Gilliam & Syrene

C Support

Syrene: Gilliam, long time, no see.
Gilliam: Syrene. …It’s been a while. You look great.
Syrene: Likewise, Gilliam… … …Heh.
Gilliam: What is it, Syrene? Is there something on my face?
Syrene: Oh, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it. You’re still one of the best-looking men in Frelia’s army.
Gilliam: You know I hate it when you tease me. What is that smile about? You’re making me very nervous.
Syrene: You were with me on my first mission as one of Frelia’s pegasus knight elite. Do you remember?
Gilliam: Was I really? I hardly remember. I have a tough time picturing the famous Syrene as a green recruit. That really was a long time ago.
Syrene: Oh, really? What do you mean by that?
Gilliam: Oh, nothing. Nothing. Just that you’ve always been one of Frelia’s finest warriors.
Syrene: Gilliam… This mission matters more to me than that first mission did.
Gilliam: I understand. Much more hangs in the balance if we fail.
Syrene: We won’t fail. I won’t allow it!
Gilliam: Don’t be a hero.
Syrene: Thanks, Gilliam. I’m grateful that you’re here with me.

B Support

Syrene: Gilliam, how are you doing?
Gilliam: Everything’s fine for now, but– Syrene? You look pale. Are you feeling unwell?
Syrene: I’m fine, Gilliam. Don’t worry about me.
Gilliam: …
Syrene: …
Gilliam: …Syrene. People come to you when they need advice, right?
Syrene: They do, yes. Why do you ask? Don’t tell me you need some advice from me.
Gilliam: Yeah. Can we talk?
Syrene: Oh…well… Of course.
Gilliam: People come to talk to me, too. Must be…the wisdom of age or something. But I don’t know what to say. What do you do if you have no advice to give?
Syrene: That happens all the time. But I’ve learned something… People feel better as soon as they let it out. They just want you to listen. We’re fighting a war. It’s only natural that people get scared and need comfort.
Gilliam: Do you…get scared?
Syrene: …Gilliam. Is this all just an attempt to probe me for my problems?
Gilliam: Oh, er, don’t be–
Syrene: Don’t worry. If I ever have any problems, I’ll be sure to come to you.
Gilliam: …I’m always here.
Syrene: Thanks, Gilliam.

A Support

Syrene: Gilliam! I’ll be right there!
Gilliam: Syrene! Don’t be a hero!
Syrene: …Gilliam, you’re always telling me to be careful… You know full well I watch over everyone. It’s what I do. But you… You’re the one who always watches over me.
Gilliam: Syrene…
Syrene: You know why I stay close to you? Just to hear you say that.
Gilliam: …
Syrene: Gilliam…
Gilliam: Is that…all you want to hear me say?
Syrene: What do you–?
Gilliam: Syrene… When this war is over… … … … Let’s get married.
Syrene: …Gilliam!
Gilliam: Don’t answer now. When this war is over… When we get back to Frelia… Wait until then, will you? Wait until then to tell me.
Syrene: Gilliam… You needn’t wait that long. You already know my answer. …But if that is what you want, Gilliam, then yes! …I will wait until the war is over before I give my answer! Gilliam… Good luck.
Gilliam: Syrene… Good luck to you.