Tethys & Marisa

C Support

Tethys: Say, Marisa, you’re left-handed, right?
Marisa: How did you know that?
Tethys: Well, when you’re carrying a sword, don’t you always have it in your left hand?
Marisa: No, I can use either hand… But my left hand is stronger.
Tethys: So that’s like a warning sign: left hand equals danger.
Marisa: Warning sign…
Tethys: So why is it you always sleep on your right side? You know you never roll over in your sleep? And even the slightest noise causes you to spring up. Do you ever really sleep?
Marisa: I have to do that. Otherwise I wouldn’t survive.
Tethys: Wouldn’t survive? You must be exaggerating.
Marisa: I sleep with my dominant arm up. That way, if I’m attacked, my good arm is ready to go.
Tethys: Huh… Do all sword fighters sleep that way?
Marisa: If your dominant arm is cut, you’re at a disadvantage in battle. That means death.
Tethys: But doesn’t your arm ever fall asleep? Aren’t there times when you can’t use it?
Marisa: No. My father trained me when I was a child, so that doesn’t happen.
Tethys: When you were a child? How? Kids always roll around in their sleep.
Marisa: My father placed blunt swords at my sides when I slept to keep me from moving.
Tethys: Your father did that? But that’s so dangerous…
Marisa: No, the blades were rounded and dull. And it worked. I don’t roll over when sleeping.
Tethys: Wow, sword fighters have some intense training methods, don’t they? I’m glad I was an average kid. I mean, I was poor, but at least I slept freely.

B Support

Marisa: Tethys. Are you right-handed?
Tethys: Will wonders never cease? You actually started a conversation.
Marisa: When you dance, you often begin by putting your right foot forward.
Tethys: Now I’m really amazed. I can’t believe you noticed. But footwork in dancing has nothing to do with being right- or left-handed. Dancing is a way of expressing feelings through body movement. All of one’s experiences are incorporated and displayed in the way one dances.
Marisa: Experiences? What kind of experiences?
Tethys: That, my dear, is my little secret. Mine may be a bit unique, though. My life’s taken some odd turns, but it’s because of them that I started dancing. And when I’m dancing, I’m happy.
Marisa: Hmmm. Your dances give people courage. Dancing suits you.
Tethys: Doesn’t it, though? All the mercenaries tell me that, too. Now that you understand my dancing, you’re truly a member of Gerik’s team.

A Support

Tethys: Tell me, Marisa, have you ever thought about wanting to be reborn?
Marisa: Reborn?
Tethys: You know, coming back as someone else after you die? If you were going to be reborn, what would you like to be? Perhaps a beautiful dancer like me?
Marisa: I’m fine with being me. I can’t imagine anything else.
Tethys: I thought that’s what you’d say. Actually, I thought of lots of things, but really can’t imagine any other life. I guess that means that in spite of all the hardships we’ve faced, we’re really happy.
Marisa: I suppose so…
Tethys: Living in this age means that we face many bad things and then worse things. Yet… We’re alive, so that means we also get good things and then better things, too. In tough times, I sometimes think I’d like to be reborn in another time, but the important thing is to not give up and to live your life to the fullest.
Marisa: When you die, life is over. There’s no such thing as being reborn.
Tethys: Well, you may be right.
Marisa: We only get one chance. So all I can do is keep fighting.
Tethys: After all’s said and done, you truly like who and what you are, right? We have completely different lives, but we have that in common. That and the same man, right?
Marisa: What?! What do you mean?!?
Tethys: You can’t hide it from me. I guess I should ask, do you think you’re hiding it?
Marisa: I-I’m hiding nothing. Nothing at all!
Tethys: What an interesting reaction. Youth is so cute.
Marisa: Wh-why are you smiling?! Ah…
Tethys: Don’t be embarrassed. We’re going to be around each other for a long time. We should talk.
Marisa: I’ve got to go!
Tethys: There’s no need to run away. We may be rivals, but we’re still friends.
Marisa: I’m not running away! I’m just…leaving!