Lute & Kyle

C Support

Kyle: Hey, you.
Lute: …… I’m sorry, were you talking to me?
Kyle: There’s nobody else here, is there?
Lute: And who are you?
Kyle: I beg your pardon. I should have introduced myself. Kyle, of the Knights of Renais.
Lute: Ah, I see. And I am Lute, mage of profound genius.
Kyle: Very well, Lute. The pleasure is mine. To tell you the truth, I’ve been looking for you.
Lute: Has someone issued a search notice? Or is there a bounty on my head? Or is this perhaps a private matter?
Kyle: I…guess it would be that last one. I have a favor to ask.
Lute: What would it be? My requests are classified into seven categories and 25 items.
Kyle: I don’t know how it would be classified, but…I want you to help us fight.
Lute: Why?
Kyle: I’m a strong believer that morale is best served by good leadership. A unit of knights, all trained by Renais’s finest generals. But we’re fighting no ordinary foe, and we need more diverse skills. That’s where you come in. Because you can use magic, you could be invaluable in helping me develop unique battle strategies.
Lute: So that’s what you wanted me for, is it?
Kyle: How about it? Would you do it?
Lute: Sure. Anything you say. I don’t mind.
Kyle: I should warn you, I spend my time on the front line. I ride out to meet the enemy head- on rather than attacking from afar. It’s a much riskier prospect than supporting from the rear guard. Is that going to be a problem?
Lute: I have no objections.
Kyle: Excellent! I appreciate your help. I expect we’ll be able to generate some stunning tactics together. You don’t need to stay at the front the whole time. I’ll give you a cue when to approach.
Lute: Got it. I’ll do whatever you say.
Kyle: I’m counting on you.
Lute: You have nothing to worry about. There’s no one better than me!

B Support

Kyle: Lute.
Lute: Yes, sir.
Kyle: I was right about you. You’ve been a great help to us all.
Lute: Well, of course I have! I told you there’s no one better than me!
Kyle: Magic is an incredibly powerful force, isn’t it? Sturdy armor, tough hide, it makes no difference to magic. I’m in awe of it.
Lute: You’re not so bad yourself. You’re an incredible fighter.
Kyle: Thanks.
Lute: Have you trained a lot?
Kyle: Yep. When I was young, there was a lad I hated losing to. Every day, I trained harder and harder in hopes of defeating him.
Lute: So what happened? Did you finally beat him?
Kyle: Uh… Not as such, no. But I haven’t lost to him in a while, either. We’re evenly matched. I think we force one another to improve.
Lute: I see. It’s always good to have someone against whom you measure yourself. Aren’t you glad you have this personal adversary?
Kyle: Uh-huh. You know, I think this is the longest conversation we’ve had.
Lute: Really?
Kyle: Well, uh… Not to sound rude, but I didn’t take you as the kind to be interested in others.
Lute: No, it’s not rude at all. I just… got a little interested in you.
Kyle: I see. Keep up the good work.
Lute: Yes, sir.

A Support

Kyle: Hooo… What a fight! How are you holding up, Lute?
Lute: No problem, sir. I could keep this up all day!
Kyle: That’s good to hear. But don’t push yourself… You’re vital to my strategy!
Lute: Of course I am! There’s no one better than me!
Kyle: I’d have to agree. This would be a lot harder without you along. This might seem forward, but… What do you do when you’re not, well, fighting in wars?
Lute: Me? Oh, I’m a student of magic.
Kyle: I guessed that much. What I mean is, do you have any hobbies?
Lute: Hobbies?
Kyle: That’s right. Take me, for example. I like to collect carved figurines of animals. I have a small collection of them back home at Renais. How about you?
Lute: Does monk-watching count?
Kyle: Monk-watching? What are you talking about? Maybe I should ask a different question. Do you have any favorite foods?
Lute: Out of everything I’ve had, curry of dried toad is my favorite.
Kyle: Er…right… Do you enjoy cooking?
Lute: I don’t cook much, but I’m sure I’d be good at it. I mean, I can cook with a single word, no fire necessary!
Kyle: Ha!
Lute: I’m sorry?
Kyle: Ha ha ha ha ha! I never get bored talking to you. I can’t explain it, but I find you so refreshing!
Lute: Really? I like talking to you, too.
Kyle: …… Lute.
Lute: Yes, sir?
Kyle: Why don’t you come to Renais once the war is over?
Lute: Why not? No objections.
Kyle: Ha! No objections? That’s your answer? Well, all right, then. Let’s focus on getting through this war first, though.
Lute: Yes, sir.
Kyle: I’m glad to have you with us.
Lute: Me, too, sir.