Franz & Natasha

C Support

Franz: Sister Natasha.
Natasha: Hello, Franz. How are you doing?
Franz: I’m doing fine, thank you. Everything is fine. And you look like you’re doing well, too. I’m relieved.
Natasha: Yes, but it’s all thanks to everyone’s care and concern, really. I’m grateful for all the attention everyone has paid to my safety. That goes for you, too, Franz.
Franz: Oh, pshaw, Sister Natasha. I am just a pawn, really. I don’t do much…
Natasha: You are too modest, Franz. I’m telling you the truth.
Franz: Thank you.
Natasha: By the way, that’s a very interesting satchel you have.
Franz: Huh?
Natasha: It’s not military issue, is it? I haven’t seen any of the other cavaliers carrying one like it.
Franz: Oh, this old thing? To tell you the truth, I made it myself.
Natasha: Really?
Franz: Yes. This pouch holds a skin of water, and this pocket is for food. There’s also a pocket for herbs… I can find everything very quickly. Oh, and I’ve also fixed it so that it won’t shake about while I’m riding. It’s easy to carry on one shoulder or sling over both. And it goes with everything.
Natasha: That’s nice! You’re so handy.
Franz: Thank you. It’s…probably my only redeeming trait. Uh… Would you like one? I can make one for you.
Natasha: Really? That would be wonderful. But…are you sure?
Franz: Yes, of course. No problem.
Natasha: Thank you, Franz.

B Support

Natasha: Franz. That satchel you made me is ingenious. Really.
Franz: Really? Good… I made yours more lightweight than the one I made myself.
Natasha: Thank you so much. I’ll cherish it. Oh, ouch!
Franz: Hn!? Sister Natasha, are you all right? What’s wrong?!
Natasha: My hair…
Franz: Oh… Your hair’s gotten pinched in your clip.
Natasha: Ow…
Franz: Oh, don’t move. Let me help you.
Natasha: Thank you. …
Franz: ……
Natasha: ………
Franz: Got it.
Natasha: Thank you so much.
Franz: But your hair’s still… Ah, I know. Hold on a moment. Let…me…see…
Natasha: Hm?
Franz: Ah. Here it is.
Natasha: A comb…?
Franz: Your hair is messed up. Would you like me to fix it?
Natasha: Yes, please. But where did you get that comb…
Franz: Excuse me for a moment. ……
Franz: Natasha: ……
Franz: …This comb is a memento of my mother.
Natasha: Your…mother…?
Franz: Yes. See, when I left home, I was afraid of something bad happening. So I thought I’d take this comb with me as a good-luck charm. I usually keep it in front of the portrait of my mother Forde painted.
Natasha: I see…
Franz: Yes… … …… There! All done.
Natasha: Um…… It looks good. Much better than when I do it myself… Franz, you truly are a remarkably handy person. When you’re near me, I find myself comforted by your presence.
Franz: Don’t be silly. The pleasure’s mine.
Natasha: No, I mean it. Thank you. I hope that this marks the beginning of a long friendship.
Franz: As do I, milady. As do I.

A Support

Natasha: You’re holding up beautifully.
Franz: Oh, no, Sister Natasha. I’m still such an amateur…
Natasha: You’re serious and focused, Franz. You grow stronger every day, and you’re sure to be a wonderful knight!
Franz: Thank you… But I’ve never excelled in either the spear or sword, and I’m a small man. I’m not much when compared to the likes of our other men.
Natasha: There are many types of knights. Some are strong, some are swift, and others are intelligent. You possess a wonderful talent that no other man can match.
Franz: Me…?
Natasha: Yes. You have a pure heart. It is stronger than any spear, and it possesses its own brand of power. You should have more confidence.
Franz: Sister Natasha… …… A…pure heart… Thank you very much. I’ll take your words to heart and try to be more confident.
Natasha: That’s good.
Franz: Oh, by the way. Here you go…
Natasha: Hm? Oh, that’s–
Franz: Yes, it’s my mother’s comb. I would like it if you chose to keep it with you.
Natasha: Franz…
Franz: I’ve let myself believe that it protected me from harm. Now, I would like to believe that it protects you, too…
Natasha: … Franz, I can’t. This is something you should keep.
Franz: Sister Natasha?
Natasha: You took this comb because you believed your mother was protecting you. This comb embodies all your memories of and feelings for your mother. It should remain in your hands. That’s where it belongs.
Franz: Sister Natasha…
Natasha: But I do thank you… It is a remarkably tender gesture. I’m very happy. … Franz… The only reason I fight on with confidence is because you are with me.
Franz: Well…that’s just not true.
Natasha: No, I’m serious. You see, for me, you are the person who makes me feel… Well, strong. Strong and confident. Your presence is better than a good-luck charm or anything else. I hope that you and I spend more time together, fighting for this just cause.
Franz: Yes! Thank you for all your kind words. I certainly hope so, too.
Natasha: Together, let’s restore peace to all countries, not just Renais and Grado.
Franz: Yes, Sister Natasha. It is a noble cause, and we will bring victory!
Natasha: Then let’s fight. For victory and for friendship.
Franz: Yes, my lady!