Vanessa & Syrene

C Support

Vanessa: Captain Syrene!
Syrene: Vanessa! How are you? I was worried about you!
Vanessa: I’m fine, ma’am. Thank you for your concern. Glad to see you doing well too.
Syrene: Vanessa, you know you don’t need to talk like that when we’re alone.
Vanessa: But we ARE on duty.
Syrene: Let me put it this way, then. This is an order from your captain! When we’re alone, you are to speak to me as if we are at home.
Vanessa: Yes, ma’am!
Syrene: Vanessa. Sigh. Did you listen to a word I said?
Vanessa: Y-yes.
Syrene: Ha ha ha! Yes, that’s it! Oh, by the way, I have something for you.
Vanessa: What is it?
Syrene: Here you go. Father wanted me to give it to you.
Vanessa: But this is… The war god Fale’s amulet!
Syrene: Yes, this is a battle amulet. I received one before I left home, too. You were summoned so suddenly that Father didn’t get a chance to give it to you. And Mother wanted to tell you, “Never be apart from this amulet.”
Vanessa: But…
Syrene: She also wanted you to relax and do your best. And to get a good night’s sleep always.
Vanessa: Well, I do try.
Syrene: Maybe others don’t notice, but I know you too well, Vanessa. I know you don’t get enough rest when you feel overwhelmed with responsibility. But, to be at your best, you need to take care of yourself, OK?
Vanessa: Yes, ma’am–I mean, Sis.
Syrene: I’ll be right by your side tonight, so just relax. You need a good night’s sleep.
Vanessa: Thanks, Sis. I sleep better when you’re around.

B Support

Vanessa: Captain… I mean, Sis.
Syrene: You look better, Vanessa. Did you sleep well?
Vanessa: Yes. First time in a long time. Thank you, Sis.
Syrene: I’ve been meaning to ask you…
Vanessa: Yes?
Syrene: You don’t seem to have much appetite lately.
Vanessa: Well, I’ve just been–
Syrene: I told you, Vanessa, I know you too well. So, who’s the lucky guy?
Vanessa: What?! That’s just crazy! I don’t know what you’re talking about!
Syrene: You know I can tell when you’re lying. Plus, you not eating is a dead giveaway. I mean, when’s the last time you said no to a cookie? It’s not a criticism. One of your most charming qualities is how you can outeat anyone. It’s because of someone special, isn’t it?
Vanessa: Well, um…
Syrene: But, Vanessa, first and foremost, you have to take care of yourself. I’ll support you no matter what, but no one is worth losing your health over.
Vanessa: Thank you, I guess. I’ll do my best… Sometimes I think that if I were more like you–you know, a great knight, an attractive woman, and just all-around perfect– I’d have a better chance with him. … Hmmm. That didn’t sound as pathetic in my head as it did out loud.
Syrene: Don’t be silly, Vanessa. You may not know it, but I’m sure that person likes you for who you are.
Vanessa: Do you really think so? I’ve always wanted to be like you. You’ve always been my role model. But, I feel like whenever I finally catch up to you, you’re already gone. You’ve already moved on. I’ll never catch up with you, no matter how hard I try.
Syrene: I’m very proud of you, Vanessa. And as your older sister, I recognize your talent more than anyone else. You should be more confident.
Vanessa: I feel better after opening up to you. It’s hard not to compare myself with you, but I have to get past that.
Syrene: That’s the spirit. And remember, you have to take care of yourself.
Vanessa: Yes, I know. As always, thanks, Syrene.

A Support

Vanessa: Hi, Syrene. Thanks for talking the other day.
Syrene: Are you feeling better now?
Vanessa: Well… It’s not that easy, but I quit comparing myself with you.
Syrene: You might not know this, but there’s something about you I’ve always envied.
Vanessa: About me? What do you mean?
Syrene: You have an inner fortitude that I will never be able to match.
Vanessa: Inner…fortitude?
Syrene: Do you remember when Father collapsed? Mother and I were so panicked that we didn’t know what to do. You were the youngest of us all, but you gathered nuts in your small hands and went to the village to sell them. Then you came home with medicine for him.
Vanessa: Well, I don’t know what to say.
Syrene: When you face a difficult circumstance, your true self emerges. You were very young, but had the presence of mind and ingenuity to help Father. You comforted me and Mother, and you rescued Father. I’ve always respected your strength, and wished for some of it myself.
Vanessa: But…you were the one who joined the Knights at such an early age, and it was you who supported our family.
Syrene: I emulated your strength. I wanted to support my family like you did. It’s always been my goal. And I respect you more than anyone else. I wish you could be as confident in yourself as I am of you. No matter what, you’ll always be all right.
Vanessa: All right, then. I have to tell you! The person I love is–
Syrene: Wait, Vanessa! Wait until the war is over to tell me. When everything is over, bring him home. I’ll go home a little ahead of you, and wait for you two with Father and Mother. We’ll make your favorite meal…  Is that enough to convince you?
Vanessa: Yes. I’ll do my best…  For this war and also for him.
Syrene: That’s my girl. Don’t worry. You’ll be all right.