Natasha & Joshua

C Support

Joshua: Hey, I’ve been hearing good things about you lately. Everyone’s real happy you’ve been helping to heal them.
Natasha: Really? That’s nice to hear. I do what little I can, but I’m glad if I’ve been helpful.
Joshua: Oh, you have been, rest assured. You don’t just mend flesh. Your smile eases all our pain. So, I may have lost our bet… but everything seems to have turned out for the best, right?
Natasha: Joshua… I just do what I can to help and to stay out of everyone’s way.
Joshua: I’m just saying, you’ve saved a lot of lives out there. We’ve got other healers, I know, but you’re more than that. You’re special. I may be the most cynical of our lot, but even I can see that.
Natasha: Joshua… You’re far too kind.
Joshua: Don’t be so humble. You deserve the praise.
Natasha: If…if you say so.
Joshua: Well, I do. So keep it up.
Natasha: I’ll do what I can.
Joshua: …Nice smile.

B Support

Natasha: Oh! Aaaaaah!!!
Joshua: Watch out! Nngh!! An arrow!? Did someone set up a trap for us? Or is there someone here? An archer? Where is he?
Natasha: Joshua! You saved me. Thank goodness you were near.
Joshua: Yeah, well… I just happened to be in the neighborhood is all.
Natasha: You make light of it, but I truly appreciate that you were nearby.
Joshua: Well, uh… Are you all right?
Natasha: I’m fine, thank you. But it’s only thanks to you, Joshua. You saved me. I’ll try to be more attentive to my surroundings.
Joshua: Yeah, well… It’s not always easy, you know? Especially when you’re working. You concentrate pretty hard when you’re doing your healing thing. Just focus on your work, and I’ll keep an eye on you. Sound fair?
Natasha: Oh, no… I couldn’t ask you to spend all your time protecting me.
Joshua: What, you don’t want me to?
Natasha: It’s not that at all! I rather like– … Um, never mind.
Joshua: …… Say, you want to make a bet?
Natasha: Another…bet? Right here? In the middle of this battlefield? What did you intend to bet on this time?
Joshua: That you’re gonna fall for me, sooner or later.
Natasha: What!?
Joshua: I’m betting yes, personally.
Natasha: Oh… This isn’t the time for jokes… I-I just don’t know.
Joshua: Hey, don’t go running off! Sigh… I wasn’t even joking…

A Support

Joshua: Ouch…
Natasha: Joshua, are you all right? Do you need medical atten–
Joshua: Natasha, how did you get here so quickly?
Natasha: …… I just…happened to be in the neighborhood. Are you hurt?
Joshua: Ugh. Yeah… But it’s only a scratch. Still, if you could…take care of it. Please?
Natasha: Yes… ……
Joshua: ……
Natasha: …… …All done.
Joshua: Thanks. …… Say, Natasha. Want to make a bet?
Natasha: On what? If this is another of your little jokes, I–
Joshua: Will I make you happy? That’s what we’ll bet on. Are you in, or what?
Natasha: What?
Joshua: That’s everything I’ve got. I can’t up the ante any more. So how about it? Are you in?
Natasha: Are you…serious?
Joshua: Look into my eyes, and decide for yourself.
Natasha: …… I…
Joshua: “I serve the people,” is that it? Listen, does it make any difference if you serve them in Grado or Renais? You can come with me. It’ll work out, you’ll see. I’ll make it work.
Natasha: Joshua…
Joshua: Natasha.
Natasha: …… …… I will…
Joshua: ……
Natasha: …… accept your wager.
Joshua: You will?
Natasha: What I’m betting is my future. My happiness.
Joshua: Natasha… … I can’t afford to lose this one.
Natasha: You’re right… And I hope from the bottom of my heart that you win.
Joshua: Don’t worry. In a pinch, I never lose. Well, I mean, I lose sometimes. But not this time!
Natasha: At least…you won our last bet.
Joshua: Hm? Oh! Oh, yeah… That you’d fall for me.
Natasha: …
Joshua: …That was easy. This bet, this is going to be a tough one. I’m gonna have to work at it. But knowing that I’ve won one bet already, at least I’ve got that.
Natasha: This war is terrible…but at least it brought us together.