Credits: Pegasus Knight, Eternal Fantasy, Nitrodon (experience formula)

Notes: Any fractions are omitted

Stat reduction

  • When affected by Sleep or Stone, a character’s Strength, Magic, Skill, Speed and Defence become 0.
  • When attempting to capture an enemy, Strength, Magic, Skill, Speed and Defence are halved.
  • When carrying an enemy or ally, Strength, Magic, Skill, Speed, Defence are halved. If the carried character’s Build is more than half of the user’s Build (Build +5 if the user is mounted), Movement is also halved.

Attack Speed

Property Calculations
Attack Speed (physical) = Speed – (weapon Weight – Build, 0 if negative)
Attack Speed (magical) = Speed – weapon Weight
Staff double-cast rate = [(Speed + Skill + Luck) / 2] %

Double attack/Pursuit attack if: (Attack Speed – enemy’s Attack Speed) >= 4

Note 1: The only staves that can double-cast are Live, Relive and Reblow

Note 2: Staves cannot double-cast when the first cast recovers all HP


Property Calculations
Re-action rate = (Amount of Movement stars x 5) %


Property Calculations
Physical damage = Strength + (weapon Might x Effective bonus)
Physical defence = Defence + Terrain bonus
Magical damage = Magic + M Up/Holy water bonus + Terrain bonus + (weapon Might x Effective bonus)
Magical defence = Magic + M Up/Holy water bonus + Terrain bonus
Damage = [(Physical damage x Critical bonus) – enemy’s Physical defence] or [(Magical damage x Critical bonus) – enemy’s Magical defence]

Effective bonus: 3 if weapon is effective against the enemy, 1 if not.

M Up/Holy Water bonus: 7 to 0, depending on the duration of the M Up/Holy Water effect

Critical bonus: 2 if critical is successful, 1 if not

Note: Magic swords (eg. Light Sword) count as magical damage when used from afar.


Property Calculations
Accuracy = Weapon Hit + (2 x Skill) + Luck + Support bonus + Leadership bonus + Charisma bonus + Weapon triangle bonus
Avoid = (2 x Attack Speed) + Luck + Support bonus + Leadership bonus + Charisma bonus + Terrain bonus
Battle accuracy = (Accuracy – enemy Avoid) % [minimum value is 1, maximum value is 99]
Staff accuracy = [Staff accuracy + (4 x Skill)] % [maximum value is 99]

Support bonus: From 30 to 0, depending on the type and amount of supporting characters

Leadership bonus: (Sum of all allied unit’s Leadership stars) x 3

Charisma bonus: 10 if a character with Charisma is within 3 squares radius

Staff accuracy: 100 for Torch, 60 for all other staves

Weapon triangle bonus: 5 if weapon is good against enemy’s weapon, -5 if weapon is bad against against enemy’s weapon

Physical weapon triangle: Swords > Axes > Lances > Swords

Magical weapon triangle: Fire > Wind > Thunder > Fire

Special: (Light and Dark) > (Fire, Wind, Thunder)

(“>” means “is strong against”)

Note 1: When Moonlight Sword or Sun Sword activate, battle accuracy is 100% (unless enemy activates Prayer)

Note 2: When Prayer activates, enemy’s battle accuracy is 0%


Property Calculations
Critical rate = Weapon Critical + Skill + Support bonus
Critical evade = (Luck / 2) + Support bonus
Battle critical rate = [(Critical rate – enemy Critical evade) x Pursuit critical coefficient] % [maximum value during non-Pursuit attacks is 25]

Pursuit Critical coefficient: 5 to 0, depending on the character. Only applies during and after the first attack due to Pursuit/double attacking.

Example 1: Leaf attacking an enemy

Leaf’s first attack (non-Pursuit attack), maximum battle critical rate is 25

Enemy’s first attack (non-Pursuit attack), maximum battle critical rate is 25

Leaf’s second attack (Pursuit attack), maximum battle critical rate is 100

Leaf’s third attack from Continue (Pursuit attack), maximum battle critical rate is 100

Example 2: Mareeta being attacked by an enemy

Enemy’s first attack (non-Pursuit attack), maximum battle critical rate is 25

Mareeta’s first attack (non-Pursuit attack), maximum battle critical rate is 25

Mareeta activates Continue or is using a consecutive attack sword (non Pursuit attack), maximum battle critical rate is 25

Mareeta’s second attack, shooting Star Sword activates. All five strikes (Pursuit attacks) have a maximum battle critical rate of 100

Note 1: Crusader scrolls negate enemy’s battle critical rate (unless enemy activates Wrath)

Note 2: When Wrath activates, battle critical rate is always 100%


Property Calculations
Self-damage rate = (21 – Luck) %

Note: Curse effect applies to users of a Devil Axe

Stealing and Capturing

Steal option if: Speed > enemy’s Speed

Steal weapon/item if: Build > enemy’s weapon/item Weight

Capture option if: Build > enemy’s Build (or user is mounted)

Capture enemy if: User reduces enemy’s HP to 0 (or if enemy is unarmed)

Note 1: User must have the Steal skill to steal weapons/items

Note 2: Enemies with 20 Build or are mounted cannot be captured

Weapon Ranks

Weapon Rank Required WEx Total WEx
– to E 50 50
E to D 50 100
D to C 50 150
C to B 50 200
B to A 50 250

Weapon EXP: 1 for all weapons and magic.

For staves: 1 for E Rank, 2 for D Rank, 3 for C Rank, 4 for B Rank, 5 for A Rank and 10 for * Rank.


Fatigue level: Increases by 1 each time a character fights, steals or dances.

For staves: Increases by 1 for E Rank, 2 for D Rank, 3 for C Rank, 4 for B Rank, 5 for A or * Rank.

Fatigued if: Character’s Fatigue level is equal to or higher than their Max HP (fatigued characters cannot participate in the next chapter).

Note 1: The Fatigue system only works from Chapter 8 onwards (Leaf is exempt from the system).

Note 2: Fatigue level is reset to 0 once the character sits out a whole chapter.

Note 3: If a character holds onto a S Drink, they can participate in the next chapter even if they are fatigued (their Fatigue level is also reset).


Property Calculation
Experience from combat = (31 – Level) / Class power
Experience from defeating enemy = {[enemy’s Class power x (enemy’s Level + enemy’s Class bonus)] – [Class power x (Level + Class bonus)] + 20, take as 0 if negative} + Experience from combat + Boss bonus + Thief bonus

Class power:

  • 1: Priest, Sister
  • 2: Troubadour, Bow Fighter, Mountain Thief (2), Hunter, Pirate, Dancer, High Priest, Bishop, Thief, Soldier, Archer
  • 3: Everything not listed
  • 4: Duke Knight, Paladin (M), Bow Knight, Forrest Knight, Mage Knight (M), Great Knight, Pegasus Knight, Dragon Knight, Sniper, General, Warrior, Prince, Dark Bishop, Killer Arch, Mercenary
  • 5: Swordmaster, Baron, Berserker, Sage, Iron Arch

(This list excludes unused classes. Dismounting drops Class power by 1 except for Free Knights, Troubadours and Mage Knights.)

Class bonus: 0 for non-promoted classes, 20 for promoted classes.

Boss bonus: 40 if enemy is a boss, 0 if not (for the purposes of this formula, there is only one boss per chapter).

Thief bonus: 20 if enemy has the Steal skill, 0 if not.

Note 1: Elite mode and the Elite skill both double the experience gained, and these effects stack.

Note 2: Characters afflicted by the Berserk status do not gain experience.