Innes & L’Arachel

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L’Arachel: Well, hello.
Innes: Imagine meeting you here.
L’Arachel: Yes… You know, I believe this is our first chance to speak privately. I am L’Arachel of the Theocracy of Rausten. It’s a pleasure to meet you.
Innes: I believe you already know my name. I am Innes, prince of Frelia.
L’Arachel: Speaking of Frelia… Oh, I remember, the seafood was delicious there.
Innes: Yes. I would agree that the fish of my homeland is not unpleasant.
L’Arachel: Yes. However it does not compare with that of my home, Rausten.
Innes: Is that so? I know not what fish your country has to offer, but I have a hard time imagining they could be that much tastier than our own.
L’Arachel: Your doubt is not surprising. Once this war is over, you must come and visit Rausten. I think it best if you try a wide variety of our fish for yourself.
Innes: That’s a good idea. I will most certainly do so. And perhaps you have not tasted all the fish Frelia has to offer. To be sure, you should visit again. Perhaps a culinary exchange is in order. It may be you change your opinion.
L’Arachel: We’ll see. Very well, I accept your invitation. I will visit your country once more and taste your national dishes.

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Innes: L’Arachel.
L’Arachel: Yes?
Innes: Are you sure you’re supposed to be here? I wonder if you’re truly here with the permission of your superiors.
L’Arachel: Of-of course I am! What gives you the right to speak to me in such a manner?
Innes: Well, I have heard a bit about your wild behavior…
L’Arachel: H-how rude you are! If I were not a holy woman, I would beat you senseless.
Innes: How savage YOU are. Perhaps you could learn self-control by observing Frelia’s pegasus knights. Yes, there’s something I’d like to show you. When the Frelia’s pegasi gather in Walles Forest… It’s a spectacle of such beauty…
L’Arachel: If it is beauty you seek, then Rausten is second to none. Do you know of Rausten’s lofty peak Mount Mimir. I pity those who die without having gazed upon its breathtaking beauty.
Innes: … If you recommend it so highly, then yes, I would indeed like to see it.
L’Arachel: Yes. That would be splendid indeed. But there are many more equally beautiful places in Rausten.
Innes: Then perhaps you should tell me about them for future reference. And in return, I shall take time to tell you about the beautiful places in my kingdom.
L’Arachel: Yes, I would love to hear more.

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Innes: The Theocracy of Rausten certainly sounds like a spectacular land.
L’Arachel: As does Frelia, much more than I imagined it would. And yet…
Innes: You mean to ask which is the more spectacular? Is that it?
L’Arachel: What? That’s no question at all! Rausten is clearly superior in every way.
Innes: I expected you would say so. But what of the truth? Your opinion is subjective, is it not?
L’Arachel: Well…um… All opinions are subjective, but I’m sure an objective evaluation would yield the same result.
Innes: To prove that, we will need some fair and impartial third in our discussion.
L’Arachel: Indeed! And I have a splendid idea. Let the pair from Renais judge. Surely Ephraim and Eirika can come to a proper decision.
Innes: Of course. I agree completely. I think I should remind the two of all the wonder Frelia holds.
L’Arachel: Then it’s decided. They will visit both of our homes, and we’ll show them such splendor as to leave them breathless. Invitations to tour our two nations will surely have them overjoyed.
Innes: It would only be natural.
L’Arachel: It would be natural. Very well then. Let us deal with this evil and take those two home with us. First and foremost, it is a competition to see whose land is more magnificent!
Innes: I can see this whole affair has you very enthralled. I cannot say where this little competition will lead us… But I am more than happy to go up against you.
L’Arachel: Don’t blame me if you regret our contest later, though. You may be composed before others, but you’ll surely be lonely on your own.
Innes: Be warned yourself. Your words here may prove embarrassing to you later.
L’Arachel: It’s not a problem. This is just another contest in the name of all that is holy and true.
Innes: Ah, very well then.