Eirika & Saleh

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Eirika: Master Saleh!
Saleh: …
Eirika: Master?
Saleh: …
Eirika: …
Saleh: … …Oh, I’m sorry, Princess Eirika.
Eirika: It’s all right. Were you…praying?
Saleh: Not exactly. It’s called Valega.
Eirika: Valega?
Saleh: Yes.
Eirika: What is it? Is it something to do with Caer Pelyn’s cultural history?
Saleh: Yes, in a sense. Think of it as a kind of wish. A very pure wish. It is a wish that expands far beyond individual desire.
Eirika: I see. I don’t claim to understand, but it sounds very interesting. If you don’t mind, I’d like to hear more about it later.
Saleh: If you like.
Eirika: Yes, I would.

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Eirika: Master Saleh.
Saleh: Princess.
Eirika: What you were telling me about Valega was most enlightening. It sounds as though you align your desires with the world around you. By knowing the vastness of creation around you, you come to know yourself. And then, by transcending your selfish needs, you wish for a better world. What you told me, it helped me rediscover the importance of that unselfish wish. It’s the reason for the war we fight now… The dream of a better world. Because of your Valega, my own conviction was renewed.
Saleh: Ahhh. I’m glad to hear that. … Princess Eirika, you remind me of the warrior princess, Nada Kuya.
Eirika: Nada Kuya?
Saleh: She’s one of Caer Pelyn’s ancient heroes.
Eirika: I’d like to hear about her.
Saleh: I’ve been told she was a strong woman, beautiful and proud. She spoke with the voice of nature, and she lived at one with the earth.
Eirika: But you called her a battle princess…?
Saleh: Well, in ancient times, Caer Pelyn was invaded by a foreign nation.
Eirika: Really?
Saleh: And leading the charge against the invaders was Nada Kuya. She carried a narrow sword made from a fang gifted to her by the dragonkin. With her dragon blade in her hand, she drove Caer Pelyn’s enemies away.
Eirika: Wow… Quite a story. And you think I–
Saleh: Yes. You remind me of her.
Eirika: No, no… When Grado invaded Renais, I was paralyzed. I couldn’t do anything. It is only because of the sacrifices of others that I could even escape.
Saleh: But now, you are here. With your strength, courage, and dignity.
Eirika: Master Saleh…
Saleh: If you achieve victory, the legend will become reality. You will become the Nada Kuya of this age.
Eirika: I see… Yes, I see! I have a reason to fight. I have things to protect. I fight for the future. The future of Renais, the future of my people. Thank you, Master Saleh. Your stories always give me the courage to fight on.
Saleh: I’m glad to hear that.
Eirika: I pray your wisdom guides us through this war.
Saleh: I will do what I can.

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Saleh: … What troubles you, Princess Eirika?
Eirika: Oh, Master Saleh. No, nothing. My mind was somewhere else… Oh, and in the middle of a battle… I’m sorry.
Saleh: Don’t be sorry. I am not going to judge you for how you think or act.
Eirika: Thank you. … I was just remembering my home. I was thinking about the last time Renais was at peace.
Saleh: …
Eirika: There were the most beautiful mountains, the clearest rivers… The scent of wildflowers filled the air. The sky was clear and bright. This was before war scarred the hills and scorched the skies. It was a wonderful place. Every day was filled with hope and possibility. My brother and I would go hunting with Prince Lyon. …I would make lunches for us. Ephraim would tease, but Lyon was happy. I… I miss that time so very much.
Saleh: Princess Eirika… I give you my word that you will once again see the Renais you love restored.
Eirika: Master Saleh… I do hope so. But first, you and I must concentrate on the battle at hand. We must win. Thank you, Master Saleh. Your homeland, Caer Pelyn, was also a most beautiful place.
Saleh: We had nothing special. But, because of that, we had…everything.
Eirika: I didn’t understand that before. Now, I think I know what you mean.
Saleh: I am glad.
Eirika: When we have to fight no more, please, let me visit you in Caer Pelyn. I would like to know more about your home. About Valega and Nada Kuya.
Saleh: You are welcome anytime. Caer Pelyn and I will welcome you with open arms.