Innes & Tana

C Support

Tana: Innes!
Innes: Tana…
Tana: I’m so glad to find you safe! Everyone back home is worried. Don’t you worry, though. I’ll protect you from now on.
Innes: … Tana, what are you doing here? You have no place on the battlefield. I want you to return to Castle Frelia immediately.
Tana: Why does everyone say that!? I am one of Frelia’s pegasus knights and a trained soldier! I studied with Syrene and Vanessa, two of Frelia’s finest!
Innes: And you’re also a Frelian princess. You should not be fighting. What would happen if you were injured?
Tana: No! I’m not going back!
Innes: Tana!
Tana: I won’t go back!
Innes: Why does she always have to be like this?

B Support

Tana: Did you see me out on the battlefield, Innes?
Innes: ……
Tana: I knew I made the right decision, coming out here. I feel like our strategy is becoming much better, as is our fighting. You do agree, don’t you, Innes?
Innes: I grant you some small credit for your achievements on the field of war. However, I still insist that you return to Frelia.
Tana: Why!?
Innes: It’s true that you’ve gained some experience out on the battlefield. But your ignorance of the world around you is simply appalling. It must be tough for a pampered castle brat like you to interact with soldiers.
Tana: If you can say something like that to your own sister, I’m more worried about you. Even when you’re right–and your judgment is good, I know– you’re so blunt that I don’t think many people will want to listen to you.
Innes: Never mind about me. This is about you, Tana. If you keep traveling with us, someone might take advantage of your naivet? More than anything, I can’t allow that Ephraim to–
Tana: What are you saying? Do you really think Ephraim and I–
Innes: No. Even if you’re not interested in him in the slightest, I… I simply do not want to see you get hurt.
Tana: Innes, what are you suggesting? If that’s the way you’re going to be, I just won’t talk to you anymore!
Innes: Tana, wait. I’m not finished!  Blast…

A Support

Tana: Oh, Innes! Why can’t you understand!?
Innes: Why can’t you listen to your brother? Why are you always so stubborn!?
Tana: You’re the stubborn one, Innes! Why can’t you understand how I feel? You’re my only brother, and I have no one else on whom I can rely… I don’t want to waste our time together arguing!
Innes: Tana…
Tana: You don’t know how much I envy Eirika and Ephraim their closeness. They understand one another’s thoughts and feelings perfectly all the time! Why aren’t we like that? Why do you never understand me, Innes?
Innes: Tana, wait. I don’t say these things because I hate you.
Tana: That’s a lie! You’re always so mean to me, Innes! You make no effort to understand how I feel.
Innes: That’s not true. I’m still your brother, and I think I know you better than anyone else.
Tana: …Do you mean that, Innes?
Innes: Absolutely. Do you remember the incident with the crown?
Tana: Hm… … Oh! I remember. It was when I was very little, and I lost Father’s crown. He was so angry with me. I thought he would never stop yelling. I was so terrified of his wrath, and I just couldn’t stop crying. I honestly believed Father would throw me in the dungeon! But you searched the castle from top to bottom, and you found the crown. And I remember what you told Father when you brought it back to him: “I took your crown, Father. I wanted to see what it would look like on my head.” I remember how happy I was when I heard Father laughing at your words. I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world to have a brother like you.
Innes: I know how you feel better than anyone else. And that’s no lie.
Tana: Innes… I understand now why you said what you said. But please, forgive me for being here, for not going home. I simply wanted to be near you, my beloved brother.
Innes: … You win. I’ll let you stay. But you be sure to apologize to our father when we return home. And don’t worry too much. I’ll be there with you when you do.
Tana: Really? I love you, Innes! You’re the best brother anyone could have!
Innes: And you are quite a handful, Sister.