Seth & Garcia

C Support

Seth: Sir Garcia. Your fighting form remains impeccable, despite your years of retirement. Fantastic… How I admire you.
Garcia: No, General Seth, I still have a long way to go. I’ve lost so much time.
Seth: Sir Garcia…
Garcia: No, no honorifics. I gave up my title years ago so I could raise my son. I’m old and rusty, General. The man I am now is not fit for such fine company.
Seth: …
Garcia: But listen, General. I’m not finished yet!
Seth: What do you mean?
Garcia: I’m telling you… I’m not yet done! This is not the end of me!
Seth: …He has a warrior’s heart. Is it pride that keeps him from accepting his limitations? I’m afraid that we have awakened an incredible warrior.

B Support

Garcia: General.
Seth: Garcia. Did you come all this way to talk to me? I’m grateful. Thank you.
Garcia: Don’t make a fuss. Might give me second thoughts before I do it again.
Seth: Ah, right. Sorry, sir!
Garcia: Heh… You know, you remind me of myself as a young man.
Seth: Back when you were in Renais?
Garcia: That’s right. Oh, I was so ambitious then, focused on proving myself in battle. His Majesty commended my valor many times, he did.
Seth: His Majesty always watched over us. Hardworking soldiers received words of praise to drive them to greater glories. The lazy ones, he spurred to action, giving them a reason to improve… He was a great king. He earned the trust and respect of his people.
Garcia: …What a loss we’ve all suffered.
Seth: When Castle Renais fell, it was all I could do to save Princess Eirika. I’ve never felt so powerless in all my time as a knight… …I was mortified.
Garcia: …I’m sorry. I wasn’t blaming you for King Fado’s death. I am the one who surrendered his duty to live a carefree life with his son. I have no right to cast blame on anyone but myself…
Seth: Garcia, you needn’t feel that way. You’re fighting for Renais again, at the side of her crown prince and princess! There’s no shame in that.
Garcia: General Seth…
Seth: If you are still true to our late king, then let’s win this war together. And together, we shall visit His Majesty’s tomb to report our victory!
Garcia: Yes! You have my word!

A Support

Seth: Garcia.
Garcia: Ah, General Seth!
Seth: You seem much recovered from your poor spirits the other day. In fact, you seem quite energetic!
Garcia: I’ve finally accepted that I’m only ever truly alive when I’m fighting!
Seth: Ah, now that is the great Garcia I remember from my youth! Yes, all hesitation is gone from your face. You’re in rare form!
Garcia: Yes, and that hesitation is gone for good, I dare say. Except…
Seth: Yes?
Garcia: To tell you the truth…I am not ashamed of the life I’ve lived. I’m not sorry that I abandoned my old life to raise my son.
Seth: Sir Garcia…
Garcia: That decision made me who I am now. It’s time I embraced both of these aspects of my past.
Seth: …
Garcia: I can only say this in hindsight, but… It is not so bad to have a family.
Seth: Garcia, I can see it in your eyes. You don’t need to tell me.
Garcia: Heh… I see! Well then, Seth. There is only one solution for it! You should marry! It will do you good to have a family to go home to.
Seth: Ah, Garcia… You may be right, but I’m afraid it will take me some time to get there…