Cormag & Tana

C Support

Tana: Hello, Sir Cormag.
Cormag: Princess Tana! That still sounds so odd to me. You know, I had no idea you were a princess at first. But please, just call me Cormag. There’s no need for honorifics with me.
Tana: Cormag it is, then. I had a favor to ask of you.
Cormag: What would you have me do, Princess?
Tana: I’m prone to attacks from archers when I’m on the battlefield…
Cormag: That makes two of us. It’s a common problem for airborne soldiers.
Tana: I thought perhaps we could keep watch for archers and warn one another.
Cormag: Hm. Yes, you’ve got a good idea there. A “buddy system” of sorts. But if you saw an ally in danger, you’d warn him regardless, wouldn’t you?
Tana: Well, of course! But we’re so high up that I was worried… If I saw an archer, I didn’t think my voice would carry to you in time. Perhaps the neighing of a pegasus or the cries of a wyvern could carry far enough to warn the others.
Cormag: Oh! I see… Yes, we might not be able to hear each other in the heat of battle. But our steeds can be louder than either of us could. And trust me, my wyvern’s shriek can pierce your ear from two leagues away. A brilliant idea, Your Highness.
Tana: Really? Thank you.
Cormag: Right, so if we see anything out there, we’ll have our mounts call out, right?
Tana: Yes, and thank you, Cormag.

B Support

Tana: Cormag, thanks for warning me about that archer the other day. Your wyvern startled me, but I think you may have saved my life!
Cormag: Well, you should thank him, then. I can’t take credit for it. I mean, he started shrieking out to you before I even saw that bowman.
Tana: Really? That’s amazing… In that case… Thank you.
Cormag: The bond between a wyvern and rider is close, and this guy’s a smart one. I’m sure you and your pegasus are the same, wouldn’t you say?
Tana: Oh, yes. It’s the same with every knight and her pegasus. It’s so sad to see how war has changed the way we relate to our animal allies. It’s taking such a tremendous toll on these beautiful creatures.
Cormag: I agree. This whole war is ludicrous. War itself is madness, even more so if it’s for greed or the fantasy of power.
Tana: I hope our efforts end this war quickly. I don’t want to see anyone else die.
Cormag: Nor do I. But you cannot race headlong into battle. We’ll need you to help rebuild our shattered nations, after all. We soldiers are expendable, but you regal types aren’t.
Tana: Cormag, don’t say that!
Cormag: But it’s true.
Tana: No! No life is expendable!
Cormag: Your Highness…
Tana: Don’t throw your life away. Promise me, will you?
Cormag: … As you wish, Princess. I’ll be careful.
Tana: I have your promise, Cormag.

A Support

Tana: What are you fighting for, Cormag?
Cormag: What makes you ask?
Tana: I saw you fighting earlier… and for some reason, it made me sad.
Cormag: I see. I can think of many reasons why a man would fight. Atonement, revenge, entertainment… For power… For fun… But I don’t know the reason I am fighting anymore.
Tana: Cormag…
Cormag: What more would you expect from a man who’s lost his faith? A man whose emperor has gone mad, whose homeland is collapsing?
Tana: …… What are you going to do when the war is over?
Cormag: I’ll help rebuild Grado, of course, but I’m not sure beyond that. I doubt that I’ll remain in Grado for long, though. They’ve branded me a traitor. I’ll find no home awaiting me there.
Tana: Then why don’t you come to Frelia? You can join us as an airborne knight!
Cormag: And what makes you think a traitor like me would be welcomed in Frelia?
Tana: You’re no traitor, Cormag. You’ve stayed true to your beliefs. That sadness I saw in you comes from your own country’s betrayal of those beliefs. Your sadness runs as deep as your faith in Grado once ran. I want your faith, your strength, and your passion to serve Frelia now.
Cormag: I appreciate the offer, but I cannot reforge the oaths I’ve broken. I’m sorry.
Tana: It’s all right. I understand your feelings. However, if you ever wish to serve your beliefs again, remember my offer.
Cormag: I might just give up this soldiering nonsense and go into woodworking.
Tana: Then I’ll track you down in your woodshop and ask again.
Cormag: You may not look it, but you’re pretty strong willed for a princess. I’ll think about your offer.