L’Arachel & Rennac

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L’Arachel: Just a moment, Rennac.
Rennac: Yipes!
L’Arachel: And what do you mean, “yipes”? Is meeting me honestly such an unpleasant affair?
Rennac: It’s just that my job becomes difficult when noisy people like you are about.
L’Arachel: Noisy? How rude! Couldn’t you have said showy? Or flamboyant, perhaps!?
Rennac: But that would be lying. You really are noisy. Do you even realize that you were yelling just now?
L’Arachel: Yell? Me!? Why, I never! You’ve gone too far! Rennac, you would do well to remember that your number-one priority is guarding me.
Rennac: That’s not the case anymore. These people respect my abilities and value my skills.
L’Arachel: Very well, I grant that you’ve made yourself useful out here. However, sir, you know nothing about how to treat a lady! You would do well to refine yourself.
Rennac: Now, who’s being rude? I happen to be quite the gentleman. For instance, I have some small renown as a fabulous dancer.
L’Arachel: You? A dancer? I wonder if you’re not merely flattering yourself…
Rennac: You don’t think I can dance? Then test me! You’ll see how well I can dance! Come on, get down off your horse.
L’Arachel: Me? Dance with you? Do you believe I would dance with a commoner? Please, our stations would never permit it.
Rennac: It’s not a matter of station. If you permit us to dance, you would see. Unless… Wait a minute, maybe YOU’RE the one who can’t dance!
L’Arachel: Rennac! You overstep yourself! All right! If you dare speak such blasphemies, then I have no choice! When next we meet, I will test your vainglorious boast myself! But remember, my dancing with one such as you is a rare occasion. Because it will be so special, I expect you to be most grateful. Got it!?
Rennac: Yeah, yeah. I get it.
L’Arachel: Very well. I suggest you devote yourself to practicing while you’ve the time.
Rennac: Now, you’re the one who’s gone too far! I’m going to make you eat your words.

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L’Arachel: So…Rennac. We finally meet again. Do you remember our agreement?
Rennac: Princess L’Arachel! Well, of course I remember, but… Surely, this isn’t the place for a, er, dance off, is it?
L’Arachel: Stop your complaining! You will make yourself available at MY leisure, sir. Now then, shall we dance?
Rennac: Are you serious?! In THIS place? It’s preposterous! It’s ridiculous…
L’Arachel: Very well, let us begin.
Rennac: Yes, yes, I know what happens next. Oh, bother…
L’Arachel: 1…2…3… Slow…slow… Quick, quick, slow… Ah! Y-you… Not bad… No, good… Very good actually… You CAN dance! You’re much better than I imagined you’d be.
Rennac: Thank you. My father was a merchant. We found ourselves invited to many balls. It was my job to dance with the wives and daughters of his associates. I found that I had a taste for it, and with practice, I improved my skill.
L’Arachel: Is that so? I see… It’s not fair you kept that secret. Your dance skills were quite adequate. Your treatment of ladies, however, is still sorely lacking. Next…
Rennac: Uh-oh. I really have no time to chat. I must be going. Farewell.
L’Arachel: W-wait a minute, Rennac! Ooh! …… I don’t know why, but… I’m quite vexed…

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Rennac: …Sigh…
L’Arachel: Don’t you know that it’s rude to sigh when you see someone, Rennac? You may be a fair dancer, but your smooth moves belie your gruff manners. You should learn from me. If you were truly happy, you would not sigh so. Tell me, Rennac, what is it that makes you happy?
Rennac: Makes me happy? Let me see… Uh… I’ve never really thought about it. If pressed, I’d have to say gold.
L’Arachel: Gold, did you say? So if you had gold, you would be happy. Is that it?
Rennac: Well, if you have enough gold, you can buy whatever you desire. Mercenaries work so that they can get paid. It’s why they fight. Knights fight because they have sworn oaths, but there is more… They’ve been promised a certain social status by fulfilling their oaths.
L’Arachel: So, by getting what you desire, you can be happy? Is that it?
Rennac: What do you mean?
L’Arachel: Rather than lament over what you do not possess, you should treasure what you do. That’s a very important lesson to learn, don’t you think? Isn’t that the road to true happiness?
Rennac: Princess L’Arachel… I know you mean well when you say things like that. But coming from someone who has everything, it means very little.
L’Arachel: This has nothing to do with my station in life. And as for you, what need have you of money or fame? You have me! Merely serving me must be the greatest pleasure man can know.
Rennac: So, that’s what this is about, is it?
L’Arachel: Your employer is sweet and lovely. That is something most people dream of having. Surely you cannot aspire to happiness greater than this.
Rennac: …… I’ve always wondered, Princess, how your ego grew so large.
L’Arachel: You complain far too much! Come, Rennac. It’s time to go. Follow me, and try not to lag.
Rennac: Ah, Princess L’Arachel! …Perfect… True happiness? Is this really what happiness feels like?