Credits: DarkTwilkitri (sprites)

Icon Name Class Description
Leaf Leaf Lord The Prince of Lenster, son of the late Cuan and Ethlin. The hero of this game.
Fin Fin Lance Knight Knight of Lenster, who once served Cuan. He is Leaf and Nanna’s guardian.
Othin Othin Axe Fighter Member of the Fiana militia. He resides at Fiana with his father.
Halvan Halvan Axe Fighter Member of the Fiana militia and Othin’s best friend. He resides at Fiana with his sister.
Evayle Evayle Swordmaster Leader of the village of Fiana and its militia. She is a mother figure to Leaf and the others.
Dagdar Dagda Warrior Former leader of the Purple Mountain bandits, who had his ways changed by Evayle.
Tania Tania Bow Fighter Dagda’s daughter. A tomboy who regularly quarrels with Othin.
Marty Marty Mountain Thief A subordinate of Dagda and former member of the Purple Mountain bandits.
Ronan Ronan Bow Fighter Hunter from the village of Iss. He leaves the village to repel the invading pirates.
Saphy Safy Priest Priest of the free city of Tahra. She seeks help to prevent the Empire’s invasion of Tahra.
Rifis Rifis Thief Leader of the Rifis gang- a pirate gang terrorising the eastern coasts of Thracia.
Machyua Machua Swordfighter Member of the Magi squad- a rebel group operating in Manster.
Brighton Brighton Axe Knight Member of the Magi squad. He was a knight of Manster, deserting his post to aid the civilians.
Lara Lara Thief Member of the Magi squad. She was forced to work as a dancer, before being saved by Pahn.
Fergus Felgus Free Knight A wandering mercenary. He is thrown into Manster prison following a brawl.
Karin Karin Pegasus Rider A pegasus rider from Silesia, searching for the country’s missing prince.
Dalshien Dalsin Axe Armour Knight of Manster. He is unhappy about the actions of Leidrick and the Empire.
Asvel Asvel Mage Friend of Leaf. His grandfather was a bishop of the free city Frest.
Nanna Nanna Troubadour The Princess of Nodion, daughter of the late Lachesis. She is Leaf’s love interest.
Hicks Hicks Axe Knight Knight of Manster. He joins the liberation army after Leaf rescues the hostaged children.
Shiva Shiva Swordfighter A wandering mercenary. He is hired by the Rifis gang.
Carrion Carrion Social Knight Knight of Lenster. His father died in battle and Hannibal rescued him and his mother.
Selphina Selphina Arch Knight Knight of Lenster, and only daughter of Dorias. She is married to Glade.
Kane Kein Lance Knight Knight of Lenster. His parents, who also served Lenster, both died in battle.
Alba Alva Lance Knight Knight of Lenster, like his parents. He is Kein’s best friend.
Robert Robert Arch Knight Knight of Lenster, and an orphan. He admires Selphina.
Fred Fred Paladin Knight of Freege. Olwen’s deputy, who swears complete loyalty to her.
Olwen Olwen Mage Knight Leader of a Freege reconnaissance squad. She deeply respects her elder brother, Reinhardt.
Mareeta Mareeta Swordfighter Evayle’s adopted daughter, who lost both her parents at a young age.
Salome Salem Loputo Mage Former member of the Loputo Church. He sympathises with Pahn’s principles.
Parn Pahn Thief Fighter Leader of the Dandylion gang of thieves, operating in the Dakia forest.
Trewd Trewd Swordfighter Mercenary serving the Dandylion thieves. He has a deep trust in Pahn.
Tina Tina Priest Priest of Tahra, and Safy’s younger sister. She was captured and enslaved by Pahn.
Glade Glade Duke Knight Knight of Lenster, and Selphina’s husband. He is Fin’s best friend.
Dean Dean Dragon Knight Dragon knight of Thracia. He was sent by Areone to protect Linoan.
Eda Eda Dragon Rider Dragon rider of Thracia. She is Dean’s younger sister and volunteers to aid Tahra alongside him.
Homeros Homeros Bard A wandering bard. A drunkard, who is fond of women.
Linoan Linoan Sister The ruler of Tahra, managing the city in her late father’s place. She is Areone’s fiancée
Ralph Ralph Mercenary A wandering mercenary. He cannot tolerate the actions of the Empire.
Eyrios Eyrios Mage Knight Knight of Freege, guarding the Norden Line. He dreams of becoming nobility.
Sleuf Sleuf Priest Priest of Blaggi, traveling the lands as the “Eyes of Claude”.
Misha Misha Pegasus Knight Mercenary working to support the orphans of Silesia. Her mother was the late Deet’ver.
Sara Sara Sister A mysterious young girl. She despises her grandfather, Manfroy.
Shanam Shanam Swordmaster Mercenary of Silesia. He impersonates Shanan, the prince of Isaac.
Miranda Miranda Mage Princess of Alster. She was captured by the Empire and exiled to an isolated monastery.
Xavier Xavier General Former general of Lenster who sided with Freege after the fall of Lenster.
Amalda Amalda Paladin Loyal general of Freege. She is wary of her country’s connections with the Loputo Church.
Conomore Conomore Paladin Loyal general of Alster. He aids the Empire to ensure Miranda’s safety.
Delmud Delmud Forrest Knight Prince of Nodion, Nanna’s elder brother. He leaves Celice’s army to aid Leaf and his sister.
Cyas Cyas High Priest Priest of Velthomer, and the son of Alvis and Aida. A talented tactician.
Sety Sety Sage Leader of the Magi squad. He is traveling in search of his missing father.
Galzus Galzus Mercenary Prince of the fallen Kingdom of Rivough. He wants revenge against the Kingdom of Isaac.

NPC and Enemies

Icon Name Class Description
Gunna Gunna Bishop Bishop of the free city Frest, and Asvel’s grandfather. An unused playable character.
August August Bishop Former Blaggi bishop. He acts as the tactician of the Lifis gang.
Corple Corple Civilian Hannibal’s adopted son. His birth mother was the dancer, Sylvia.
Ishtar Ishtar Sage Princess of Freege, and Yurius’ lover. She is saddened by the Empire’s child hunts.
Manfloy Manfroy Dark Bishop Archbishop of the Loputo Church. He only cares for the resurrection of the dark god.
Julius Yurius Dark Prince Imperial prince of Grandbell, son of Alvis and Diadora. Possessed by the dark god Loputousu.
Hannival Hannibal General General of Thracia, nicknamed the “Shield of Thracia”.
Dorias Dorias Duke of Lenster. He lost his right arm during a battle in Alster.
Arion Areone Dragon Master Prince of Thracia. He promises Linoan that Tahra will be safe under Thracia’s rule.
Trabant Trabant Dragon Master The King of Thracia. An ambitious man who plans to overpower the Empire.
Levin Levin The King of Silesia, who went missing after the battle of Barhara. He has close links with August.
Kempf Kempf Mage Knight General of the 12th imperial squadron. He depises Reinhardt with a passion.
Celice Celice Lord of Chalphy, son of the late Sigurd and Diadora. He leads a liberation army at Isaac.
Julia Yuria A mysterious amnesiac girl. She is in fact Celice’s half-sister, and Yurius’ younger twin sister.
Blume Blume The King of Freege, father of Ishtar and Ishtore. He is hesitant to continue the Empire’s child hunts.
Gunna Cowen Baron General of the Empire, and Aida’s father. He is determined to protect his grandson, Cyas.
Reinhardt Reinhardt Mage Knight Skilled knight of Freege, and Ishtar’s personal guard.
Altenna Altenna Dragon Knight Princess of Lenster, and Leaf’s elder sister. She was raised by Trabant after her parents’ deaths.
Leidrick Leidrick Baron Former general of Conote. Now the ruler of Manster, serving the Empire’s King Blume.
Beldo Veld Dark Bishop Bishop of the Loputo Church, and subordinate to Manfroy.


Icon Name Class Description
Asaello Asaello A youth known as the “Hitman of Conote”. He fights to support a Conote orphanage.
Janne Janne Daughter of a Nodion knight, who lost both her parents to war. She was eventually raised by Fin.
Arthur Arthur Son of the late Tiltyu of Freege. He escaped to Silesia, while his mother and sister were lost.
Daisy Daisy Orphan of Conote, who became a thief to support her orphanage. Asaello’s younger sister.
Unknown Femina (?) Pegasus knight of Silesia. She leaves to search for her missing brother, Hawk.