Ephraim & Forde

C Support

Ephraim: Hey, Forde…
Forde: Yes? Oh! What is it, Prince Ephraim?
Ephraim: …What are you hiding?
Forde: …What are you talking about? We are in the middle of a battle, you know. Pay less attention to me and more to our enemies!
Ephraim: No, no, Forde. Give it up. Come on–let me see it.
Forde: …Fine.
Ephraim: …What is that? Is that a painting?
Forde: This? No, no… No, it’s a topographic map! Yes. For strategy. We need to plot out our strategy, don’t we? During battles, I like to look at this map and analyze enemy lines…
Ephraim: But…that’s clearly a landscape painting.
Forde: …
Ephraim: Did you paint this?
Forde: Er… Yes. A long time ago.
Ephraim: This is impressive, Forde. You’re good with both a sword and a brush! You know, when Eirika and I were young, we’d sneak out for long horse rides. We used to watch the sunset sink behind the mountains while we talked for hours. Your painting reminds me of those days.
Forde: … Prince Ephraim…
Ephraim: But…during a battle probably isn’t the right place to indulge your hobby. What if something happened to you?
Forde: I’m no fool, Prince Ephraim. I always stay alert on the battlefield. I’ll cut down any enemy that crosses my path. Well, Prince… Good luck!
Ephraim: Heh… You’re all talk.

B Support

Ephraim: So, Forde… Not goofing around today, are you?
Forde: Of course not! I never fool around in a battle.
Ephraim: …Yes, but only in battle. Next to Franz, you seem like you’re always half asleep.
Forde: You surely understand how difficult it is to be compared with one’s siblings. Next to you, the princess seems so kind and thoughtful. And caring, too!
Ephraim: I see your point. Yes, it’s rough being held to your sibling’s standards.
Forde: Isn’t it, though? So let’s stop all this and get back to the fighting.
Ephraim: …Although…
Forde: Hm? What is it, Prince Ephraim?
Ephraim: …Eirika has never been far from my side–in good times and bad. Without her…I’m not sure I could lead my people back from this disaster.
Forde: …I think I understand what you mean, Prince. When we lost our parents, I was shattered. Franz helped me get back on my feet. If I didn’t have his help then, I don’t know where I’d be today…
Ephraim: We are who we are now because they have always stood by us. …Let’s end this war quickly, Forde. For them. Especially for them.
Forde: …Yes.

A Support

Ephraim: How are you doing, Forde?
Forde: Me? Oh, I’m fine as long as I’ve got a sword in my hand.
Ephraim: …Oh, by the way, Forde. When you have some time, would you show me your painting again?
Forde: You’d like to see it? Why the sudden interest, Prince?
Ephraim: The scene you painted, it’s the Renais we once knew… Those magnificent fields and tranquil farming villages… When I look at it, I can forget, for a second, that we’re on a battlefield. I want to restore the Renais you painted. I want to restore these landscapes that fill me with joy looking at them. I wanted to see the painting again so that I could carry it with me in my heart.
Forde: If you like it, Prince Ephraim, I’d be honored if you would take it.
Ephraim: …Really? Are you sure, Forde?
Forde: Yes, of course. Please take it.
Ephraim: Thank you, Forde! It is truly beautiful. …Did you study painting?
Forde: No. I just… When we were young, I would paint for Franz. …Our father spent much time away, and Franz wept every night, missing him. But I was just a child, too. I didn’t know how to make him stop crying. One day, I showed him a drawing that I’d made of our parents… And Franz stopped crying. I’ve been painting ever since…
Ephraim: …I see…
Forde: …I’ve a thought… In exchange for this painting, there’s something you can do.
Ephraim: …What is it, Forde?
Forde: Once you’ve achieved your goal, once you’ve restored Renais to the way it was… Can I have a vacation?
Ephraim: Is rest all you ever think about? If you want that vacation, earn it!
Forde: Right, right. I’ll just keep risking my life protecting you then, Ephraim.
Ephraim: You do that. I’m counting on you, Forde.