Gilliam & Neimi

C Support

Neimi: Gilliam… Gilliam! Sir Gilliam!
Gilliam: Be quiet, Neimi! Someone will hear you!
Neimi: Oh…I’m sorry. I just wanted to tell you there’s a scratch on the left side of your armor.
Gilliam: Oh, that’s nothing. My armor’s covered in scratches. This one, I got defending Border Mulan in a siege years back. And this one goes back to my very first fight as a knighted soldier. Each of these is a story. Each one is a mark of pride.
Neimi: Yes, but I’m worried about this one near the glide clip. I can repair it. Just…don’t go anywhere!
Gilliam: Neimi, don’t go off by yourself! We’re in the middle of battle! One false step, and our strategy could be ruined–you might create an opening! You put not only yourself but all of us in peril when you do that!
Neimi: Oh! I didn’t mean to–
Gilliam: Don’t cry, Neimi. Save your energy for fighting.
Neimi: Y-yes, sir! I’m… I’m sorry.
Gilliam: Listen. This is my armor. I take good care of it myself. Don’t worry about other people’s armor. Worry about yourself. Understood?
Neimi: …Yes, you’re right. I’m so sorry… Sorry for…for messing around.
Gilliam: I…do appreciate your concern. If you see something, bring it to my attention, and I’ll fix it.
Neimi: I will! Thank you, Sir Gilliam!

B Support

Gilliam: Neimi. You seem to be adjusting to the rigors of combat well. You’re a skilled archer after all.
Neimi: Oh…I’m so glad to hear you say that! I was so sad after we talked last. I didn’t know what to do, but then, I decided to focus on my archery.
Gilliam: That’s the spirit, Neimi. So, have you been training by yourself? I never mastered archery. I’m sorry I can’t help you train.
Neimi: No, no… Thank you, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot. First, I need to sharpen my vision so I can target more easily.
Gilliam: Sharpen your vision? Good eyesight seems essential in a good archer, but… How can you improve your vision? I don’t understand.
Neimi: My grandfather taught me to stare into the distance and concentrate. My grandfather taught me everything I know about the bow. My grandfather was– He was a great archer. One time, a snake was attacking a bird nest on a tree in a mountain far away. He aimed at the snake and shot it down.
Gilliam: Incredible. He was able to pick out and hit a snake from that distance? Your grandfather must have been a great archer.
Neimi: Yes, he was. And that’s why I’ve been staring into the distance. I’ve been training constantly on the field, and my vision has improved. See that tree in the distance? I can spot the bugs crawling on its leaves.
Gilliam: I’ll be impressed when you can hit each of those bugs from here.
Neimi: But…that would be cruel!
Gilliam: There’s no need to shoot bugs. You only need to shoot our enemies… …using your keen eyes and the skills your grandfather gave you.
Neimi: Don’t you worry! You can count on me!

A Support

Gilliam: Neimi, I wanted to ask about your vision-training regimen.
Neimi: Ah, where I stare into the distance and concentrate?
Gilliam: Yes. I’ve been trying it out myself, but… I’ve had some problems.
Neimi: Problems? What do you mean?
Gilliam: Whenever I’m training, people start to avoid me. It’s not just that. Even animals run away from me when I’m at it.
Neimi: And you’re just… You’re just staring into the distance?
Gilliam: Yes. Standing perfectly still, staring into the distance.
Neimi: Maybe it’s…because you look scary… I used to get that a lot. Cormag said I was frightening him. He thought I was angry at him.
Gilliam: I look…scary? Hm… I have refined my stare to intimidate my foes in battle. You may have a point. No wonder people get scared when they see me glowering into the distance. You know, I might almost consider it a compliment of my knightly prowess!
Neimi: I have an idea… Perhaps if you smile, it might not be so scary.
Gilliam: …Like this?
Neimi: …
Gilliam: It’s still scary, isn’t it?
Neimi: Uh… Maybe it’s because you’re crossing your arms. How about…holding some flowers instead? That might help.
Gilliam: You want me to stare into the distance… smiling…and holding flowers?
Neimi: I think that would look good…
Gilliam: You’re just being nice, Neimi. Your keen vision is a gift, and your training may improve it… But I know I can never imitate it. It’s yours and yours alone. I place much faith in your sharp eyes and your steady hand.
Neimi: Th-thank you, Gilliam! I won’t let you down!