Franz & Amelia

C Support

Franz: Oh, hello there. You’re… Ah, it’s Amelia, isn’t it?
Amelia: Hm? Oh… Yes, and you’re Franz!
Franz: That’s right. How are you? Getting the hang of things?
Amelia: Oh, yes. Quite! You know, everyone here is so much friendlier than the folks in Grado. I’m glad there are so many people around my age traveling with us.
Franz: Yeah. I think I’m about the same age as you are, too. You know what that means? That means, from now on, you’re my rival.
Amelia: What?
Franz: What do you say?
Amelia: Um… Well, does that mean… I have to fight you?
Franz: No, no. It’s nothing as complicated as all that. We’ll just work together. See, I’ll try to be better than you, and you try to be better than me! Every day, try to be a better person than you are today. It’s easier to do when you’ve got someone to work with.
Amelia: I see… But why?
Franz: Yes, well. Um… My brother’s a knight, too, and he’s had someone like that for a long time. I’ve always been envious of the competitive relationship he has. They compete, and they argue, and they bicker… But I know they respect one another, and they grow together. I envy that.
Amelia: Um… I’m not sure I can be like that.
Franz: Ha ha ha… Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter who you are. All that really matters is that we have someone like that in our lives. Besides, you are a qualified soldier, are you not?
Amelia: Er… I’m not honestly sure I’m even qualified to be out here.
Franz: Same here. That’s why I picked you. Let’s work together.
Amelia: All right! I’m not sure I can live up to your expectations… But I’ll do my best.
Franz: Good. It’s nice to meet you, Amelia.
Amelia: It certainly is!

B Support

Amelia: Oh, Sir Franz!
Franz: Amelia, hello. Call me Franz.
Amelia: What? But…
Franz: We are rivals, right? There’s no need for the formality of titles.
Amelia: Oh, of course not, sir!
Franz: Ha ha ha… You did it again.
Amelia: Well, then… I got it, Franz.
Franz: Good.
Amelia: Ha ha… I’m not used to being so casual.
Franz: Can I ask you, what do you think of this war?
Amelia: What?
Franz: I still don’t understand why Grado chose to invade Renais. Grado and Renais were allies. Their royal families were close friends. Why, Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika are friends with your Prince Lyon. I detect something funny here. I simply cannot believe a friendship so strong could end so abruptly. How many lives have been destroyed by such a seemingly random turn of events? Perhaps the prince and princess know more of the truth, but…
Amelia: I…
Franz: Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to besmirch your homeland’s name.
Amelia: No, it’s all right. I wonder what drives Grado’s ambitions now, too. I was born in a rural village and raised in Grado’s countryside. Ever since I was a little child, I took pride in my home’s origins. Grado, of course, is named after the legendary hero who saved all of Magvel. I thought I lived in a country that believed in justice and peace. But this war… It’s something different than all that.
Franz: Amelia… I’m sorry. This war must be especially painful for you…
Amelia: I’ll be fine, Franz. But thank you, though. It was wrong of Grado to invade Renais. Nothing can justify it. Grado has no right to destroy whole nations, ruin people’s lives. This is all so…so wrong! I began this war as a soldier in Grado’s armies. But now… I just want to believe… I want to believe in justice! I want to know I’m doing the right thing!
Franz: Amelia… I understand it all very well. Your love of your homeland… Your sense of justice, of honor… If there’s anything I can do to help you, please let me know. We are rivals, but that doesn’t mean we can’t also be friends, right?
Amelia: Franz… Thank you.
Franz: I won’t let you down.
Amelia: No, neither will I!

A Support

Franz: Amelia. Can I ask you something?
Amelia: What is it?
Franz: Why did you become a soldier?
Amelia: Hm? …… … Because I was alone.
Franz: Alone?
Amelia: When I was little, I lived in a remote village with my mother. One day…bandits raided our village and took my mother.
Franz: Oh!
Amelia: I had no father… My mother was my only family. She was so sick… and so very weak…
Franz: …
Amelia: When the bandits came… I hid under the bed… I hid there…trembling…
Franz: Amelia…
Amelia: I wanted to protect her! I…wanted to be strong! Even if I couldn’t win… I wanted to fight! To protect the only person dear to me…
Franz: Oh… …… … I see now… Thank you for telling me your story. I want you to know this, Amelia. …My parents are gone, too.
Amelia: You…too…?
Franz: Yes… Well, I do have a brother, though. But I don’t remember my mother. But I swore that I would live my every moment to its fullest. I swore to my parents that I would live a long life for them and be happy. Amelia… You’re living the same way, embracing each passing moment. You believe in yourself, and your faith burns in you, making you shine. I don’t know what it is you plan to do with your life, but as long as we travel the same path, would you let me walk beside you? I have my own path to follow, I know, but… I believe we’re both walking toward the same goal.
Amelia: Franz…?
Franz: You don’t like that?
Amelia: No! That’s not it. I’m…very happy! Franz…!
Franz: Amelia, I’ll protect you.
Amelia: Franz… Thank you… I’m really happy. But…I want to protect you, too. I am a soldier of sorts as well, you know. So…let me be your shield to protect you…
Franz: And I will be your sword and fight for you. From now on. You’re not alone anymore, Amelia.
Amelia: Thank you, Franz.