Moulder & Colm

C Support

Moulder: Colm, you dolt! Don’t you see what you’ve done!?
Colm: Hey! That’s no way to be! I was trying to do you a favor here. It’s not my fault if I accidentally burned your package lighting my torch!
Moulder: That’s exactly what I’m talking about! You’re always so careless! My spare robes were in that bundle! Oh, and now look at them! They’ve been charred black!
Colm: Oops… Those were your clothes? Tch! That IS a shame. My mistake. I apologize.
Moulder: This isn’t the first time this has happened, Colm! And it was my robes of office then, too! I’m starting to wonder if you have it in for my clothes!
Colm: Oh, no, no. Don’t be silly! And besides, only the bottom has been singed. Just trim it off and wear it short. See? Why, I’m sure you’ll set the world of fashion on fire with your new look!
Moulder: That’s what you said last time about the sleeves.
Colm: Oh, er… Really? Ha ha ha! Well, sorry. I’m sorry. No, really. I deeply regret this.
Moulder: You don’t look particularly sorry. You look rather pleased with yourself.
Colm: No, I’m sorry! Truly! Seriously!
Moulder: If that’s the case, then you can just spend tonight reflecting upon what you’ve done.
Colm: Me? Are you kidding?
Moulder: I want you to take some time to reflect on the consequences of your actions. Colm, I’m only doing this because I care. I care about the condition of your soul.
Colm: …You really know how to lay on a guilt trip, don’t you? Sigh. I’m in trouble now… Shoot!

B Support

Moulder: Colm. Did you do what I asked of you?
Colm: Of course, Father Moulder! In fact, I’ve set aside a little time each night to reflect on my day’s deeds!
Moulder: Good. I’m glad to hear you’ve taken my suggestion to heart. Might I inquire as to what manner of thing you’re reflecting on?
Colm: Well, I reflected on how hungry I was, and so I packed some extra salted pork today.
Moulder: Did you say…salted pork?
Colm: Yes. See, on reflection, it had been a while since I’d had salted pork.
Moulder: … What about the day before?
Colm: Hm… The day before… Oh, yeah! I was reflecting on how much walking we’d done, and I realized I needed new shoes. I figured, next chance I get, I’d go out and steal me a new pair!
Moulder: Colm… I’m not sure you understand what it is I asked you to reflect upon.
Colm: You told me to think about what I’d done during the day and to reflect on it.
Moulder: I told you to think over the things you did and feel sorry for having done. I wasn’t talking about what you wanted to eat or whether you needed new shoes! That is not the point of all this!
Colm: Did it ever cross your mind that… maybe I haven’t done anything I’m sorry about?
Moulder: Don’t be foolish! Think back on the things you’ve done during the day. Then, think about the troubles you caused and vow not to repeat them! Do you understand me now? This is for your own sake! I’ll come back in a few days. Keep thinking!
Colm: …I thought that whole self-reflection thing was going a little too well. Fine, Father. I’ll do it. I’ll do it.

A Support

Colm: Yawn… Oh. Let me guess. You want to hear what I’ve been reflecting on.
Moulder: Exactly. Although…I noticed that you look sleepy. Are you well?
Colm: I…was up late last night thinking about everything. I couldn’t sleep well.
Moulder: That’s unfortunate. Did you have so much that you regretted doing? Hm. Well, let me hear it. Tell me what’s on your mind.
Colm: All right, well, here goes.
Moulder: Hmmmmm… That’s…
Colm: How’s that? I’m doing good, aren’t I?
Moulder: I’d say so. You’re going over your every action, from waking to sleep.
Colm: Well, that’s what you told me to do.
Moulder: Well done, my lad! I’ve never heard so much thought go into what you’ve done before! Compared with the salted pork, your transformation is impressive! It’s a little extreme, but……
Colm: But the funny thing is… I’ve started noticing all these things about me I didn’t know before. I keep saying, “That was wrong” and “I’ll do better next time.” So…I’m not repeating the same mistakes over and over.
Moulder: I had noticed that your behavior has significantly improved of late. You look sleepy now, but your face seems far more peaceful as well. It seems that you’re finally growing up, thanks to these quiet moments.
Colm: Heh… You know, I think that’s the first nice thing you’ve said to me!
Moulder: You’re coming along just fine. But… go easy on yourself, all right?
Colm: How come?
Moulder: If you stay up all night thinking about your day, you’ll make yourself sick. You’ve already mastered the art of learning from your own experiences. I don’t want you falling into old habits because of a little illness. I have high expectations of you, my son.
Colm: Thank you, Father Moulder. I’m glad that you do. It’s only your expectations that have made me become a better man.