Marisa & Tana

C Support

Tana: Oh! You’re one of Gerik’s mercenaries, aren’t you?
Marisa: Frelia’s princess…
Tana: Yes, that’s right. I’m Tana. What’s your name?
Marisa: Marisa.
Tana: Nice to meet you, Marisa! I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you all. Mercenaries, I mean. It’s because of you that we’re doing so well.
Marisa: It’s my job, and I’m doing it. No need to thank me.
Tana: But I’d always heard mercenaries were renegades, cutthroats, and oath breakers. You’re nothing like that, though. So that’s why I wanted to thank you–for fighting so hard for us.
Marisa: It’s not out of loyalty to you or to any kingdom. I’m happy as long as I have a chance to swing my sword.
Tana: Oh… Is that so… But it doesn’t matter to me! You’re helping us now, and I know you’d never betray us.
Marisa: I don’t care what you think.
Tana: But-but… Oh, wait! Well… She doesn’t talk much, does she…

B Support

Tana: Oh, Marisa.
Marisa: ……
Tana: What is it? What’s the matter? Oh! Have you never seen a pegasus?
Marisa: …Magnificent.
Tana: Is this your first time ever seeing a pegasus up close?
Marisa: Yes. I’ve fought beside pegasus knights, but I’ve never been this close before.
Tana: Well? What do you think?
Marisa: … I thought they would have more delicate legs, because they fly so much.
Tana: Oh, they can gallop quite quickly. They don’t always have to fly.
Marisa: Interesting. … It is truly magnificent. Powerful and beautiful.
Tana: Would you like to touch him? Pet his head. Achaeus likes that.
Marisa: Touch…him?
Tana: Of course. Be my guest. Unless you’re…scared?
Marisa: I’m not scared. …Very well. ……
Tana: That’s it… …… See? He is happy.
Marisa: Your pegasus is named…Achaeus… That is a good name. A strong name.
Tana: Thanks. Syrene named him. She’s a pegasus knight. She’s sort of my mentor. Someday, I want to be as graceful and strong as Syrene. And then, like Syrene, I’ll pass my experiences on to the next generation.
Marisa: I see. I have no goal but to master my swordsmanship.
Tana: Oh, but that’s a fine dream! Then let’s keep working, shall we?
Marisa: …Yes.

A Support

Tana: Marisa, is it difficult to improve your swordsmanship?
Marisa: It is. I practice daily. I’ve fought a thousand men and won each time. And still, I have seen only the barest glimpse of what I could achieve.
Tana: Really… Maybe you shouldn’t press yourself so hard.
Marisa: ……
Tana: I can see how dedicated you are to becoming a better swordfighter. But if you focus too much on a lofty goal, you might not notice when you reach it. And I have no doubt you will reach it.
Marisa: ……
Tana: What is it, Marisa?
Marisa: Why do you waste your time speaking with me, Princess?
Tana: Oh, am I not supposed to do that?
Marisa: It’s not a matter of whether you should or should not.
Tana: At first, I thought you were brusque and…maybe a little intimidating, too. But you’re not like that at all. You’re just shy–and a poor conversationalist.
Marisa: A poor– You know, many of my fellow swordsmen still fear me.
Tana: I’m sure they do. Your grace with the sword is something else. But when you’re not fighting, you’re completely different. More pensive. You’re so dedicated to your goal. You have that far-off look in your eyes, like you’re lost in thoughts of love or something like that.
Marisa: You’ve already made up your mind, Princess, so there’s no point in my arguing.
Tana: Then we agree! Oh, but there’s one more thing. Just call me Tana. You don’t have to keep calling me “Princess.”
Marisa: Why?
Tana: We’re friends now.
Marisa: Friends?
Tana: That’s right! So just call me Tana. I don’t want you to worry about royal titles and formality when we talk. You say you’ve dedicated yourself to the sword, but… that doesn’t mean you can’t have a friend or two, does it?
Marisa: ……
Tana: …… Well, Marisa?
Marisa: …… No, that doesn’t sound…bad.
Tana: Great! Boy, I don’t know what I would have done if you’d said no. But there it is. We’re friends now, right, Marisa?
Marisa: As you say, Tana.