Franz & Forde

C Support

Franz: Brother.
Forde: Hey, Franz.
Franz: I’m glad to see you’re still in one piece! After that last battle, I was starting to get a little worried.
Forde: I’m glad you’re all right, too. Good job out there, by the way. Your fighting form is perfect.
Franz: Thanks, Forde. I keep thinking about this war… What do you think will happen?
Forde: Dunno. I mean, whatever happens happens, right?
Franz: Always quick with a joke… But I’m serious this time. What do you think?
Forde: Hey, I was being serious. We are the best and brightest of our age, but we face overwhelming numbers. If you ask me, all I can say is that I hope we win.
Franz: It takes more than just hoping for it. We need to FIGHT for it. We are Knights of Renais, and it’s our duty to fight.
Forde: Sigh… You’re so serious. You’re just like Kyle. If you take the battle too seriously, you’re sure to make a mistake.
Franz: You think so…?
Forde: Of course! It’s good to be responsible, but you have more pressing concerns at times.
Franz: All right, Brother. I know what you’re saying.

B Support

Franz: Brother… Are you painting again?
Forde: Hm? Yes, well…it’s a hobby. You fish, don’t you?
Franz: Yes.
Forde: What do you like about fishing?
Franz: Well…it’s different than hunting for other animals. More patient. And yet, when I hold a fishing pole, I feel my spear arm is getting stronger.
Forde: When you’re off duty, you should stop thinking about spears and swords.
Franz: …There’s more…
Forde: Yeah?
Franz: I feel at peace.
Forde: …Hm. Fishing sounds nice. Lets you relax, purge your heart of the battlefield.
Franz: Yes, exactly.
Forde: And that is important, isn’t it? In battle or in daily life, you just have to stop and rest, right? Hey, you should take a break sometime and go fishing around here!
Franz: Ha! In the middle of a war? You can’t be serious. How could I possibly do that?
Forde: Hey, I’m not saying you should go right in the middle of a battle. Do it when you’re off duty. Maybe you can help replenish our food supplies.
Franz: Really?
Forde: Sure, yeah. You go catch us a big fish, and I’ll eat it. It’s a deal!
Franz: Huh? Oh…right.
Forde: Now, I’ve something to look forward to.
Franz: Hm… Was this all just about you getting some fresh fish to eat?

A Support

Franz: Brother.
Forde: Franz, that was the best fish I ever tasted. Thanks.
Franz: I was feeling guilty a little while I was fishing though. I was off duty, but still…we are in the middle of war. I guess it’s fine. General Seth seemed to like it well enough, too.
Forde: Yup. And as long as everyone’s happy, there’s no harm done.
Franz: … Brother. I’ve realized something.
Forde: Huh? What’s that?
Franz: You are my role model.
Forde: Franz, what’s with you? All of a sudden, you–
Franz: No, it’s not sudden at all. Come to think of it, I became a soldier so I could be like you. And now, I’m going to work harder, so I can be a great knight like you.
Forde: That… That doesn’t make any sense. Have you seen how lazy I am? Seriously. There are MUCH better role models out there for you to hero-worship.
Franz: No, no. You like to act lazy. It’s part of your charm, isn’t it? But once the battle starts, everyone sees how sharp a warrior you are.
Forde: Is that so?
Franz: Yes, it is. And I also know that you like to play the part of the fool for no other reason than to give these weary soldiers a reason to smile.
Forde: …
Franz: And your sword and spear skills surpass those of any knight in the service of Renais, Frelia, or any other kingdom.
Forde: Wow. Your flattery is far more than I deserve…
Franz: The only reason you paint is to acquire a better understanding of geography, so that you can use that knowledge in battle…
Forde: Nah… It’s just a hobby. Don’t give me too much credit.
Franz: I’m not. Think about it. You only paint landscapes, isn’t that true?
Forde: …… …The last portrait I ever painted was of Mother…
Franz: Mother?
Forde: Never mind. Not important. Anyway, I’m shocked. SHOCKED. Yeah, if you need a role model, look to General Seth.
Franz: Of course I admire General Seth. But that’s just admiration. You’re still my role model.
Forde: … Well, I can’t tell you what to think. I just hope you don’t regret this later.
Franz: Don’t worry. I won’t.
Forde: Hm. Whatever you say.
Franz: Yes. So, that’s that. Now, make sure you don’t get yourself killed in a fight. Bye.
Forde: Franz… I need you to survive this war. You and I will go home together. When this war is over, you and I will go home and rebuild our lives.