Learned Abilities & Arts

This page lists all the abilities and combat arts unlocked by increasing a character’s skill levels. Increasing Reason and Faith skill levels will also unlock new magic spells.

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Universal Abilities and Arts

Note: Edelgard, Hubert, Lysithea and Hapi learn Dark Magic Range +1 and Dark Tomefaire instead of the Black Magic versions.

Skill Level Abilities/Arts
Sword Sword Prowess Lv 1 (E+) Wrath Strike (D) Sword Prowess Lv 2 (D+) Grounder (C)
Sword Prowess Lv 3 (C+) Axebreaker (B) Sword Prowess Lv 4 (B+) Sword Prowess Lv 5 (A+)
Sword Crit +10 (S) Swordfaire (S+)
Lance Lance Prowess Lv 1 (E+) Tempest Lance (D) Lance Prowess Lv 2 (D+) Knightkneeler (C)
Lance Prowess Lv 3 (C+) Swordbreaker (B) Lance Prowess Lv 4 (B+) Lance Prowess Lv 5 (A+)
Lance Crit +10 (S) Lancefaire (S+)
Axe Axe Prowess Lv 1 (E+) Smash (D) Axe Prowess Lv 2 (D+) Helm Splitter (C)
Axe Prowess Lv 3 (C+) Lancebreaker (B) Axe Prowess Lv 4 (B+) Axe Prowess Lv 5 (A+)
Axe Crit +10 (S) Axefaire (S+)
Bow Bow Prowess Lv 1 (E+) Curved Shot (D) Bow Prowess Lv 2 (D+) Close Counter (C)
Bow Prowess Lv 3 (C+) Bow Prowess Lv 4 (B+) Bow Prowess Lv 5 (A+) Bow Crit +10 (S)
Bowfaire (S+)
Brawling Brawling Prowess Lv 1 (E+) Fading Blow (D) Brawling Prowess Lv 2 (D+) Rushing Blow (C)
Brawling Prowess Lv 3 (C+) Healing Focus (B) Brawling Prowess Lv 4 (B+) Brawling Prowess Lv 5 (A+)
Brawl Crit +10 (S) Fistfaire (S+)
Reason Reason Lv 1 (E+) Reason Lv 2 (D+) Reason Lv 3 (C+) Reason Lv 4 (B+)
Reason Lv 5 (A+) Black Magic Range +1 (S) Black Tomefaire (S+)
Faith Faith Lv 1 (E+) Faith Lv 2 (D+) Faith Lv 3 (C+) Faith Lv 4 (B+)
Faith Lv 5 (A+) White Magic Range +1 (S) White Tomefaire (S+)
Authority Authority Lv 1 (E+) Authority Lv 2 (D+) Authority Lv 3 (C+) Defensive Tactics (B)
Authority Lv 4 (B+) Authority Lv 5 (A+) Offensive Tactics (S+)
Heavy Armour Weight -3 (C) Smite (B) Weight -5 (A+) Armored Effect Null (S+)
Riding Dexterity +4 (C) Movement +1 (A+) Cavalry Effect Null (S+)
Flying Alert Stance (B) Alert Stance+ (A+) Flying Effect Null (S+)

Character-dependent Abilities

Name Abilities
Protagonist Battalion Vantage (C) Model Leader (C+) Battalion Desperation (A) Rally Movement (S)
Black Eagles
Name Abilities
Edelgard Battalion Vantage (C) Model Leader (C+) Battalion Renewal (A) Rally Charm (S)
Hubert Rally Magic (D) Battalion Wrath (C) Rally Resistance (C+) Battalion Desperation (A)
Rally Speed (S)
Dorothea Rally Charm (D) Battalion Desperation (C)
Ferdinand Rally Dexterity (D) Battalion Desperation (C)
Bernadetta Battalion Wrath (C)
Caspar Battalion Wrath (C)
Petra Battalion Wrath (C)
Linhardt Battalion Renewal (C)
Blue Lions
Name Abilities
Dimitri Battalion Wrath (C) Model Leader (C+) Battalion Vantage (A) Rally Charm (S)
Dedue Battalion Wrath (C)
Felix Battalion Vantage (C)
Mercedes Battalion Renewal (C)
Ashe Battalion Desperation (C)
Annette Rally Resistance (D) Battalion Renewal (C) Rally Speed (C+) Battalion Wrath (A)
Rally Movement (S)
Sylvain Battalion Vantage (C)
Ingrid Rally Magic (D) Battalion Desperation (C)
Golden Deer
Name Abilities
Claude Battalion Desperation (C) Model Leader (C+) Battalion Wrath (A) Rally Charm (S)
Lorenz Battalion Vantage (C)
Hilda Battalion Wrath (C)
Raphael Rally Strength (D) Battalion Wrath (C)
Lysithea Battalion Desperation (C)
Ignatz Rally Speed (D) Battalion Desperation (C) Rally Dexterity (C+) Battalion Vantage (A)
Rally Strength (S)
Marianne Battalion Renewal (C)
Leonie Battalion Desperation (C)
Church of Seiros
Name Abilities
Rhea (NPC)
Manuela Rally Charm (D) Battalion Renewal (C)
Hanneman Battalion Desperation (C)
Seteth Rally Defence (D) Battalion Wrath (C) Model Leader (C+) Battalion Desperation (A)
Rally Resistance (S)
Flayn Rally Luck (D) Battalion Renewal (C)
Cyril Battalion Desperation (C)
Knights of Seiros
Name Abilities
Jeralt (NPC)
Catherine Battalion Vantage (C)
Alois Rally Strength (D) Battalion Wrath (C)
Gilbert Rally Defence (D) Battalion Wrath (C)
Shamir Battalion Desperation (C)
DLC Exclusive
Name Abilities
Yuri Battalion Vantage (C) Model Leader (C+)
Balthus Rally Strength (D) Battalion Desperation (B)
Constance Rally Magic (D) Rally Resistance (C)
Hapi Rally Dexterity (D) Battalion Wrath (C)
Jeritza Battalion Wrath (C) Battalion Desperation (B) Mastermind (E+)
Anna Rally Luck (D) Battalion Vantage (C)

Character-dependent Arts

Name Arts
Protagonist Bane of Monsters (C+) Windsweep (A) Draining Blow (C+) Mystic Blow (A)
Black Eagles
Name Arts
Edelgard Haze Strike (C+) Hexblade (A) Monster Breaker (C+) Lightning Axe (A)
Hubert Heavy Draw (C+) Schism Shot (A)
Dorothea Hexblade (C+)
Ferdinand Sunder (C+) Shatter Slash (C+) Swift Strikes (A) Focused Strike (C+)
Armored Strike (A)
Bernadetta Vengeance (C+) Deadeye (C+) Encloser (A)
Caspar Wild Abandon (C+) Exhaustive Strike (A) Bombard (C+) Mighty Blow (A)
Petra Bane of Monsters (C+) Finesse Blade (A) Wild Abandon (C+ Diamond Axe (A)
Waning Shot (C+)
Blue Lions
Name Arts
Dimitri Sunder (C+) Windsweep (A) Monster Piercer (C+) Glowing Ember (A)
Dedue Vengeance (C+) Monster Breaker (C+) Armored Strike (A) One-Two Punch (C+)
Mighty Blow (A)
Felix Sunder (C+) Finesse Blade (A) Heavy Draw (C+) Nimble Combo (C+)
Mystic Blow (A)
Ashe Focused Strike (C+) Deadeye (C+) Waning Shot (A)
Annette Lightning Axe (C+)
Sylvain Monster Piercer (C+) Swift Strikes (A) Spike (C+) Lightning Axe (A)
Ingrid Hexblade (A) Hit and Run (C) Frozen Lance (A)
Golden Deer
Name Arts
Claude Bane of Monsters (C+) Finesse Blade (A) Monster Blast (C+) Encloser (A)
Lorenz Frozen Lance (C+)
Hilda Shatter Slash (C+) Spike (C+) Diamond Axe (A)
Raphael Wild Abandon (C+) Monster Crusher (C+) Draining Blow (A)
Ignatz Haze Slice (C+) Break Shot (C+) Ward Arrow (A)
Marianne Soulblade (C+)
Leonie Monster Piercer (C+) Lance Jab (A) Break Shot (C+) Point-Blank Volley (A)
Church of Seiros
Name Arts
Rhea (NPC)
Manuela Hexblade (C+)
Hanneman Schism Shot (C+) Ward Arrow (A)
Seteth Haze Slice (C+) Focused Strike (C+) Diamond Axe (A) Monster Piercer (C+)
Swift Strikes (A)
Flayn Hit and Run (C+) Frozen Lance (A)
Cyril Vengeance (C+) Lance Jab (A) Monster Breaker (C+) Armored Strike (A)
Point-Blank Volley (C+)
Knights of Seiros
Name Arts
Jeralt (NPC)
Catherine Bane of Monsters (C+) Finesse Blade (A) Nimble Combo (C+) Bombard (A)
Alois Spike (C+) Exhaustive Strike (A) One-Two Punch (C+) Mighty Blow (A)
Gilbert Shatter Slash (C+) Glowing Ember (A) Spike (C+)
Shamir Hit and Run (C+) Lance Jab (A) Heavy Draw (C+) Monster Blast (A)
DLC Exclusive
Name Arts
Yuri Windsweep (C+) Finesse Blade (A)
Balthus Bane of Monsters (C+) Diamond Axe (C+) Armored Strike (A) Draining Blow (C+)
Mighty Blow (A)
Constance Soulblade (C+) Hexblade (A)
Jeritza Haze Slice (C+) Windsweep (A) Nimble Combo (C+) Shatter Slash (C+)
Glowing Ember (A)
Anna Soulblade (C+) Hexblade (A) Break Shot (C+) Spike (C+)
Armored Strike (A)