Neimi & Artur

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Neimi: Oh… Brother Artur…
Artur: Yes? And you must be…
Neimi: I’m…Neimi.
Artur: Ah, Neimi. I’m sorry that our introduction has been so delayed. And please, just call me Artur. “Brother” is too formal.
Neimi: Oh… All right, Artur it is.
Artur: Very good. Ack!
Neimi: What is it? What’s wrong?
Artur: Oh, nothing. Sorry. But…that hand mirror hanging from your waist…
Neimi: Oh, this? It’s a keepsake from my mother. I had it stolen from me once, so I’ve made this leather strap for it. I can tie it to my belt and take it with me everywhere now.
Artur: It’s… Excuse me, but may I look at it for a moment? Hm… Yes, well, that is interesting. If my memory serves, this is quite a valuable mirror. It is a gift given only to clerics of the highest order. Few of these mirrors exist, and for you to have one means your mother…
Neimi: Yes, she was a cleric… When I was young, an illness…
Artur: Say no more. I understand. But seeing you and the mirror she left you tells me something. Your mother was a good person, benevolent, faithful, and caring. And you are the product of her care, filled with the same light.
Neimi: Thank you… It makes me happy to hear that.
Artur: I’m delighted to have met you. We shall have to speak again.
Neimi: I hope so, Artur! See you soon.

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Artur: Neimi, it’s an honor to speak with you again so soon!
Neimi: Oh! Artur! Yes, I’m happy to see you.
Artur: That’s an impressive bow. Am I to understand that you’re an archer? I’ve heard the others speak highly of your skills.
Neimi: Thank you. And I was watching you use your magic. It was pretty incredible!
Artur: Oh, it was nothing. I’m just a novice. Oh! Neimi, I see you’ve put your mirror away, have you?
Neimi: Hm…? Huh…? I don’t…think…I did…
Artur: What? What does that mean?
Neimi: Oh, no! I’ve lost it! What am I going to do?
Artur: Lost!? How could that happen!? That mirror is a precious artifact, not to mention an important keepsake!
Neimi: The leather strap… It’s torn… Ohhhh… Sniff… Waaaaaaah!
Artur: Oh, don’t– Please don’t cry. Don’t worry. We’ll look for it together.
Neimi: Sniff…
Artur: Any idea when you lost it?
Neimi: I think I…sniff…had it with me when the battle started. It was…right there on my belt… Sniff…
Artur: Then it must be around here somewhere, right? I’ll go look over here. You check the ground back there.
Neimi: All… All right…
Artur: ……
Neimi: ……
Artur: I couldn’t find it here… Any luck there?
Neimi: …Sob… Sniff… I can’t…find it…
Artur: Don’t worry. It has to be around somewhere. Just keep looking. I’ll ask the others, too.
Neimi: All right… I’ll just go look over here…
Artur: Oh, Neimi… Sigh… How am I ever going to find it in the middle of a battlefield? I suppose I simply must have faith. Yes, that’s it. Faith will guide me to her mother’s mirror.

A Support

Artur: Neimi!
Neimi: Artur…
Artur: Look, I found it! Here…
Neimi: Oh…
Artur: I’ve been asking around since the last time we spoke. I found out that our convoy master had found a mirror lying on the ground. When I asked to see it, imagine my delight when I saw it was your mirror!
Neimi: …Sniff… I’m so… so happy!
Artur: … You know, when I was looking for your mirror, I was reminded… I had a similar experience when I was young. It’s why I chose to be a monk.
Neimi: What happened?
Artur: One day, when I was just a little boy, I had lost a toy, and I was crying. I lived near a monastery, and one of the monks saw me sitting there weeping. He spent his day trying to find out why I was so sad and to cheer me up. It was so trivial–that toy was nothing but a trinket, but to me, it had value. I later found out a friend of mine had taken it without asking, but… Anyway, I was very happy that someone had stopped to show so much concern. To everyone else, I was just a petty child weeping over a toy. To this monk, however, I was a sad and lost soul, crying out in need. He was so kind, and he spent so much of his day on a child’s tears. I admired his attitude, even then. It was then that I realized that I could honor his deed by becoming a monk.
Neimi: And…that’s why…
Artur: Yes, that’s why. Oh! Your mirror! Here you go.
Neimi: Oh…… I’m…really happy…
Artur: Ah. Just as I thought.
Neimi: What?
Artur: Your smile is delightful. It’s a vast improvement on those tears. The heavens themselves must have wanted to see that smile and conspired to help me find your mirror.
Neimi: Thank you, Artur… I’m so grateful.
Artur: No, Neimi. I’m grateful to you. Talking to you makes me feel at peace. I feel like…some of the others make light of me from time to time.
Neimi: Oh, that’s only… It’s just because you’re so honest and pure of heart. Someone I know…teases me a lot, too. All the time, he teases me.
Artur: I see… I’m sorry to hear that.
Neimi: Well, it’s not that he’s all bad. He can be very kind, but… But you’re kind, too, Artur.
Artur: Thank you. You know, when you meet someone, that person reflects back at you like a mirror, revealing within them the emotions that you project. Angry people bring out the anger within others, just as sullen, hopeless people bring out nothing but the sorrow within all those to whom they speak. Do you know why so many people seem kind to you, Neimi? It is because you yourself are a kind person. You bring that out in others.
Neimi: Oh, Artur… That’s so kind– I mean… Er… Thank you.
Artur: Please, Neimi, always hold that kindness close to your heart.
Neimi: I will…