Eirika & Innes

C Support

Innes: Eirika. I know this might seem sudden, but… I’ve decided I must protect you for a while.
Eirika: What? What do you mean by that?
Innes: I was in a difficult situation at Carcino. I…must admit that I owe you much for your help that day.
Eirika: I… I see.
Innes: So now, I’ve decided to protect you in battle. I don’t know how to say this, but… It is unacceptable that I remain indebted to you.
Eirika: Oh, you and your fool pride–
Innes: Regardless, you can count on me. No arrow can reach all enemies, but I guarantee your safety. Will you accept my oath?
Eirika: Er… Sure. I accept. Thank you, Prince Innes.
Innes: Follow me, then.
Eirika: Uh, wait a moment, Innes. You’re an archer… Wouldn’t it make more sense if you stayed behind me?
Innes: ……

B Support

Innes: …What are you doing?
Eirika: What is it now, Innes?
Innes: …I told you I was going to protect you.
Eirika: Right.
Innes: And yet, whenever an enemy shows himself, you rush in and attack! …Everyone’s going to think you’re the one protecting me.
Eirika: Well, I can’t help you with your image problems, Innes. You’re an archer, while I have to fight up close.
Innes: That is unacceptable. I said that I would protect you, and I was being quite sincere.
Eirika: And I appreciate that. It’s nice to know that, when I cross swords with the enemy, you’re never far from me, with your bow close at hand.
Innes: Eirika… You are so kind… You’re so different from that… brother of yours.
Eirika: No, not as much as you think. Maybe you only see him as a warrior, as competition, but he is a fine and gentle man, capable of great compassion.
Innes: …If you say so. I suppose I cannot doubt it if it comes from your lips.
Eirika: Prince Innes, please, try to befriend my brother. I know he would want this as well. I don’t know why you dislike him. When I am alone with him, he is so kind.
Innes: Forgive me, but I can bear no more of this talk. When I see you look that way, I feel only jealousy for this Ephraim.
Eirika: What–?
Innes: He is…a hard man to forgive. Perhaps there is only one way to settle this.
Eirika: Prince Innes…?

A Support

Innes: Eirika. Forgive the intrusion, but I must speak to you at once.
Eirika: Prince Innes? What is it?
Innes: First, just listen to me. Is there…anyone who lays claim to your heart?
Eirika: What? N-no… There’s nobody like that.
Innes: I see. Then let me speak frankly. Eirika, it seems I have fallen in love with you.
Eirika: Wh-what!? This is no place for jokes, Innes! Why would you say something like that?
Innes: This is no joke. I am absolutely serious. These feelings surprise me as well. I don’t know what to do. Fighting at your side all this time, the emotion just exploded within me. I love you. I could not bear to see you in the arms of another.
Eirika: P-Prince Innes! I… I…
Innes: No, Eirika. Do not answer now. I have not yet bested Ephraim. I have not earned the right to woo you.
Eirika: Wha–? Why are you bringing my brother into this?
Innes: With a man like him around, I can see why you show no interest in suitors. If I prove myself his superior, you will surely accept my hand. If I fail, I release any claim to your affection. But I swear it on the depth of my love that I will destroy that man. Eirika, I will expect your answer then. That’s all I have to say.
Eirika: Innes! What an…infuriating man! Why does he have to be so…