Ephraim & L’Arachel

C Support

L’Arachel: Oh, Ephraim! Why are you here? Do you not have somewhere to be?
Ephraim: I’m sorry? What do you mean?
L’Arachel: Why don’t you go fight someone or break down a wall or something?
Ephraim: We all have our roles to play in this battle. I’m waiting for the right moment.
L’Arachel: Are you speaking honestly with me? Are you not simply making an excuse so that you have time to chat with me?
Ephraim: …There’s no glory in dragging out a war without good reason.
L’Arachel: It does me good to hear that. If you or any of your good men are injured, come to me at once. I’ll wait for you here, and I’ll heal your wounds swiftly.
Ephraim: Yes, well, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it? We’re counting on you. We fight with confidence only because we have your healing skills.
L’Arachel: Naturally! And today, I will serve you as well as I can, as always. Watch for me!
Ephraim: She seems so reliable… and SO assertive! Are women of Rausten all like that?

B Support

L’Arachel: Ephraim, wait a minute.
Ephraim: Yes?
L’Arachel: I’ve heard such interesting things about you from so many people. I thought it best to ask directly: You are a reckless man, are you not? It seems an attitude unbefitting a commander, wouldn’t you say?
Ephraim: Don’t speak to me that way. If I can save a life by taking a risk myself, I’ll do it. This is war, and war is risky. I have no problem with that.
L’Arachel: …Oh, dear. I’ll bet your body is just covered with scars under that armor, isn’t it? I can heal them all for you. Let me see them.
Ephraim: Thanks. Let’s see…
L’Arachel: Oh! Oh… Oh my! Wh-what are you doing?
Ephraim: I have to take my armor off if I’m going to show you the scar on my shoulder–
L’Arachel: Cad! Beast! Pervert! Devil! I simply will NOT allow you to take advantage of me in my confused state!
Ephraim: Conf– What!? Wait, L’Arachel! What about my scars…?

A Support

L’Arachel: …
Ephraim: L’Arachel… You don’t have to be so defensive. Why don’t you come talk to me?
L’Arachel: …That depends. You’re not going to try to attack me again, are you? You won’t go ripping the armor from your…well-toned body, will you?
Ephraim: L’Arachel… That was all just a simple misunderstanding. But I apologize if I offended your sensibilities in removing my armor.
L’Arachel: Well, I suppose I can forgive you for this one indiscretion. I wasn’t prepared. I’ve never seen a man’s naked body before…
Ephraim: Naked… I was only showing you the scar on my shoulder, like you asked!
L’Arachel: A naked shoulder is a big deal! I was so shocked. Why, I could hardly sleep at all that night! …
Ephraim: …? What’s wrong, L’Arachel? You seem different somehow.
L’Arachel: N-no. Everything is fine… Please don’t look at me in such a vulgar, leering way. I find it very inappropriate.
Ephraim: Oh, I’m sorry. I had no idea. I certainly would never–
L’Arachel: What!? Are you saying that you do not find me attractive?
Ephraim: No! I… What do you want me to say?
L’Arachel: How can you be so calm at a time like this? Don’t you see what you’ve done!? Ahhhh! I’m so frustrated! Don’t you ever forget this, Ephraim! I hope that, someday, some girl comes along and gets YOU all rattled, too!
Ephraim: …I just do NOT get her. She is rather cute, though.