Ross & Gerik

C Support

Ross: Um… Ahem. Are you Sir Gerik by any chance?
Gerik: What do you want, boy?
Ross: Oh, my name is Ross. I’m the son of warrior Garcia.
Gerik: I see…… So, Ross, are you an axeman?
Ross: Yeah! Don’t be fooled by my appearance. I’m actually pretty good.
Gerik: Ha ha ha! If you say so.
Ross: Well, I think so. But it’s important to keep improving.
Gerik: Why is that so important to you?
Ross: My father is such an amazing warrior. I’ve always wanted to be worthy of the title “son of Garcia.” And I want to be able to go home and rebuild my village. After that, I want to go on a voyage and train in the open ocean. And after that, I’d like to go back home. To do all this, I need to be the best warrior I can be.
Gerik: Those are admirable goals. I’ll help you out sometime.
Ross: How? You’ll give me a lesson? Are you serious? That’s great!
Gerik: I might not be able to beat your father, but I could teach you a thing or two. Why don’t you try landing a hit on me?
Ross: That’d be great! But before we start, let me go practice on those guys first!
Gerik: It’s great that he’s so eager to learn, but he’s really not ready to go solo yet!

B Support

Gerik: Ross, didn’t you say that you wanted to go on an ocean voyage to train yourself? The sea is a great place to train because it strengthens both the mind and body.
Ross: Have you ever been on a voyage?
Gerik: Of course. I’ve escorted many commercial ships before. It’s embarrassing, but I got seasick for the first few days. That was very painful. But I got used to it in a few days. It was a long trip. Nature was more brutal than the enemies who pursued us. But after the voyage ended, I realized that I grew up a lot. The sea is an amazing combination of brutality and expansiveness.
Ross: Now I definitely want to go on a sea voyage.
Gerik: By the way, Ross, how’s your injury from our last session?
Ross: Oh, that little thing? It healed right up!
Gerik: Ha ha ha… You sure are tough, boy!
Ross: Sir Gerik?
Gerik: Yes?
Ross: What should I do to be strong like you?
Gerik: That’s a tough question… I would have to say that it’s all in the mind.
Ross: Mind?
Gerik: If your desire to win is stronger than your opponent’s, you’ve already won. Your mind is your most important weapon.
Ross: Come to think of it, I have noticed that. At our last lesson, before we even started, I was thinking that I could never win. I guess it was like admitting defeat before even trying. All right! You’ve convinced me! I’ll start strengthening my mind as well as my axe skills. Thank you, Sir Gerik. I can’t wait until our next lesson!
Gerik: His energy is refreshing, but I must teach him patience next time.

A Support

Ross: Hey, Sir Gerik…
Gerik: What is it, Ross? You seem down today.
Ross: Why is the sword stronger than the axe?
Gerik: What are you talking about? Just use a stronger axe to beat a sword.
Ross: That’s not what I mean! I want to be strong enough to split a silver sword with an iron axe.
Gerik: Your father…
Ross: What about him?
Gerik: He could defeat many swordsmen with just one axe.
Ross: So you’ve seen him in battle?
Gerik: Just once. He was leading a unit of the Renais army. He was swinging his axe at the front line.
Ross: Wow, my dad was really strong, wasn’t he!
Gerik: He was more than just strong. He was like a war god. I have to be honest with you, Ross. I was on his enemy side at the time.
Ross: What?!
Gerik: I was a mercenary hired by the other side. It was a fierce battle against Garcia’s unit, and we ultimately had to retreat. Come to think of it, this is a perfect example of the power of the mind. You see, I was so intimidated by Garcia that I had lost even before I started. That was an unforgettable failure for me. After that, I swore to myself that I would be as strong as him with a sword.
Ross: Wow, I can’t believe Dad beat you down like that! He’s the greatest. But you’re pretty great, too.
Gerik: Someone who lost to your father?
Ross: Yeah! You might have lost that time, but you became a great swordsman because of it! OK. I’m going to stop moping around. From this moment on, I swear that someday I will destroy swords with my axe. You are my witness, Sir Gerik!
Gerik: Truly, you are the son of the warrior Garcia.
Ross: That’s not all! I’m also the best student of the master swordsman Gerik!
Gerik: When did you become my student?
Ross: When I met you! Oh! Enemy detected! I’ll catch you later! Give me another lesson someday, Sir Gerik. I’ll be much stronger by then, and maybe I’ll win a match with you!
Gerik: I believe he will surpass Garcia someday.