(Revised: 24th May 2009)

Section 1: Introduction

Q) Can I play this game in English?

A) Yes, but you’ll need to use a translation patch, as the game was never released in English officially. You can download the latest patch here (project page link for reference).

Q) Will this game be released on the Wii’s Virtual Console?

A) Probably not. The SNES Fire Emblem games have been available on the Japanese Virtual Console for a long time, with an English release for any of them not even remotely hinted at.

Q) How is this game related to Genealogy of the Holy War?

A) It takes place in the same continent and during the same timeline. The events of this game occur between Chapter 6 and 8 of Genealogy of the Holy War.

Q) What are these different versions of the game that I keep hearing of?

A) Two versions of Thracia 776 were released in Japan- the NP version and the ROM version. The NP version was designed for the Nintendo Power service (nothing to do with the American magazine of the same name), which allowed people to legally download the game onto a flash cartridge of sorts. The ROM version was the regular, boxed cartridge release.

The two versions are the same game, but with some minor differences. The later, ROM version added in higher rankings (S to SSS) and fixed a few gameplay mistakes and typos.

Q) What is Elite Mode?

A) Elite Mode is a special mode where all your characters receive double experience (or 4x if they have the Elite skill). You can enable it by creating a New Game and, before selecting a game file, pressing the following button combination:

Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right

If done successfully you should hear a chime. Now press B to cancel and you should see a new option called Elite Mode. Select that and choose an empty file to create an Elite Mode game file.

Elite Mode has no other effects on the game, besides the double experience.

Section 2: Early to Mid-game

Q) I started the game, but the graphics are all glitchy!

A) That’s probably the fault of your emulator. Try using a different emulator or a different (earlier, older) build.

Q) Why does a musical note randomly appear above some of my characters?

A) That’s caused by the character’s Mobility or Movement Stars stat. For each star they possess, the character will have a 5% chance of being able to act again after ending their turn.

Q) Huh, I just started Chapter 5 and… where did all my characters go?!

A) In the previous chapter, did you make Leaf escape first? As soon as Leaf escapes a map, all the characters who didn’t escape will count as captured and will leave your party. You can try and rescue your captured characters during Chapter 21x (which is your one and only chance to do so).

Q) What? Can healing staves miss their target?

A) Yes, that’s a sad fact in this game. You can reduce the chances of it happening by increasing the character’s Skill stat. Certain staves can also double-cast.

Q) How does the Fatigue system work?

A) Each character has a Fatigue stat, which is the second to last stat on the second page of the status screen. Each time the character fights or performs certain actions (eg. using staves), their Fatigue level will rise. Once it goes past the character’s Max HP, they will be forced to sit out the next chapter (Leaf is an exception since he participates in every chapter). If this occurs, a Stamina Drink (S Drink) item can be given to the character to allow them to participate.

Otherwise, once the next chapter is over, their Fatigue level resets.

Q) How do you capture enemies?

A) You can capture enemies as long as your character’s Build exceeds theirs. If the enemy is mounted, you cannot capture them (although you force them to dismount by using a Sleep staff). To start capturing, you must choose the Capture command before attempting to fight an enemy.
Your character’s major stats will be temporarily halved and a battle will follow. If you successfully KO the enemy in this battle, you will capture them. You can automatically capture enemies without fighting them if they are unarmed or cannot fight.

Q) What’s the point of capturing?

A) The main reason is to take the enemy’s weapons and items, which you can do by using the Trade command when you’re holding onto an enemy. Also, some characters can only be recruited by capturing them (Lifis, Salem, Misha).

Q) Is there any point in releasing captured enemies?

A) No, not really. Although it is pointless holding onto enemies after you’ve taken their items. However, bear in mind that releasing recruitable enemies counts as killing them. So, for example, if you want to snatch Shiva’s Kill Sword in Chapter 2x, you can do so, but if you want to recruit him later you’ll need to hold onto him until the chapter’s end.

Q) How do you re-arrange characters’ positions before entering a map?

A) You can’t, at least not easily. You can attempt to manipulate the positions by selecting certain combinations of characters (eg. the 2nd character always starts from a certain square).

Q) Do the growth rate bonuses from Crusader scrolls stack?

A) Yes.

Q) When do status afflictments wear off?

A) Until the end of the chapter.

Q) Do you get a Dancer in this game?

A) Lara can promote to a Dancer- you need to make her talk to Pahn (while he’s still an enemy) in Chapter 12x to trigger the event.

Q) Can I let Olwen be captured, recruit Eyrios and then get Olwen back in Chapter 21x?

A) No. You can’t recruit Eyrios if Olwen is captured. She must be dead or not recruited.

Q) When does Leaf promote?

A) After Chapter 18.

Q) How do you increase Leaf’s leadership stars?

A) You don’t. However, when August and Dorias are present in the story, they will each add 1 leadership star for Leaf.

Q) How comes Linoan won’t promote when I used a Knight Proof on her?

A) The only way to promote her is to make her visit the Church in Chapter 21. Note that if someone else visits it before her, Linoan won’t be able to enter.

Section 3: End-game

Q) What’s the deal with Fergus?

A) As his ending suggests, he is most likely Beowolf’s son (one of them at least). As for why he can use the Blaggi Sword (which requires Holy Blood to use), there’s no definite answer. Although it might have something to do with his possible relationship to the Kingdom of Conote.