Forde & Kyle

C Support

Kyle: Hello, Forde.
Forde: Hmm? Oh, Kyle! How have you been?
Kyle: What are you doing out here? Are you– Are you painting?
Forde: No! I– Well, yes. Actually, I’m not so much painting as sketching. I use this piece of charcoal to draw and shade, like this.
Kyle: You know we’re in the middle of a battle, don’t you? What if someone attacks while you’re distracted?
Forde: Calm down, calm down. I just like to keep a record of our battles with these pictures.
Kyle: You’re just rationalizing! You’re a cavalier–it’s time to start acting like one.
Forde: Fine, fine. I’ll stop. As you command, Sir Kyle, commander of the Knights of Renais.
Kyle: …Oh, brother. Do you have to make everything so difficult?
Forde: If you don’t want the hassle, stop telling me what to do!
Kyle: Then stop fooling around on the battlefield. Seriously, wasting my time on an idiot like you is just stupid.
Forde: Huh? Did you say something?
Kyle: Nothing! If you have so much time to waste drawing, let’s have a quick spar.
Forde: What! You want to spar? Now?
Kyle: Yeah, that’s right. I don’t waste time. I take care of my weapons, my horse, and myself. And not just that–I also make sure our morale is good and our men are safe.
Forde: You’re thorough, aren’t you?
Kyle: I’m a knight. It’s my duty.
Forde: You really need to take yourself less seriously.
Kyle: And you need to take your duty MORE seriously.

B Support

Forde: Yaaaaaaawn… Oh, why am I so sleepy?
Kyle: Forde! Are you falling asleep on the battlefield!? What is wrong with you, man!?
Forde: What are you so fired up about? You’re really ruining my nap.
Kyle: You have no sense of self-preservation, do you? What is wrong with you? You lack even the common sense of an infant, you know that?
Forde: Oh, you’re one to talk. When you were a baby, you were planning out strategies to take over the nursery. You were stuck up then, and you’re stuck up now. And STILL the ladies liked you!
Kyle: You leave them out of this! Women have nothing to do with it.
Forde: They don’t? Oh, come on! Isn’t it important to have an heir to carry your standard when you’re gone? Take your sister, Mia–she married into a nice Frelian family, didn’t she? I’m just curious who would ever settle for such an uptight knight as you. You ever think about that? You think you might meet her in this war?
Kyle: That’s not what I’m here for!
Forde: Ha ha ha ha. Of course not. But I bet you’re still a ladies’ man, huh? I know you–you’re a perfect gentlemen, always nice to the ladies. I remember when you were little, you were always the first to help when you saw a little girl crying. You would go running up to lend a hand. I still remember how impressed I was that you would do that. It was cool.
Kyle: I just could never turn my back on someone in need. It is what’s expected of a knight.
Forde: Yeah, but you weren’t a knight yet!
Kyle: Well, it’s…expected of someone who aspires to be a knight, too!
Forde: You’ve got an answer for everything! But, I have to admit, you’ve also got my respect. You’re a good guy.
Kyle: ……
Forde: Wow! Now you’re embarrassed.
Kyle: Forde!

A Support

Kyle: Whew…
Forde: What’s wrong, Kyle? You’re the one who looks tired this time.
Kyle: Oh, Forde. It’s you. I was just lost in thought for a moment. I figured that I could use a little breathing room. I guess that’s why you paint your landscapes, isn’t it?
Forde: That’s right. You see it now? Everyone needs a little space to think, even on the battlefield.
Kyle: Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to approve of painting during a battle. What if the younger soldiers started to copy your example? However, I see your point. Everyone needs a way to clear one’s head. So… How long have you been doing those drawings, anyway?
Forde: ……
Kyle: What’s the matter? Forgotten when you started?
Forde: … I started drawing and painting when my mother died.
Kyle: Really?
Forde: When I was young, I won a tournament for training swordsmen…
Kyle: I remember that. I took second place.
Forde: She seemed far more pleased at a picture I’d drawn of her than at my victory. She kept that picture near her always, and she looked at it often. She rejoiced more in my skill with the brush than in my skill with the sword. I never understood why… Not until recently, at any rate.
Kyle: Your mother was very kind. I remember that about her. I’m sorry that she fell ill while you were so young.
Forde: I feel lucky–I have my memories of her, after all. Franz, though… He was too little to talk or even walk. That’s why I kept that picture of her hanging in our home.
Kyle: So that’s the story behind that picture in your house… I didn’t realize you drew it. I remember watching you practice swordplay when we were little. I wanted to be like you, and I was irritated that I didn’t practice more. I got so upset with myself when I lost the tournament to you. That’s why I work so hard to keep practicing and improving my skills.
Forde: …I didn’t know…
Kyle: ……
Forde: Oh, man. It’s not like me to get this introspective. What is it about you that makes me talk so much? Come on, let’s go.
Kyle: Heh. All right. Oh, and, Forde…
Forde: What?
Kyle: When this whole war is over, teach me how to paint.
Forde: Yeah, all right. Fine. But we both have to get out of here alive first.
Kyle: It’s a deal.