Cormag & Artur

C Support

Artur: So this is a wyvern…
Cormag: Hey, what’s going on here? Don’t get too close now. It may look calm now, but it’s got a dangerous side. Like me.
Artur: S-sorry! Oh, the name is Artur.
Cormag: I’m Cormag. Nice to meet you.
Artur: You, too, Sir Cormag. It’s a pleasure.
Cormag: So… Interested in wyverns, are you?
Artur: It’s not so much interest as it is, well, fascination, if you will. The way how they fly in the sky at will… and their powerful limbs. I’ve seen them from a distance before, but I’ve never seen one up close… Do you think it would mind if I were to touch it?
Cormag: Nah, go right ahead. But wyverns can be proud. They won’t warm up to anyone they think unworthy. Took me three years before this one would let me ride on his back. Oh, he hated me at first. Always snarling and snatching at me… I don’t know how many times he threw me when I tried to ride him.
Artur: R-really? Maybe I should keep my distance then.
Cormag: No, he seems to like you.
Artur: How do you know?
Cormag: He hasn’t tried to eat your face yet, for one thing. Maybe he can sense your, what’d you call it, fascination? Yeah, maybe it won’t take too long for you two to be friends.
Artur: Hm. Well then, it’s very nice to meet you, Sir Cormag’s Wyvern?
Cormag: His name’s Genarog. Next time you’re around, come say hi.
Artur: Thanks. I will!

B Support

Artur: Sir Cormag!
Cormag: If it isn’t Artur. What’s the rush?
Artur: I’ve been thinking about how to become friends with Genarog. I was thinking perhaps he might like it if I gave him something.
Cormag: You want to give Genarog a gift?
Artur: Yes. It’s an amulet made of a star stone. According to legend, those who carry star stones are blessed from above. It’s customary to wear them as amulets in Renais, and I thought…
Cormag: I see… But that’s your amulet, isn’t it?
Artur: No need to worry for me, Sir Cormag. I pray every morning and every night.
Cormag: Well, if that’s the case, then we’ll take it. Look at that, Genarog! All right, Artur, I want you to place it in his saddlebag.
Artur: I’m a little scared, but I’ll give it a try! All right… The saddlebag… This one right here? There you go… … Sir Cormag, look! Genarog licked my hand!
Cormag: Whoa, not bad… Not bad at all, Artur. I’ve never once seen him lick anyone’s hand but mine.
Artur: Really?
Cormag: Yeah, and it took him two years before he’d even do that! You and he seem to be getting along famously, as they say.
Artur: That makes me happy, Sir Cormag. I’m glad he likes the amulet.
Cormag: I think he likes you more than he likes that amulet, honestly.
Artur: Really, Sir Cormag? May I talk to him again?
Cormag: Sure, anytime. We’re looking forward to it. Both of us.

A Support

Cormag: I should apologize to you, Artur.
Artur: What’s wrong, Sir Cormag? Did something happen?
Cormag: The star-stone amulet that you so generously gave Genarog… It got shattered when an archer attacked us. It’s not all bad, though. That stone stopped the arrow cold. Saved both me AND Genarog, it did. Had that amulet been not there, we wouldn’t be here right now.
Artur: That’s unfortunate, but I’m glad the amulet worked! I’ll have to make a prayer of thanks for the stone’s protection.
Cormag: Well, we owe you, Artur. And it’s not exactly a perfect trade, but… Here.
Artur: What’s this? This… This looks like a wyvern stone!
Cormag: A wyvern stone? Are they rare?
Artur: Yes, very! Where on earth did you…
Cormag: Genarog had it. I didn’t have any idea what it was. I figured maybe you’d know something about it. And it looks like I was right, wasn’t I? You know what it’s worth? Well, like I said, it’s yours. Keep it.
Artur: A-are you sure!?
Cormag: Sure. You don’t mind, now, do you, Genarog?
Artur: Th-thank you… I mean it… Sir Cormag, Genarog… Wyvern stones are like dragonstones, only far more rare. Mages covet them. Having one focuses your powers, refines your magical control. But nobody knows where they come from or how to craft them. There are no more than a handful of wyvern stones in the world today. I never thought I’d even see one, much less hold one in my hands.
Cormag: So it’s a big deal, eh?
Artur: It most certainly is, Sir Cormag. Genarog… I can’t thank you enough. You’ve made one of my dreams come true.
Cormag: I’m glad we were able to help you, Artur.
Artur: I’ll cherish this wyvern stone always. …By the way, Sir Cormag, do you have a dream?
Cormag: …My dream. Hmph… My only dream right now is to undo the damage Grado has done. I want Grado to be a peaceful nation again, ruled by a gentle man.
Artur: I’m sure you’ll see your own dream realized, Sir Cormag. After all, we’re all fighting to make that dream come true. You and Genarog have made my own dream a reality. And you know that I’ll do what I can to make yours real, too.
Cormag: Genarog was right. You are a good lad, Artur. Tell you what. If we do restore peace, you must visit my homeland. And when you do, I think Genarog would like to take you flying.
Artur: I’d love to, Sir Cormag. I look forward to visiting Grado in better times.