Seth & Franz

C Support

Franz: General!
Seth: Franz. How are you holding up?
Franz: Fine. I may be young, but I’m every bit a Knight of Renais. I’ll fight to the end to protect the princess, just like you, sir!
Seth: Good, good! That’s the spirit! You know, you’re looking much improved from when we set out.
Franz: Hm. Do you really think so, General?
Seth: Oh, definitely. You seem much more sure of yourself. All doubt has left your face. By the time you reach my age, you’ll be the finest spear- and swordsman around.
Franz: Honestly? Sir, do you really believe that?
Seth: …I do… But we are in a battle right now, Franz. Concentrate on the enemies before you, and don’t get too cocky.
Franz: Yes, sir!!! You know I’d never let you down, sir!
Seth: Don’t be too eager for success. Know your limits.
Franz: Yes, sir!

B Support

Franz: General!
Seth: Ah, Franz. Every time I see you, you’re getting better and better. Your parry is a little stiff, but you are clearly improving.
Franz: Are you serious? Do you really think so, sir?
Seth: …Why is it that, when I compliment you, you always ask me that?
Franz: Oh, so sorry… I appreciate your praise, sir. I mean, you’re General Seth, the Silver Knight. You’re my hero.
Seth: Hahaha… No more flattery, Franz. Please.
Franz: But, General, it’s true! Do you remember when Grado’s forces overran Castle Renais? Despite grave injuries, you outcharged the enemy, broke their lines, and escaped. And then, you delivered the princess, on your own, to Frelia safely. If I were you, I doubt I could have survived such a challenge… You are the only person I know who can make impossible feats possible.
Seth: What pressure you put on me! How can I possibly fail now? You would lose all faith in me! Ah, but, Franz, you’re still young. You will grow into a remarkable warrior, I have no doubt. Be confident. I’m counting on you. Train your mind and hone your skills.
Franz: Really? Do you really think so, General?
Seth: …Franz… That’s enough.
Franz: Oh, right! Sorry, sir!
Seth: All right, back into the fray! Let’s go, Franz!
Franz: Yes, General! And remember, I’ve got your back!

A Support

Seth: You’re doing well, Franz.
Franz: Oh, General! How are you, sir? I’m so honored that you came to talk to me.
Seth: Must you always overreact? …Honestly, Franz… I’m the one who should feel honored.
Franz: I beg your pardon? What do you mean, sir?
Seth: When I was just a squire, there was one knight whom I admired above all others. His skill with sword and spear was legendary. He was truly peerless. We squires learned the meaning of chivalry watching him serve the king. Ten years back, we received word that an infamous assassin was hiding in Renais. This knight hunted him down in secrecy so as not to alert the assassin. He hounded the villain and killed him, but he was mortally wounded…
Franz: Ten years ago? But that’s when–!? No, it couldn’t be…
Seth: …Yes, Franz. It was the greatest knight in the history of Renais. Your father.
Franz: …I was so young when my father died. And our mother passed away before he did. Forde and I were almost always alone. Oh, I remember how I used to cry like a babe about my father being gone so much. Forde would always remind me, “He is serving the royal family to protect Renais.” Forde was so proud of our father, but he was also a little bit sad. I remember a deep scar he had on his shoulder, probably in battle. My brother and I used to climb up his shoulders and vie for his attention. I grew up hearing what a great knight he was, but I remember only his shoulder.
Seth: …You probably have no idea how much you resemble your father. Your swordplay, how you tilt the lance, your loyalty to Renais… You’ve certainly inherited your father’s spirit. It is an honor to see the skill I once idolized developing in you, his son.
Franz: I…I am so flattered to hear that. Thank you very much, General. Someday, I will become a knight even greater than my brother or my father. To restore Renais, the kingdom to which I’ve sworn my blade, I will fight on!
Seth: Thank you, Franz. Let’s do the best we can. For Renais, and for your father.
Franz: Yes, General!