Seth & Natasha

C Support

Natasha: Oh, General Seth, how do you do?
Seth: …Sister Natasha, good day to you. I appreciate the care you give our wounded, but be sure to care for yourself, too. I heard about what happened the other day. It could have turned out badly…
Natasha: I’m sorry to have worried you. When I see an injured person, I must help. I seldom think of the consequences to myself. I shall be more careful in the future.
Seth: Grado doesn’t know what they’ve lost, Natasha. You’re indispensable to us. If you were injured, our entire strategy could be slowed or lost altogether. Take care of yourself first, and worry about us later.
Natasha: Seth, you are the one who is indispensable, far more than I am. You race into danger, acting as a decoy or rescuing people alone. You’re the one who is reckless. I wish you would watch yourself.
Seth: I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I’d been causing you so much worry. I promise to be less reckless. But you, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.
Natasha: Yes, General. May you be guided to safety.

B Support

Seth: Sister Natasha? Are you well? I heard you collapsed last night. Maybe you should rest more, instead of risking yourself on–
Natasha: Oh, General Seth… I’m sorry about that… We had many wounded, and I drained myself healing them all. However, I rested well last night, and I am fully recovered. I’m sorry for giving you so much cause to worry once again.
Seth: Oh, boy… You and Eirika… What am I going to do about you? You seem hell-bent on throwing away your lives in this conflict.
Natasha: …Oh, I see… I always become a liability in battle. All I do is cause you worry and concern.
Seth: You’re always the first to race into battle to heal an injured person. Do you know what the others have started calling you?
Natasha: …They’re calling me names?
Seth: They’ve taken to calling you “the healing spirit.”
Natasha: …A healing spirit? Oh, no… I’m far from it. Why, I–
Seth: …When you first joined us, I was not sure I could trust my life to you. You’re from Grado, and we’ve seen the treacheries of which they are capable. But I’ve watched you, and I know now that I was wrong. I’m grateful for the kindness and compassion that you’ve showed us all. My men are right. You are a healing spirit, sent to rejuvenate us all. We’re fortunate to have you as our friend.
Natasha: …Friend…?
Seth: More than a friend. You are an irreplaceable asset to our cause.
Natasha: Oh, my… I’m sorry… …Please, return to the battle. And may you be guided to safety.
Seth: …Sister Natasha… If I am injured, I will not be reckless. I will race to your side. And I know that you will take care of me when that happens.
Natasha: Y-yes, of course I will! Oh, but…I hope that it doesn’t.

A Support

Natasha: General Seth.
Seth: Sister Natasha. How are you?
Natasha: Well, thank you. And you?
Seth: Yes, I’m fine. But it’s only because you’ve been beside me as I’ve fought. You were always the one to heal my broken body.
Natasha: You have that wrong, General. You’re the one constantly rescuing me. When I’m surrounded by enemies, when I’m separated from the others…
Seth: Sister Natasha… Do you plan on returning to Grado someday?
Natasha: …Yes. I must return to the temple. Our people need my services.
Seth: Is that…what you really want?
Natasha: …General Seth…
Seth: Could anything sway you to stay in Renais instead?
Natasha: … General Seth, what are you…
Seth: … I’m sorry. I’m– I’ll be more direct. Sister Natasha… When this war is over would you…come live with me?
Natasha: Oh! But, Seth… I’m a cleric. I’m sworn never to…
Seth: I know you’re a cleric. You’ve given your life over to a divine calling. But would the Everlasting not smile upon the love shared by its creations?
Natasha: …Seth, I– Yes, I believe so.
Seth: I vow upon the sacred oaths you have sworn that I will make you happy.
Natasha: Seth… I hope you keep that promise. I’ll wait for you until this war is finally at an end.
Seth: I will keep my promise, Natasha. I will.