Ephraim & Kyle

C Support

Kyle: Prince Ephraim!
Ephraim: Kyle, what’s the matter?
Kyle: Prince Ephraim… You charged at the enemy line after you were injured, didn’t you?
Ephraim: Oh, that? That was nothing. Don’t worry about it.
Kyle: It’s not the injury I’m worried about. You’re not supposed to do things like that!
Ephraim: If I retreat at the first scratch, command will fall apart.
Kyle: My lord, you are the future of Renais, the commander of this army. If something were to happen to you, morale would be shattered. We would lose this war. All because of your misplaced pride.
Ephraim: Fine, Kyle. I’ll hang back and let you knights lead the charge. But I don’t have time to talk about this now. I’m leaving.
Kyle: He says he’s going to stop being so reckless, but I know better. I have to stop him before he gets himself killed…

B Support

Kyle: Do you remember what we agreed to last time we talked, Prince Ephraim?
Ephraim: Sigh. High command must remain behind the vanguard and let the soldiers fight. And if he tries to take the van, any unit, regardless of rank, may stop him.
Kyle: Yes, exactly. So you do remember it.
Ephraim: And now, every time I try to lead the charge, my own men stop me! They waste themselves worrying about my safety when their own is at risk. Look, I agreed to your plan at the time, but this is just ridiculous. I’m going to revoke the order.
Kyle: No, Prince! I know I’ve told you this before… But you have to remember, you’re the future of Renais–
Ephraim: And if we fail because I do not join the battle, we have no future! I do know I bear much responsibility, but I simply must revoke the command.
Kyle: I’m sorry, Prince Ephraim, but I can’t allow you to do that. I’m going back to the fight. Make sure you hang back, sire. Go on.
Ephraim: …Sigh… That blasted Kyle. I know that he’s simply concerned about me. Come to think of it, he’s always been like that. I can’t recall a moment when he HASN’T been overly worried about me. But that order really needs to go.

A Support

Kyle: My lord prince… I must apologize.
Ephraim: Why is that, Kyle? What do you need to apologize for?
Kyle: The other day, I was injured on the battlefield. You raced to my side without a moment’s hesitation. As I lost consciousness, I heard you say something I won’t forget. “Treat this man as you would my own brother. Help him, regardless of cost.”
Ephraim: And why must you apologize for that?
Kyle: I ought to have been the one riding to your aid, my lord. And that you would consider a low-born knight like myself a brother… All these years, I’ve thought of myself as nothing but a loyal retainer. I failed to understand that our bond runs deeper.
Ephraim: …Since I was a child, you’ve taught me how to be a warrior. A prince is raised to be detached. Distant. To rule the people from above. I could not afford to feel any real affection for anyone. Just Seth, Forde… And you, Kyle. You were the only ones. I realize that much separates us, but I still consider you family. Although…you do worry about me too much. And you have to stop snapping at me.
Kyle: Prince Ephraim, when I was injured the other day, I came to a realization. I was wrong. The decision I made you agree to the other day was wrong. You belong on the front lines, like any of the noble warriors of Renais. It will do the men’s morale good to see you fighting at their side. From now on, fight as you must! I will be beside you, and I will protect you as you fight at our side.
Ephraim: Thank you, Kyle. I was so caught in my worry that I couldn’t fight well. And I will make a concession to you as well. I will not be so reckless anymore. I know I have an important position. Are we in agreement, Kyle?
Kyle: We are, my lord. Let’s ride on together!
Ephraim: Sounds good. Kyle… Don’t fall behind!
Kyle: Yes, sire!