Colm & Rennac

C Support

Colm: Hey, you! I know your secret.
Rennac: Huh? My secret?
Colm: You’re a thief, too, aren’t you? Do you think that’s acceptable behavior for someone in the princess’s entourage?
Rennac: Ha ha ha! Where’d you learn a big word like entourage, boy? Not that it’s any of your business, but Her Highness already knows about my…hobbies. You’re not, by any chance, trying to threaten me, are you? That’s funny. I never thought I’d be reprimanded by a boy!
Colm: Hey, old man, don’t you talk down to ME! I’m not a boy. I’m Colm! And I’m not threatening you, either. I was just surprised that you’re a thief because you dress so nicely.
Rennac: I assume you’re in the same trade. Those rags are a dead giveaway. Well, you may not take any pride in your appearance, but I’m different. Do you see this jacket? It has silk embroidery, a trend that I started in Carcino. Where are the stitches, you ask? They’re on the inside of the jacket. But I’m not going to show you. The truly cultured man cares about every detail. It would be a waste of my time to even try to explain it to a poor urchin like you.
Colm: Why are you bragging about something so lame? And I’m not a poor urchin! Man, I’ve never met anyone as annoying as you!
Rennac: Oh, don’t be so sensitive, little urchin. If you want to be like me, make more money. Improve your skills. The name of the game is making money. Money is all that matters. It’s your only way out. Work hard and escape from poverty.
Colm: First of all, I don’t want to be like you! Second of all, I’ll show you!
Rennac: Well, don’t pull a muscle, little urchin!

B Support

Rennac: Hey, urchin, have you made any money yet?
Colm: Stop calling me urchin! I heard that your dad is a wealthy merchant in Carcino.
Rennac: Yes. So what? My father is a wealthy merchant, and his son is a thief. Great family, huh?
Colm: If you’re rich, you don’t need to steal. You can just buy whatever you want.
Rennac: You are so green, boy. Greener than the fruit I left out for a month.
Colm: What’s that supposed to mean? I’ve never had dried fruit, so I don’t know what you’re talking about!
Rennac: Oh, that’s too bad. Listen, urchin. Merchants are always stingy. It’s part of who they are. And my father was especially stingy. He gave us nothing for free.
Colm: We had to work for everything we had. So my brothers and I learned the value of hard work from a young age. And this just happens to be my job. Get it? It’s not easy being the son of a merchant, huh? Forced to work from a young age. I had a tough childhood, too. I always had to hunt and garden with my dad. I guess our lives aren’t so different after all, huh.
Rennac: Er, a little hunting and gardening is quite different from actual work. You can see that just by looking at how you and I turned out.
Colm: Well! I’ll show you! Maybe you’ll wake up one morning and find that something important to you is gone! Consider yourself warned, old man!
Rennac: You know, warning people of your plans isn’t really the most effective thieving strategy. Anyhow, I look forward to seeing what you can muster.

A Support

Rennac: Hi there, urchin. I haven’t heard you bragging in a while. I thought maybe you gave up on your big plans.
Colm: I’m more persistent than you think I am. I came to see you because I remembered– Wait, you haven’t noticed yet?
Rennac: Noticed what?
Colm: Ha ha ha! I won!
Rennac: What? Did you actually steal something? Don’t tell me… A ha!
Colm: So you finally noticed! Yes, I secretly stole only the embroidery off your precious jacket. So, how’s that for stealth? That’s some pretty fine thieving, if I do say so myself.
Rennac: I see. The embroidery IS missing. Good work. It’s a little early for a victory celebration, though. The embroidery was of a pony, correct?
Colm: Huh? Yeah…
Rennac: Unfortunately for you, that was a fake. I knew you would try to steal it, so I replaced it with a fake beforehand. The real embroidery is of a phoenix. But I won’t show it to you. Nope, never.
Colm: You! That’s a cheap trick!
Rennac: In this business, anything goes. However, I’m impressed that you got as far as you did. I definitely don’t want you for an enemy.
Colm: Heh heh heh… Same here, I guess. I’m glad that we’re on the same side. Now give me my boots!