Neimi & Garcia

C Support

Neimi: Sir?
Garcia: …
Neimi: Sir…Garcia…?
Garcia: Don’t come near me right now, Neimi!
Neimi: Oh! I-I’m sorry! I was just…wondering what you were doing.
Garcia: I’m preparing myself for the battle. Please don’t come near me right now.
Neimi: Are you trying to get psyched?
Garcia: Yes. To prepare myself for battle, I visualize the enemy in front of me. Then, during battle, I can focus all my attention on them. If you want to survive this war, you must focus all your attention on the enemy.
Neimi: I-I see. Please excuse me now!
Garcia: Wait!
Neimi: Y-yes, sir?
Garcia: I apologize for yelling at you.
Neimi: That must be how he became such a brilliant warrior! I must go focus now…

B Support

Garcia: Neimi! That gauntlet…
Neimi: Y-yes?
Garcia: That gauntlet! The one embroidered with the gold falcon…
Neimi: Huh? Oh, this? My late grandfather gave it to me. It was too big for me, so I resized it to fit my hand. He was the one who taught me how to use a bow… This is a keepsake he gave me.
Garcia: Is your grandfather’s name Zethla?
Neimi: How in the world…? Did you know him?
Garcia: Of course. He was THE master archer. He was known as “Single-Arrow Zethla.” He had amazing accuracy and could shoot any target, moving or still, with one shot. “No second arrow for Zethla” was what people would say. Renais tried to recruit him many times…
Neimi: Now that I think about it, when Grandpa went hunting, he would take only one arrow with him. Me, I always took many arrows…
Garcia: So, it WAS true!
Neimi: He never did join the army, even though recruiters did come by often. He said that it wasn’t in his nature…
Garcia: I know. In fact, I visited him once when I was young. He was wearing the gauntlet that day, and it left an impression.
Neimi: I see… Renais is such a big country, I never would have thought that you knew him. It’s a small world.
Garcia: Indeed. I can’t believe Single-Arrow Zethla’s granddaughter is fighting in this war. I’m encouraged by this fact. I’m counting on you, Neimi.
Neimi: What? YOU’RE counting on…ME?
Garcia: Yes.
Neimi: Um…I’m…happy to hear that. I-I’ll do my best not to let you down!
Garcia: Good. Then let’s go.
Neimi: Yes, sir!

A Support

Garcia: Neimi, I’m sorry if I startled you yesterday.
Neimi: Huh? Oh, you mean when you were preparing yourself for the battle? No… I was just surprised by your…enthusiasm for this war.
Garcia: I used to be like this all the time. I was always preoccupied with battles, to the point of neglecting my family. And now, here I am, back on the battlefield. I’m sure my wife is somewhere sighing.
Neimi: Oh, no, Sir Garcia. I’m sure your wife understood how you felt.
Garcia: I think it’s hard to understand when you are not a soldier.
Neimi: In times like this, you have to fight to stay alive.
Garcia: You’ve lost family too, didn’t you?
Neimi: Yes. But, I can’t keep crying. I have to be strong and keep going.
Garcia: Neimi…
Neimi: You quit the army and lived in a mountain village with Ross because Renais was not at war, didn’t you?
Garcia: Yes.
Neimi: You don’t seem to be the type of person who enjoys fighting for its own sake. I think you know the emptiness and pain of war more than anyone else. I can see that just by looking at you! Em… I’m sorry if I’m being presumptuous.
Garcia: No, Neimi. Thank you. You are very perceptive. You’ll make some lucky guy very happy someday.
Neimi: Oh… Um… This is kind of embarrassing.
Garcia: Don’t be embarrassed! Oh, by the way, please take this.
Neimi: What is it? Oh, this haircomb is lovely!
Garcia: I bought this for my wife when I was still in the Renais army. But…I never had the chance to give it to her.
Neimi: Sir Garcia…
Garcia: I buried her with some of the things I’d brought back. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t bring myself to bury this, though. I don’t need it. What would I do with it? You’d make better use of it. It will give you a reason to keep using that mirror of yours, too.
Neimi: Sir Garcia! This is too much! Thank you! I will take good care of it!