Gerik & Saleh

C Support

Gerik: Hello, Saleh!
Saleh: Gerik…
Gerik: Imagine! You and me fighting together. Life’s full of surprises, isn’t it?
Saleh: I suppose so.
Gerik: So, what do you think of our commander?
Saleh: I’m here. There’s your answer.
Gerik: Good point. You know this job seems to have more meaning than any of my previous ones. And it’s not because it deals with the continent and all the nations and all that. I simply want to accomplish my employer’s goals. That’s my prime motivation.
Saleh: I think it will all work out. As long as you and I are here…
Gerik: Ha ha ha! Well said. No one can touch us, is that it? I do imagine with us in the field we’ll win most battles, eh? Can’t get overconfident, though.
Saleh: Mm. ……
Gerik: Huh? What is it?
Saleh: Gerik… Do you…
Gerik: Do I what?
Saleh: Nothing… Pay me no mind.
Gerik: C’mon, now. What is it?
Saleh: Forgive me. It’s nothing…
Gerik: All right… Well then, let’s get going. When there’s a break in the fighting, we should get together for a meal.
Saleh: Very well. We’ll eat to our mutual good fortune…
Gerik: Yes, to luck!

B Support

Gerik: Tell me, Saleh, how fares the elder?
Saleh: She hasn’t changed a bit.
Gerik: Is that so? You know I was so surprised the first time I visited Caer Pelyn. The elder’s eyes…they were not the eyes of your average person. They were filled with a lifetime’s wisdom and seemed to look right through you. Deep…and sharp. And they were so clear. I’ve looked into the eyes of many people, but no one had eyes like hers. But the thing about the elder is that her eyes weren’t harsh, or judgmental. That’s what I like about her. Actually, when I first met her, she intimidated me. But she treated me with such kindness. She’s why I grew to enjoy Caer Pelyn, even if it doesn’t have any nightlife! I want you to take good care of the elder, Saleh.
Saleh: Yes, I intend to.
Gerik: You say the right words, Saleh, but are you being sincerely considerate?
Saleh: Considerate? When I’m home, I look after her personal belongings. I also take care of her meals and watch over her health…
Gerik: That’s only natural. You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? That’s just like you, though.
Saleh: Is there…something else I should be doing?
Gerik: Next time you go home, make sure you take her a gift. Bring her some jewelry or something that’s popular in town.
Saleh: But… I don’t know what she likes…
Gerik: Oh, please, Saleh. That’s not the issue. Simply receiving that sort of present from her grandson will make her happy.
Saleh: Oh…is that so?
Gerik: That’s what I’m trying to tell you.
Saleh: I understand. I’ll take it into consideration.
Gerik: When we next pass through a city, I’ll help you pick something out.
Saleh: That would be helpful.
Gerik: Studying magic is all well and good, but you should pay attention to these things, too. And in your case, you need to work on understanding women’s hearts.
Saleh: …… I’ll look into it.
Gerik: Ha ha ha. I’ll help you out in that area, too.

A Support

Saleh: Gerik…
Gerik: Hm? What is it, Saleh? You look even more serious than usual.
Saleh: Gerik… You truly despise me, don’t you?
Gerik: Huh?! What?
Saleh: I…
Gerik: …
Saleh: Your friend, I…
Gerik: Don’t say it, Saleh! That was an act of fate. Right? All you did was brush those sparks away from yourself.
Saleh: Gerik…
Gerik: Listen, we’re mercenaries. We end up working together with old foes, and crossing blades with former allies. It’s just part of the job. My friend Zabba died by your act. That much is true. And at that moment, I could think of nothing but avenging him! But after that, you saved my life… We became friends. That’s the truth of it, isn’t it?
Saleh: Yes…
Gerik: I trust you now. You are my friend. I’m not lying to you. I don’t lie to my friends. That’s something I don’t do.
Saleh: And you are my friend. Since that day, it’s you who has saved me time and time again.
Gerik: We’re all human after all. Helping our friends is part of our nature.
Saleh: Gerik… You… You’re a good man…
Gerik: That’s enough of that! You keep that up and I’ll be blushing like a schoolgirl.
Saleh: Ha!
Gerik: Hey! Ha ha ha! I caught a rare glimpse of you smiling. Listen, Saleh, I know we’re risking our lives here, but this war’s not our whole lives. Let’s not do anything stupid. We’re going to get past this. Then you’re going to haul your carcass back to Caer Pelyn and care for the elder!
Saleh: Yes… And you’ll visit, too.
Gerik: Sure. When things calm down I’ll let you throw me a feast. I can’t wait to have Caer Pelyn’s famous mutton stew again.
Saleh: We’ll be waiting for you, Gerik.