So, where are you on the mountain? A third of the way up? Halfway up? Or can you already see the summit?
Marisa: …I’m only at the base.
Colm: You still have a long way to go, huh?
Marisa: …Yes. I don’t even know where the summit is yet.
Colm: Well, then, you don’t know how long it will take, do you?
Marisa: I’ll just keep climbing. Even if it takes me forever…
Colm: Oh. I see. Well, good luck. I’m sure you’ll make it to the top.
Marisa: Yes. Someday. For sure. You’re…a nice guy.
Colm: Ha ha ha! Oh, please. You’re embarrassing me.